“I’m excited about that one!”

THE SHOW IS BACK (and so is Zack!) to catch up on everything we’ve missed these past few weeks. Brandon! Liz! Tom! ZACK!! Anime Expo! EVO! Wonder Woman (GENTLE SPOILERS)! Spider-Man: Homecoming (BIG TIME SPOILERS)! D23 news (including Kingdom Hearts, Disney parks, and more)! PLUS: shitty robots, lady doctors, and frog-related puppet firings. It’s an extra-beefy experience, listeners, so please– pace yourselves.

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4 comments on “JKP! Ep.261: Tokyo Hong Kong

  1. Summer Jul 20, 2017

    Glad, you guys are back! I was worried for a sec with such a long space in between episodes. Keep up the good work :).


    • Thank you for your patience! We’re back now. We’re back and we will never stray again.



  2. Billy Jul 22, 2017

    I appreciate the music used during the podcast, but, goddamn, you used “I’m Gonna Take You For A Ride” more than once, and that is unacceptable.


  3. Dave (not Coulier) Jul 23, 2017
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