“When I was in college…”

Brandon, Liz and Josh waste NO TIME this week (didn’t even fool you for a second there, did we?) and dive right into Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and renew their own excitement for Thor: Ragnarok. Then, after the break, everyone promises not to steal each others’ original characters in Sonic Forces (and Brandon gives an early eulogy for Archie’s presumed-dead Sonic comic series), share a few more Persona 5 thoughts (no spoilers!), and answer a gaggle of listener emails. Is there a backpack fashion show tucked in there somewhere? Only one way to find out!

Use Your Keyboard to Yell at Us

One comment on “JKP! Ep.258: Large the Bear

  1. There is absolutely no rush on my prank e-mail. it’s long and full of needless detail. If you want to TLDR it, please go ahead and do so. I have a very long summer ahead of me, so there’s lots of time to be an asshole to coworkers. Also, i know that this e-mail may require hard to find/ get a hold of people to answer. This is email is fart. Let it happen naturally. Forcing this to happen is a bad idea. Otherwise you might accidentally shit yourself.


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