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JKP! Ep.256: For Everyone, Seriously – Jump Kick Punch!

“I don’t want to go there and be baka gaijin.”

It’s Eric’s last show– possibly ever!?!?– and Brandon, Liz, Tom and Jenny have decided to see him off with a flurry of excitement over trailers, trailers, and more trailers– including the latest for Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Then, after the break, the table discusses how insanely cool Persona 5 is, analyses the new slew of Amazon series pilots, and plans their future trips to Japan, Europe, and pretty much any place that isn’t North America. Lastly, after one more quick break, the gang pools their strength to… give Felicia Day a very hard time, apparently!


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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.256: For Everyone, Seriously

  1. Patrick Apr 19, 2017

    Just to clear up any confusion:

    Six Flags:
    DC comics
    Warner Bros.

    All universal studios properties (fast and furious ride this year!)
    Marvel (90s and they can never update the rides or facade work)
    Harry Potter
    Nintendo (coming 2020)
    (They should have made a Scott Pilgrim land but I doubt they could talk Bryan Lee Omally into it)

    Almost everything else

    Hope this helps guys


    • Patrick Apr 19, 2017

      Also sorry Brandon/Josh, you are probably not going to like the new MST3K.

      The new voices for the robots completely ruin it for me and the intro/commercial breaks really pull you out of the experience


  2. Bunta Mike Apr 19, 2017

    I probably already told this story, (it seems like I have) but I was at the Geek and Sundry party a few years back that was at the top of Jolt N Joe’s bar during San Diego Comic Con. I had no clue who Felicia Day was, but I was with a group of friends that got invites and wanted to meet her. Note: You couldn’t just walk in, you had to have an invite or RSVP prior to the event. Well you were supposed to, but I’m sure you could have just talked your way in. We got to the roof, where Felicia was….and just like the podcast episode was saying, she was unapproachable. She was in a little gazebo tent like thing, roped off and surrounded by security. She left that area zero times to meet and greet her fans, (which the party clearly promoted as a meet and greet with Felicia Day). Working in the game industry and I’ve never been near a celebrity that wanted absolutely nothing to do with their fans. I’ve worked with about 30 or so very famous celebrities and hundreds of celebrities that only the gaming/ animation world would know, (mostly voice actors, but also tv actors and stunt actors). Even bumping into these celebrities at events like San Diego Comic Con and they were more than happy to shake my hand and spare some time to chat for a few minutes. So, in short….no you don’t seem to be wrong about your assumptions of Felicia Day as a person. Holding an event as a meet and greet and not even coming out to say hello to one single fan. Who does that? Oh wait…she does. Thankfully I don’t know who she is and have never been a fan of her work and thankfully she has never worked with me on any project.


  3. 1) Don’t tell people to “watch it from the middle” when you’ve only seen two episodes. They don’t really have a flowing narrative like the 8th through 10th seasons. The first 7 seasons had very loose continuity between episodes so you didn’t need to follow them in any real order. I will concede that the first episode was super rough, but so was the first episode The Crawling Eye of the original series.

    2) Gypsy was voice by Rebecca Hanson (who also plays pearl’s clone, synthia, so technically still pearl)

    3) The intro of MST3K has also set up the whole premise for the show, the reason thats its only like 7 minutes or so into them going into the theater (in the very first episode of MST3K they were watching the movie withint 5 minutes)

    4) If you actually look at the tunnel to the theater, it does have a lot of character to it because its the actual rooms of the the ship (6 is the laundry room, 5 is the bathroom, 4 is the kitchen, 3 are the bunks, 2 is Jonah’s CNC makerspace, and 1 is the bot repairbay).

    5) The reason that they had to use Crow and Tom and Gypsy again was because this was a revival and those three are honestly the most important part. I’m 6 episodes in and I definitely feel their timing for jokes bouncing off of each other getting better (Jonah Ray also had a say in who go picked to voice the bots so he could easily work with the riffing)

    I think the fact that they filmed all these in 5 months is pretty amazing (they had to work around a pregnant Felicia Day as well). That all being said, I totally agree with my dislike of Felicia Day as Kinga. She just doesn’t……fit for me. But luckily her segments are short.

    Also…yes…more skits are needed.

    Sorry if that was a bit rant-y, but MST3K is something that I’ve been growing up with since I saw my first episode at 10 years old (Secret Agent Super Dragon).


    • Patrick Apr 20, 2017

      There are moments in this series that I honestly don’t know who is riffing.


      • I’ve slowly been able to parse it out as I’ve gotten used to them. Hampton (crow) and Baron (tom) are trying to get the nasally or bassy voices their respectively characters are known for. Hopefully if they decide to do more of these past this Revival Season they’ll get more time to practice and get the voices down. Practice makes perfect.


    • Maybe “start from the middle” was a little glib, but definitely skip the first episode. Just a hot mess of acclimating. Also, maybe starting from the middle would garner a more favorable first impression if we’re really meant to pick it up as we go along with these characters?

      I forgot to mention one thing I liked…I actually kind of like the theme song. I have *very* mixed feelings about Har Mar Superstar, but I think his vocals work nicely in the new theme song.


      • Patrick Apr 26, 2017

        I can tell you one thing, don’t start with “Avalanche” because that entire episode is one big tire fire with a song starring Neal Patrick Harris and Felicia Day about long distance romance.


  4. Dave (not Coulier) Apr 20, 2017

    I’ve only watched the first Ep of the new MST 3k and have to agree with Liz that their joke delivery is too fast. Maybe they should do a little more whittling down in the writing process and keep the best ones.

    Jenny, petit cochon is an extremely common nickname in France. Essentially, every parent calls their toddler that at some point in time. So I wouldn’t derive that much offense from your French friend calling you that due to snorting. It was probably just lost in the cultural differences.


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