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JKP! Ep.255: Broke as a Joke – Jump Kick Punch!

“Cool. Cool joke.”

April showers bring… a lot of repeat topics from our last episode, apparently. Join Brandon, Liz, Jen, Tom and Josh as they recap this year’s April Fools highlights, talk about some more of Breath of the Wild, talk about some more Mass Effect: Andromeda, and dive into some Twitter topic requests. Then, after the break, the gang prepares for an onslaught of live-action Disney self-adaptations by poking at 2017’s Beauty & the Beast, give Iron Fist an undeserved second chance, and really get into Marvel Comics’ recent, bewildering claim that diversity tanked their sales. Plus: listener emails!

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.255: Broke as a Joke

  1. http://oi66.tinypic.com/2rnc6pz.jpg

    Oh man did I beat Dave? Did this as a cool down after a long day in the porn mines!

    and I would totally make it into a real shirt design if Tom wears it.

    Liz get discord so I can tell you ALL ABOUT how terrible the comics industry is and why.

    PS: I finished that Shantae comic. I never want to draw another Tinkerbat in my life.


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