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JKP! Ep.252: Instant Nonsense Machine – Jump Kick Punch!

“Why hasn’t some trash-bastard made that yet?”

My goodness, what a full table we have! Join Brandon, Liz, Tom, Harrison and Josh on this special Switch-mas Eve episode as they go full Johto with the latest update to Pokemon Go, then hit the ends of Watch Dogs 2 and The Last Guardian. Then, after the break, they tackle John Wick 2, The Lego Batman Movie, and the most effective ways to ruin both of those through repetition. PLUS: you won’t want to miss our most robust emails segments yet, featuring questions about pets, zombies, the creative process, and self-censorship within the realm of YouTube comedy.

Yeah. It’s a biggun.


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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.252: Instant Nonsense Machine

  1. Patrick Feb 22, 2017

    Careful Harrison, if you lock her Xbox player to only play G movies she will just play Aladdin or Beuty and the Beast on loop until your decent into madness is complete. Then she’ll start singing the songs from the movie when it’s not on or when you guys aren’t in the shop.


  2. Caleb Feb 22, 2017

    Just so you know, it appears the iTunes version of this episode cuts off at 1:51ish.


    • You are correct. Goodness gracious.

      Thank you for the heads-up, will suss that out ASAP.

      Fffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiixed? Might be fixed. Should be fixed.

      Everyone: believe that it is fixed.


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