“Would ya’ just GIVE him a MINUTE?”

Welcome to 2017, JKPeers. With Nintendo’s full Switch unveiling mere days away, Brandon and Josh bide their time and take a moment to chew on Scalebound’s abrupt cancellation, a few hours’ worth of The Last Guardian, and a somewhat belated review for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. There’s a lot more nonsense tucked in here, too, but hey– it’s a Brandon/Josh ramblecast. Why spoil it?

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.249: Always Baffled

  1. Patrick Jan 11, 2017

    Dead Rising 3 and 4 were developed by Capcom Vancouver (the not so good studio) and published by Microsoft, I severely doubt it will get a PlayStation release (sorry Josh)

    The Megaman Legacy collection is actually an udated version of the PS2, Xbox, GC Megaman Anniversary Collection (the menu system/museum package gives it away)


  2. Devin Jan 12, 2017

    While listening to Adam Jensen turned Lt. Frank Drebin bumble through future Prague, Josh uttered the trigger word “Robot fists”. Now Adam Jensen is forever Sparks Nevada Aug on Mars. That’s a metagame I can get behind.


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