“Wake up, sheeple!” -Liz Macke

In the last podcast of 2016, Brandon, Liz, Tom, and Josh say goodbye to George Michael, send their best wishes to Carrie Fisher, spoil and review Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, learn about Tom’s extremely sudden trip to Spain, and spoil and (mostly) praise Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


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4 comments on “JKP! Ep.248: Go Eat Everything

  1. we're not done yet Dec 27, 2016

    swing and a miss. happy 2016


  2. Mandela effect is so called because a ton of people came out and said they remembered that Nelson Mandela died while he was in prison when he actually died a few years ago. It’s kind of a symptom of the “post truth” world we live in where people are so convinced by their own (scientifically proven to be) faulty memory that they would rather believe they traversed dimensions than mundane facts.

    Also I agree with both Tom and Liz; Liz in that I also pick my vacation spots based largely on food, for example, I hate France but I want to go to Paris for the bread and desserts (and secondarily the museums, so I have something to do in between meals), and with Tom on not being into eating so much with little to no planning (I have a lot of anxiety on trips I don’t plan myself and usually end up being physically incapable of eating until I’m alone in the hotel) and that paella is overrated. Biryani/Pilaf if much better. chips of crispy red meat and fried rice is far superior to mushy rice with seafood and tomato. Find a local Turkish or Georgian or Armenian joint and go. to. town. just watch out for cilantro, since they tend to use a lot of it as garnish and plain as a straight up side dish.

    Carrie Fisher seemed like such a tough broad, I honestly thought she was going to pull through, but alas, 2016 strikes again.


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