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JKP! Ep.245: A Modest Daddy – Jump Kick Punch!

“The moon is a harsh mistress. Now, who wants a mustache ride?”

THIS WEEK: Brandon is joined by Liz, Tom and Zack for patriotic breakfasts, floppy Simpsons, Doctor Strange (SPOILERS this time!), early buzz around Spider-Man: Homecoming, the astoundingly beloved movie Arrival, the short stories of Ted Chiang, the seedy world of comic grading, and… listener emails!

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12 comments on “JKP! Ep.245: A Modest Daddy

  1. aleksi Nov 16, 2016

    UM, ACTUALLY, Liz, Only Lovers Left Alive came out before What We Do in the Shadows, has nothing in common with it besides vampires, and is the most wonderful and heartwarming movie made in the last decade. Also Tilda Swinton is, like, really pretty in it.

    Liz, you’re no longer my favorite :(


    • Yeah, but the box covers both feature hip vampires on couches, so….movies about vampires is the same.

      Just kidding, I know they’re different, that’s just how my dumb brain recalls information. And Tilda Swinton is radiant in everything. I will put Only Lovers at the top of my Watch list.


  2. Patrick Nov 16, 2016

    This is the best episode yet.
    Hearing Brandon yell about Tom messing with audio cables is the best!


    • No kidding, while I laugh every episode, that shit had me rolling for some reason


  3. Also Sarah Nov 16, 2016

    Oh man, I have such a weird love of Heinlein. I’ve been working my way through him collected works since high school, and it’s been a weird journey. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is a great read, and I would love to see a (good) movie of it. The TV adaptation of Stranger in a Strange Land is confusing to me as there is a lot of philosophical talking in the book which might be weird to translate to screen. I’m not going to reprise my book report here, just know I have -concerns- On the other hand there will be hot tub orgies, so your mileage may vary?

    I did see Arrival without knowing anything about it, and it was a satisfying experience. I have -thoughts- but I’ll save them incase there is a spoilers episode.


  4. quitemad Nov 16, 2016

    Dear Liz, they called Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver “miracles”.

    Dear Dave, I anxiously await a mock movie to poster for My Huge Dads.The Rock and Terry Crews playing a gay couple taking their first steps into parenthood; it writes itself.

    Dear Brandon, I really want to draw little you graciously dumping imaginary Rogue at the end of your date, if I can remember to do so after work.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Nov 16, 2016

      Dear Quitemad, I was trying to decide from the myriad of wonderfully goofy images in this episode to do first. “My Huge Dads” is now 1st on the list (availability is subject to the success of my google image searches, as always)


    • They do indeed, but I rewatched Age of Ultron last night and the word I was searching for was “enhanceds.” Which is not a word, but anything coming out of Chris Evans’ perfect mouth get a pass.


  5. Dave (not Coulier) Nov 25, 2016

    [occasional spoilers]

    I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Strange as it was, like Antman, a return to the origin story for the MCU. I was a little apprehensive in thinking that it would bring a Harry Potter level to Marvel, since I didn’t get as invested in those books and movies as everyone else around me seemed to be. But I was pleasantly surprised that the mystical element seemed not too far out there. The only part that felt HP to me was that short scene of sling ringing books from the library behind Wong’s back.

    One thing that stood out to me was in the climactic scene. The score was being played backward during the time reversal magic. The melody had the same themes as throughout the movie and was moving forward, but the sounds of the orchestra were most definitely being playing in reverse. This meant that the score writer had to first write the melody and then score it backward for the musicians to play. I’m sure this isn’t the first place to do this type of thing, but I thought it was an interesting tidbit that was subtle enough to not be overbearing.


    • Holy cow, I didn’t catch that little trick in the score. Good ear! Can’t wait to listen for that part once I see it again.


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