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JKP! Ep.243: Toodlin’ Around – Jump Kick Punch!

“I’m his favorite and I’m pretty sure he’s right!”

Happy sort-of-Halloween episode, JKPeers! This week: Brandon is joined by Liz (fresh from her trip to Ireland), Heidi (enjoying the innards of a months-old birthday balloon) and, if you can believe it, Zack (now sporting a magnificent beard!) to discuss poor comic shop management, unfortunate theme bars, comedy movies, Doctor Strange, Thor: Ragnarok, adorable dinner thieves, British bake-offs, bad TV, The Fix, Ant-Men past and present, and Ninja Turtle origins. Oh, rightРand a few listener emails!


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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.243: Toodlin’ Around

  1. Christopher Walker Oct 19, 2016

    wasn’t phantom limb a parody of the super shitty DC character the phantom?


    • Patrick Oct 19, 2016

      No Billy Zane was the parody of the Phantom, in the movie the Phantom…

      That movie is terrible, the comic not so much


  2. Lots of Spaghetti.


  3. Patrick Oct 20, 2016

    Can’t get enough of super golden crisp.



  4. Dave (not Coulier) Oct 20, 2016

    My trip to Scotland was wonderful. We mostly had amazingly beautiful weather, which confounded the locals who said normally it was normally grey and drizzly that time of year. We saw lots of site and people’s graves, including many ancestors. Passed by locations used in the Harry Potter movies and the castle that repelled the Trojan Bunny in Holy Grail. We didn’t get to pet a sheep, but during our bus drive through the Highlands we got to pet some hairy coo, Scotland’s furry cows. Not sheep, but fairly close considering they’re both woolly livestock. I hope Liz and Cody enjoyed their trip to Ireland just as much.



  5. Lianne Oct 29, 2016

    If you like Taika Waititi, you should check out his new film “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”. Sam Neill’s in that one too (which might explain the casting choice for the new Thor). We saw it earlier this year and loved it. It’s not as zany as “What We Do in the Shadows”, but it has a more well-rounded story.


  6. As someone who spent a good six months of their childhood in a farming village with Edwardian levels of technology (barely any electricity, no running water, hand done everything), trust me, you do not want to pet sheep. They smell awful and spook super easily and their wool is not soft or fluffy it is wiry and covered in greasy lanolin oil that has bits of dirt in it which you then have to spend ages scrubbing off. Pigs are cleaner and more pleasant to handle. To give you an idea of how gross everyone found sheep; my grandparents kept their cows right next to their (outdoor) kitchen, directly underneath where they slept, their pig was kept in a pigsty in the front yard with the free roaming chickens, and other villagers who had sheep kept them as far away from their homes as possible, in their own little sheltered pens. Goats were more tolerated and kept closer, and some people literally had hundreds of them. Sheep are nasty, would not recommend. If you’re wondering where this anachronistic mountain village is, the Georgian Republic is a trip. I haven’t been back since leaving 20 years ago, but I doubt much has changed in my Dad’s isolated hometown.

    Zack and Liz have a pretty great dynamic! That was unexpected! He really brings out the silliness and love of the absurd in her and you guys play off each other really well. Good job.

    Also, in Canada at least, the cereal with the groovy bear was called Sugar Crisp


  7. I’ve been re-listening to Mitch Hedberg’s albums, and am ashamed that I misremembered the duck joke location. It was technically set in Idaho, not Ireland; the Ireland and duck jokes were just back to back. I’d like to offer my sincere apologies to the listeners, and to the Hedberg family.


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