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JKP! Ep.242: Internet May Mays – Jump Kick Punch!

“I want him to fill my book nook with glass baubles.”

THIS WEEK: Brandon, Josh, Harrison and Tom discuss hateful frog memes, BattleBots, deadly drones, handsome glass blowers, PlayStation VR, give some spoiler-free Luke Cage thoughts, and share some spoiler-heavy Undertale reactions in the wake of its one year anniversary.

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7 comments on “JKP! Ep.242: Internet May Mays

  1. I played through the Undertale once, didn’t kill anyone, because you’re not supposed too. You’re never supposed too. My friends made this big thing about how “THE GAME TELLS YOU HOW YOU’RE JUST THIS KINDA PERSON AND IT KNOWS!!! YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE IT!” but I never understood that since the entire time they kickstarted it and talked about the game why anyone would kill a character anyway. I just made sure I never hit the fight button and just……figured out the random mechanics for each fight. Undertale is a cute game, and i like some of its characters quite a bit, but the hype killed so much of it for me after I finally played it.


  2. Also Sarah Oct 6, 2016

    Some of us do listen to the podcast! I’m glad somebody enjoyed the science power hour section of the JKP Dragon Con Wrap Up.


    • Also Sarah Oct 7, 2016

      More commentary now that I have finished the episode: I also really enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition, they took a lot of the criticisms of DA2 and Inquisition benefits from it. The world feels big again, and there is stuff to do beyond the main quest line/follower quests. I like all the companions, and they all have good story moments. Also, I got to seduce a qunarie so extra points for that one bioware. We killed a dragon together as a symbol of our love. (Still no dwarf love interest tho, why are you against dwarf fucking bioware? Inquiring minds want to know.)


    • Dave (not Coulier) Oct 8, 2016

      I think it is fairly unanimous that the Force Times Velocity Equals Power Hour (?) is always a favorite segment whenever it comes around. If Brandon weren’t already slammed, I would say it could be another podcast for him to record and edit. Or maybe the other members could work something out? I know I’d definitely listen!


  3. Billy Oct 7, 2016

    Marry: Mario because they are solid games and are always enjoyable.

    Kill: Mega Man because it ain’t what it used to be. Kill it and remember the good times.

    Fuck: Magic: The Gathering because the game fucks me just as much. But, I just can’t quit it.


  4. Dave (not Coulier) Oct 8, 2016

    This is totally spam, you naughty spam filter. Kappa Kappa Kappa



  5. I havent finished Undertale, because it just became borring, but then you find some good battles and I feel warm inside.

    I would say, that this game isgeniusly made, the dates and so on, but the story, environment and plot is genius, but its so far from what I expected, that it drowe me insane and not in a good way. The first boss, I just couldent wrap my head around it, as Im not used to games like this, the idea of things evolving the way they do and just the RPG element like FF, it was just toomuch for me, that I lost interest. Also the fandom, god damn it, I could not enjoy it because there were posts everywhere, even on recomended videos on youtube, the thumbnails were spoilers and it just killed it for me.

    I will finish it someday, but at this moment, its just another game that if could not get into, because of the fans and I know, that this is a once in a lifetime gem.

    Additionally, the science girls part of the comic con podcast was really good and I support the idea, just dont let it burn down too fast =)


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