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JKP! Ep.241: Pippin or Poppin – Jump Kick Punch!

“Is 35 the age where you reach your curious stage? And just have to start putting things in your mouth?”

This week’s show starts out somber as Liz and Brandon take some time to eulogize the late C. Martin Croker and reminisce over Careers of Turner Past… and, y’know, delve into a bit Great British Bake-Off and analyze a few Nanny Pixie Dream Girls. Then, after a quick break, Josh and Tom arrive to discuss Mario’s incredibly sudden debut on iPhone and the long-awaited unveiling of the PlayStation 4 Pro. PLUS: listener emails from some recent pic-a-nic associates!

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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.241: Pippin or Poppin

  1. Patrick Sep 21, 2016

    The first episode I saw of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast wasn’t even on the network it was after the credits of the Mask and immediately fell in love with the show. Then was completely bummed out because Cartoon Network wasn’t on our cable package at the time but it was cool because I got Sega Channel.

    The Great British Bake-Off is essentially a modern British version of Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting.

    My Wife and I have been watching the majority of the shows and having a blast, also she has been baking lately which is a win-win for me. This past weekend she made the most delicious blueberry pie I have ever ingested. Mel and Sue leaving really is a deal breaker for me because their little banter and jokes made the show for me.

    Doom is easily going to be this years game of the year at least for me, Firewatch is a close second.


    • I fully agree with the assessment that the Great British Bake Off is postmodern Bob Ross. I would’ve also accepted anything with animals and David Attenborough.

      And I definitely went through a “MUST BAKE” phase after getting hooked on GBBO. A good third of my Christmas presents last year were baking-related.


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