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JKP! Ep.240: Sex in Space (at Dragon*Con 2016) – Jump Kick Punch!

“…and that’s how Mary Jane died.”

Whoaaaa nelly, JKPeers! It’s our annual Dragon*Con 2016 wrap party! Join us for three distinct conversations with this year’s survivors (including special guests from the Level 7 Access Marvel Cinematic Universe podcast) as we discuss arcades, animation, pro wrestlers, parades, little kid fandom, Homestar Runner, supervillain science, unsanitary cheesecloth, space sex schedules, zombie makeup gauntlets, and SO! MUCH! MORE!

Never mind the constant hum of central air conditioning. Pay it no mind. Move along. Move along.




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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.240: Sex in Space (at Dragon*Con 2016)

  1. Patrick Sep 7, 2016

    Add me to the group that wants a JKP science hour with special guest Sarah. Every DragonCon episode I am fascinated by what gets brought up.

    Just a little window into my work as a plumbing designer and to add to the discussion of sanitary water or as commonly known as “black water” (not the PMC which I was waiting for that joke the whole discussion):

    Black water can technically be filtered and recycled to be reused as potable water, but using current technology there is a high chance that like the sustainable energy conversation you will spend more energy recycling black to clear water than just disposing of black water also there will always be part of this buffalo you cannot re-use. Granted black water has its uses for instance if the black water is just human waste without chemical additives (such as drain cleaner, chemical cleaners, mechanics equipment condensate) it can easily be reused as fertilizer (much like in the Martian)

    Grey water which is as stated in the podcast can be found in all fixtures that are not toilets (yes, technically even urinals can be considered in this but the logistics of piping a separate system for urinals or even lavatories in a restroom space will double the construction cost of the building) can be reused for irrigation along with the above stated filtration to become potable water.

    Sadly the ideal of re-using all grey water is only a recent trend and in some cases what could potentially save lives in our inevitable nightmarish future is making for an expensive addition to construction in the present.

    Just a random bit of advice:
    If I had one suggestion for future home owners/renters it is to invest in rain barrels for irrigation purposes. Turning on the hose/sprinkles is a large cost that many people do not think about and the only real fear with rain barrels is having a screen in place to make sure insects (specifically mosquitos) do not turn your water into a breeding ground, most purchased rain barrels are equipped with filters to combat this problem. Gutters and downspouts are part of every home in the United States and it takes little time to modify for water reclimation (simply cut a downspout to funnel into a rain barrel)

    This is a super cheap and will save you the cost within the first year (in most cases, especially if you are growing a garden or landscaping)


  2. I swear, every parade footage I’ve found has either cut at or gone to commercial right before my Warhammer group walks by. At least JKP was able to capture my robot pants for the group photo.


  3. There were some pictures of the couple in the 9/11 cosplays wearing “make fishcenter great again” and reports they were claiming to be with adult swim



    • Patrick Sep 10, 2016

      Wow, that’s in poor taste and terrible. Happy I didn’t see it


      • Fucking.


        For what it’s worth: those two modern-day success stories do NOT work for Adult Swim. I can verify that.


  4. Drisen Sep 14, 2016

    Xavier Woods (or Austin Creed) has been at Dragon*Con forever. I’ve gotten to hang out with him 2 or 3 times to the point that when I was there last year he recognized me and ran over to say hi, which was really cool and really weird.

    He’s from Atlanta and is at Battle and Brew quite often.

    As a wrestling fan it makes it pretty awesome, especially now that my son is crazy into wrestling and it’s easily something we can do together. The New Day is so completely over and so insanely entertaining. I highly recommend just watching their talking segments even if you’re not into wrestling. Another note that’s pretty awesome is that last year he got his PhD in educational psychology which was at one point my major.


    • Patrick Sep 16, 2016

      New Day has really saved the WWE, it’s great that they just let them do what needed to be done to entertain


  5. Dave (not Coulier) Sep 14, 2016
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