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JKP! Ep.237: Sahga Janeesis – Jump Kick Punch!

“Lemme tell you about a little guy named Ray Parker. WAIT… Junior.”

Comic-Con’s a wrap! Let’s make that official with Brandon, Liz, Josh, Tom and Harrison as they give spoiler-free thoughts on Star Trek Beyond and touch upon Wonder Woman, Justice League, Doctor Who, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and, yes, Sonic Mania. Then, after the break, our heroes dive into the zeitgeist (get it?) surrounding Ghostbusters, get excited about death machines in Battlebots, and analyze medicine-sniping grandmas in Overwatch.

Oh– and we play another round of catch-up with listener emails!



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11 comments on “JKP! Ep.237: Sahga Janeesis

  1. Girl Ross Jul 28, 2016

    Phrases I have used to describe Warframe as succinctly as possible include but are not limited to:

    “It’s the worst Zone of The Devil May Space Ninja Cryden Farm Enders simulator I’ve ever enjoyed.”

    “It’s better than it ever was every time someone3 asks me but it still isn’t good enough to wish it on any of my friends.”

    “I can’t recommend it to anyone on merit, and before I talk about how pretty it is I will remind you that I see in shades of blue.”

    It’s a grinder’s game for grinding. I find the gameplay addictive but brainless. There’s some appeal in that but like… Pokemon Go is also addictive but brainless, and that shit gets you outside.

    I still play it a lot when it strikes my fancy but it is so bad-ish.


  2. My room mate was Asian, but I prefer to call it being a stereotype, not racist =)

    anyway, I wanna give Tom and Josh 100 points each, on the least expected terrorist jokes :D


    • … I made one? I am fired from JKP.


      • Josh -- especially with things happening over there now.
        Tom -- I think they found it (semtex)


  3. Dave (not Coulier) Jul 28, 2016

    I also have heard first hand how DC is not a great working environment. My anatomy teacher in school was a letterer for DC and was the one who convinced me to not try to pursue a career in comics. He had been screwed over so many times by them and that working with Marvel probably wouldn’t be much better.

    Oh well, there’s always Tumblr.



  4. FINALLY, an opportunity to reference Camus in the comments section.

    Albert Camus was a 20th century French writer known for his essays on the philosophy of the absurd and other existential topics. One of his most famous works is “The Myth of Sisyphus,” in which he uses the classical Greek story as a metaphor for the nature of meaning and struggle of life. Basically the same point Brandon is making when he says “we are all Sisyphus, and the rock is being alive.”

    For Camus, the important question is that once we recognize our circumstances , i.e. the absurdity of a never ending meaningless task that must be repeated ad nauseam, then why would we not choose to commit suicide? His answer is that the act of being conscious of our fate allows us the freedom to accept it willingly. In sort of a huge fuck you to the universe, he declares that “there is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.” And ultimately, “The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

    And if this wasn’t enough to make him Harrison’s new favorite philosopher, it should be noted that he famously died young when the Facel Vega HK500 he was riding in through the French countryside hit a tree. His own death was both rockstar poetic and a perfect illustration of his absurdist ideals.


    • This might be my favorite comment we’ve ever gotten.


      • For the first time in recorded history, a philosophy degree proves mildly useful in an internet comments section.


  5. Patrick Jul 31, 2016

    Just watched Star Trek: Beyond and Ghostbusters on a double matinee and to be honest I would pay full price on both. Granted Beyond is less classic Star Trek and more Farscape with Motocross, but it was a solid adventure. Maybe next time we’ll get a movie where the Enterprise doesn’t get torn to shreds by the next threat… or maybe not.

    Ghostbusters kinda hits on all cylinders: perfect pacing, great jokes, isn’t pandering to either the feminist agenda or the hardcore fan, AND THE PARADE OF CAMEOS. (I totally called the final cameo before we even went into the theatre)
    In my opinion it beats Ghostbusters 2 by a country mile and only barely falls short to beat the 1st movie.

    The night before we saw the Green Room and I have to be honest I didn’t think it was going to be as great as it turned out. Liz should be given about 15 minutes a show to just suggest movies.


    • And I haven’t even seen Green Room yet! Don’t let Swiss Army Man pass by either, it is Great with a capital G.


    • “Farscape With Motocross” is the quickest way anyone’s ever talked me out of seeing any movie. Hats off to you.


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