Holy shit! Brandon went to E3!

Wish you were there? Well, now you can! You can be-were-there, sort of! Vicariously! Between working a kiosk and walking the floor, Brandon somehow convinced Harrison and Allegra to take a break from promoting Volpin Props and talk about their show highlights in-progress. Then, after a quick break, Brandon returns– LIVE from his hotel room– to share more about his trade show adventures at the week’s end.






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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.234: E3 2016

  1. Oh, don’t worry Brandon, they made damn sure to show us the snow effect during Dead Rising 4. More-so than the actual trailer for the goddamn game.


  2. at the second half, I legit thought it was a tired Harrison talking and I never realised how much of an accent you have :D

    At last, you went to E3, but not due to JKP, but when that happens, you will be probably be making a living with JKP =)


    • Aleksi Jun 20, 2016

      I thought the exact same thing. Maybe there is no Harrison, maybe it’s actually been a pre-recorded message from Tired Brandon all along.


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