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JKP! Ep.233: Don’t Be Baka Gaijin – Jump Kick Punch!

“He gave you, like, the BEST thank you!”

Guess which lion-faced heartthrob is back from Japan! Brandon and Eric are joined by a second, auxiliary Eric– longtime listener Eric Jarman of Jarman Props— to bask in wide-eyed wonderment as Tom recounts his many adventures in Tokyo. Cat cafes! Surprise weddings! Gashapon! Panty vending machines! Regrets. Tom experienced all of this and much, much more.

Plus: we unleash a hefty amount of love for the officially released, final version of Overwatch and make a brief request to comic readers regarding Captain America.

Oh– and a listener email!

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.233: Don’t Be Baka Gaijin

  1. Dang! My email was too late. Well, I don’t wanna wait two+ weeks to get playing Overwatch with fellow JKPeers so ADD ME (and toss my name into the facebook group pool I’m sure is floating around???)


    I main Mercy and D.Va? My rig is too old and busted to play Offense very well and I’m too poor at aiming to play Defense so Tank and Support are my go to sections. Can’t wait till more heroes are added to them, as Defense and Offense already have six each.

    Eric give me your Neko Atsume gatchapon. You know not the object of desire you hold.

    I don’t know why everyone has so much trouble saying Torbjorn? Torb-yorn guys. TORB-YORN.

    Zarya’s VA doesn’t have a real Russian accent but her actual Russian is accurate, apparently she’s saying “Fire at will” which is military lingo, though the literal translation is “Fire of preparedness” to me? The last word, gotovnosti, translates as either readiness or preparedness. So I guess “Fire when ready” is closer? Languages, man! Russian is a deeply poetic language with a lot of specificity involved and it always translates poorly into the confusing exceptions-define-the-rule mishmash that is English. This is why Russians always sound weirdly formal in subtitles because translators are often not native speakers and don’t understand coloqiualistic use of otherwise formal words. For Example: “Kak Dela” is pretty much our way of saying “What’s up” while the literal translation is “how are your dealings going?” Awkward, right?

    This is also why I hate Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and like Sebastian Stan as Bucky. He’s Romanian and has a decent handle on Russian. ScarJo is a boring actress with no pronunciation skills and it’s deeply uncomfortable for me to watch another American pretend to be an outdated Russian stereotype. I hope they never give her her own movie, as she’s proven she can’t carry a film on multiple occasions. It’s not like it’s undoable, though! Tom Cruise’s Russian was BANG ON in MI4, which made sense since he was AN UNDERCOVER SPY posing as a Russian prisoner, it really improved my immersion and I ended up really enjoying the film.

    Even if done poorly, like in the RED movies, is fine because the non-serious tone lends itself to the silly mispronunciations by characters. If Black Widow is supposed to be taken seriously, that shit will impossible with Johansson as the character, and I overall don’t trust Hollywood with portraying Russian anything. Remember how everyone LOVED Eastern Promises? Critically acclaimed and all that? I couldn’t take it seriously for a second because it was all just fake as hell to me, ESPECIALLY since I’ve actually had personal experience with the Russian underworld, the whole film felt like a slap in the face. So I’m with Eric on this one, fuck Black Widow, she doesn’t deserve a movie. She’s barely a decent character in the comics, even. I am just so fucking tired of the Russian Femme Fatale trope I want to set it on fire. It should have died after Austin Powers skewered it with Ivana Humpalot like fifteen years ago. Seriously, The cold war has been over for my entire life, guys. Time to move on.

    No one really considers it, since Russian people are white (which is also untrue, seeing as two thirds of Russia is in Asia and we have a pretty diverse, multi racial nation with unique indigenous tribes and cultures spanning from strict Muslim exclaves to bilingual Chinese-Russian border towns, not to mention all the mixed race people like me running around), but they’ve never been truly European, historically and politically they’ve always been ostracised as a backwoods low culture ghetto empire and constantly disrespected on a global scale, European monarchs have outright refused to set foot on Russian soil and stayed on their boats instead of disembarking to greet dignitaries. And people wonder why the nation is so hostile towards outside influence and the EU especially. Russia is often viewed as a joke or a villain and I’m pretty sick of it. The place has real problems with real people really suffering (Orphans, lynchings, rampant alcholism, severe poverty, I could go on) and relegating an entire nation with a 1000+ year history into a punchline or acceptable cannon fodder (again, because we’re “white” and therefore shooting us isn’t racist) is played out as hell and should really become a thing of the past, considering globalization and all. I even have a strong bias against Russia and haven’t spent any time there since I was a small child, these portrayals have slowly become more and more unacceptable to me as I grew and understood the greater historical context and putting up with people projecting stereotypes on me and my family. If I had a nickel for every person who was absolutely shocked by the fact that Russian people are not homogeneously Slavic and Cruel I would be an oligarch.


    I should have gone off about this on the last episode, but I forgot.

    Great episode as always, keep it up, see you in Overwatch!


    • Was wondering who added me via battlenet the other day :D


  2. Hey Brandon,

    Character’s hover abilities, like Mercy and Pharah, are also mapped to L2 on controller, to free up your thumb

    also, i bought 30 bucks of loot boxes, so i guess i’m part of the problem too.


  3. Dave (not Coulier) Jun 4, 2016

    I’ll shoulder some of the blame for Tom having to visit the panty vending machine. Sorry Tom. Lenkyl, Vahvi, Jangles, a whole bunch of others, and I (why does it sound like a group of clowns?) encouraged Allison to purchase some on her Twitch channel. We’re weird, and we have to live with that.

    As for the JKPeers group, I was shaking my head that the first time Harrison spoke up in there was to call Josh out on a post meant to stir up discord. I set up the group to just be a completely open forum that, as long as you weren’t out right harassing or berating someone, you could do, say, or post whatever you want. He has been challenging my devotion to that founding notion. But it looks like he just posted a silly Star Wars vine, so maybe progress…?


  4. The crate hater here
    The only reason Im upset about the crates, si that you get random sprays, random outfits… of over hundret different things, thats the only thing Im really upset about. Also, when I was commenting on the facebook post, I was probably drunk and upset because of Dota2, a game where I spent around 70€ in the last 4 years of playing, where I have around 3800 hours, so all is good=)
    Also, dota has the same thing with characters having dialogue, but it is constantly going. In the begining, depending who you kill, how you lane… dialogues are great :D
    *goes and listens to the rest of the podcast*


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