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JKP! Ep.232: Didn’t Take – Jump Kick Punch!

“Ze Libyans!”

This week’s show starts out sad as Brandon, Liz, Eric, Josh and Harrison bid farewell to comic book visionary Darwyn Cooke and, much less importantly, The Muppets and Disney Infinity. Then, after the break, we GUSH over Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, analyze Captain America: Civil War, vibrate with excitement for Overwatch and tackle some listener emails– including an attempt at explaining what a “Gwenpool” is.



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23 comments on “JKP! Ep.232: Didn’t Take

  1. Since I just finished uploading this one and I’m still up ANYWAY, I’ll go ahead and eat my own crow (SORT OF):

    Muppet Babies is where “Planet Crouton” was first mentioned as Gonzo’s home planet in a Superman parody. This is hardly Muppet “canon” BUT neither is “Muppets From Space” since Henson has now reverted to Gonzo calling himself a “whatever” or “thing” as opposed to “alien”.

    There is no Muppet canon. They’re puppets. The narrative is fluid. Nothing is real. God is dead.

    I’m going to bed now!


  2. Brenden May 18, 2016

    That BugOut logo is pretty bad though : http://www.bugoutservice.com/


  3. I hate everything about Gwenpool. She’s not even an empowering female character. Shes literally a “lol random” tumblr kid…


  4. I’ve been aboard the Uncharted train since the first one, and even though I was let down by the third one, there’s no way I’d miss this one. That it has pirates is a sweet bonus I was unaware of until release.

    regarding the email, it’s been a few months since i’ve been in a comic shop, and I knew about Spider-Gwen, but when I saw books on the shelves with the words “Gwenpool”, I was confused, and afraid, and didn’t know where else to turn.


  5. At first I didn’t know what y’all were referring to with the BTTF creepy crotch pointing kid. Now, after reviewing it, I think my wife was shocked at it and remarked about it the last time we watched the trilogy back in October.


    Civil War exceeded my expectations. Like Josh, I often watch a movie expecting a few things, and if I get them, I am completely satisfied. Those things for this movie were Giant Man, good Spider-man banter, and a Spider-man light. I got all 3, plus a really good movie surrounding those bullet points. Black Panther was just incredible in it, too. I am super stoked for his stand-alone movie. In my opinion Black Panther had the best animated series that Marvel has put out as well. If you missed it, it was sort of a motion comic animated show hybrid made for BET. It was on Netflix for a while and I watched the whole series in a few days. It brought a true comic book aesthetic to an animated show at what I can only assume was a limited budget.

    Mashup shirts…grrrrr….mashup shirts. I enjoyed mashup art for about 5 years, but now it really is too much. It’s part of the reason the T-shirt market is so oversaturated, making it hard for fledgling companies to cut through the sea of competitors and get off the ground. Deadpool has amplified this problem by a power of ten. I’m looking at you RIPT Apparel. Calling you out on the mat.


  6. Brenden May 19, 2016

    Never played an Uncharted before and I gotta say I kind of hate it. Assasins creed is a huge open world and I never felt like I didn’t know where to go / what to do next. I constantly have no fucking idea where to go in this game and it bugs the shit out of me. Also the gunplay is pretty bad (much worse than MGS which is the only other 3rd person I’ve played) and I don’t give two shits about the character(s).

    It sounds like everyone loves this game which makes me feel like I just don’t get it or something.

    The only thing this game does exceptionally well (to me) is visuals, but that’s not going to be enough for me to finish this fucking thing.

    Shoulda bought DOOM4


    • For what it’s worth, I am also chomping at the bit for Doom 4.


      • shadrad May 20, 2016

        Doom 4 (I watched some of a LP) looks fucking great, and I say this because Doom is a game I played when it came out, extensively, and Doom 2, and even did shit with the modding scene (as it was then, on Compuserve and such) and P2P play over modems, and LANs of course.. It’s what made me love FPS games as a genre.

        It is a dumb, dumb game. Doom 4 knows this, and it focuses on the parts of Doom that were fun-- the looks, blowing the everloving shit out of stuff, and dumb violent gore stupid bullshit. I can’t wait to have actual money of my own so I can buy it and play it (and, from the looks of it, any future iterations).


      • Patrick May 25, 2016

        Doom is freaking awesome! I’m about to beat it before I start Overwatch and I totally want to replay the game again.

        It’s a perfect marriage of the old school gameplay with modern FPS design choices. From the introduction it goes straight into action unlike Doom3 which takes almost 30 minutes of atmosphere to get to the action.

        Doom3 is a great “scary” action game whereas Doom and the original 2 games are not going for that at all. Just straight action!


  7. shadrad May 20, 2016

    Oh boy it’s captain no-fun-shad-had-to-take-a-media-law-class-required-by-her-degree-and-god-dammit-she-learned-stuff-bullshit time!

    So, the whole ‘Mickey Mouse’ copyright thing is misrepresented almost all of the time because Mickey Mouse, the character, is a registered trademark of Disney, not just a copyrighted character. The distinction is important-- a copyright will eventually expire, but a trademark can and will remain protected for as long as the company continues to use it commercially-- as Disney does.

    The reason this is more defensible as a reason to perpetuate Disney’s sole ownership of Mickey Mouse is because Mickey Mouse is undeniably representative of Disney as a company-- if you see Mickey Mouse, you think of Disney. This is not as true of, say, Olaf from Frozen (although, as I understand it, Disney trademarks nearly all major characters as representative of their specific properties, because merchandising). Trademarks are expensive to register and retaining them takes constant legal vigilance. Because of the popularity and fame of Mickey Mouse in America, it’s obviously going to be a TM that has been frequently infringed upon-- and any significant lack of legal action on Disney’s part to protect that TM can be justification for the courts to relinquish it to the public domain/generification.

    So even if/when Mickey Mouse and his stories/character become public domain, he will still be trademarked, and honestly I think that’s fair. When your entire business, history, and reputation are tied up in this character, and your business is still thriving, you should be allowed to keep it.

    But this is also why Disney has not, for instance, been taking down ALL Disney character fanart on the internet (although it obviously does what it can (which is not a whole lot) to fight pornography, huge moneymaking enterprises, and other infringements that can be costly and damaging). As those other characters-- Ariel, Belle, Tarzan, Elsa, etc-- are not considered representative or equivalent to the Disney Brand name as a whole. Because they don’t have that same kind of significance, they don’t need to be protected as much under Trademark law, and copyright law allows for copyright holders to choose not to pursue infringement cases if they don’t want to (as usually a C&D will suffice if it’s becoming an issue).

    Legal shit aside-- Overwatch looks fun and I hope I can scrounge up the money to play it when it comes out IN FOUR DAYS GUYS. I am on PC, and I am on both Steam and Battlenet, obvs, and I will basically be playing Symmetra all the time, because that’s how I do.

    But I will also continue to play Warframe because I’m married to this game on the astral plane or some shit, I don’t fucking know, but it’s getting me to draw again and even draw stupid comics, so that’s a thing.


  8. Nik Maierle May 22, 2016


    I really liked the game, btu it dosent feel like something I would buy at the moment, since I already play Dota 2 as a crack addict. Now the classes, I really love mercym the bomb guy and the ninja archer, they are so good!

    On the talk about being fired, I and 90% of the company i worked at got fired on new years. I found that out when I called if a co-worker could cover for me.

    ps-being back in the comment section feels great :3


  9. I’m posting like a week late on the day Overwatch releases so I’m guessing no one is going to read this, so allow me to show my ass:

    I don’t get Uncharted! I tried to play Uncharted 2 when I lived somewhere with access to a PS3 and I was SO BORED. As soon as it flashed back to the tutorial level sneaking through that gunman infested villa or whatever I literally yelled “UGH I DON’T CARE” and quit. Maybe it was my long break from console gaming that did it but I just couldn’t muster a single fuck to give. It was especially disappointing because Uncharted 2 was touted as king of games, best Uncharted/Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones style experience in existence. Maybe I’ll just watch some lets plays like I did with The Last of Us, because that style of gameplay just does not appeal to me in the slightest, apparently.

    I saw Civil War the other day and I agree with Liz that something was off, I feel like it was actually the editing? The Avengers movies had great timing with it’s quips and little jokes, while every moment between Falcon and Bucky felt like it was just a few seconds too long, or too slow… yeah, the whole movie felt unbalanced… but I love spider man so EYYYYY. I also think it was kind of overhyped, but I understand that may have mostly been a response to how awful BvS was. I was underwhelmed but not upset. Solid B+/A- depending on who you are. I kind of wish I had gone to see The Nice Guys (new Shane Black joint) instead.

    The only real complaint about Overwatch I have is the voice acting? All the accents sound anywhere from kinda fake to borderline racist. Like that little hispanic girl in the latest animated short? Christ it was painful. Like, I get it, there aren’t many voice actors knocking around with noticeable accents, and the whole game is kind of populated cartoony exaggerations of national stereotypes and markers, but Blizzard has more resources than god, they could at least show a little more respect to their international players… or you know just people who live and interact with immigrants in their daily lives and actually like the way multilingual people sound when they speak English? Real people with Japanese accents sound great, remember Mako’s turn as Uncle Iroh? Now take a listen to Hanzo’s impression and… “don’t talk to me about HONOUR” this is where it gets borderline racist, in my opinion. I just imagine the director going “Yeah, do your best impression of a JAPENESE GUY” and I feel a bit sick. All that being said, I would love to play the game with you guys. I have no idea what characters I would be good at, but Genji and Widowmaker call out to my lurker nature, though who knows, maybe if Zarya’s accent doesn’t cause my ears to bleed I’ll try tanking.

    I’ve recently been getting into Dark Souls and it’s lore, and I would love to play it concurrently with Josh, but alas, I lack internet money. Spent it all on porn games from Hunie Pot…. HEY SHUT UP IT’S A BUSINESS WRITE OFF FOR ME. Gotta support those fellow indie porn artists.

    AS AN ASIDE: Yes, I deleted all my social media crap (except deviantART, because you pretty much have to pry your content out of their withered dead fingers, at this point, their website architecture makes it nigh impossible to delete ANYTHING), but I still have my email above that you can easily contact me through, or just ask Eric about the why, if you’re concerned. Like Harrison, I’m going through some STUFF, and decided to leave the preformative aspect of internet life behind for a while. Though I do miss having access to Brandon’s private twitter and seeing JKPeer updates from Dave and the guys on FB.

    and Josh, keep making jokes, no matter how many times they’re brushed passed, it is worth it to hear Brandon bust a gut.


    • One thing I noticed is Blizzard at least hired someone of Asian decent for each Asian character. It actually seems they hired someone ethnically appropriate for each roll. In comparison to Hollywood, they’ve done really well. Seriously impressed.


      I will agree that sometimes the acting sounds off (and yeah that little girl’s voice was a bit much).


      • Yeah, I looked it up after writing my comment and was similarly impressed! It was a minor gripe in the first place, but all things considered it’s more a nitpick. Sound is often my nitpick THING. I’m one of those people who gets annoyed by every bit of ADR in a movie on first viewing.

        It would be really cool to see more genuine vocal performances as opposed to the campier stuff I’ve heard so far, though! I feel like it’d build more of a connection to each character.


    • I’m really glad to see you’re doing okay, although unfortunately from personal experience I’m aware that social media doesn’t get deleted if said person is dead, so I knew at least THAT didn’t happen.

      Don’t feel bad about not getting to play DS with me concurrently. I don’t have Xbox live, never have, and I recently hit the point where the game finally won. I’ll talk about it next episode.


    • Here’s an excerpt from a review of X-Men Apocalypse comparing it to Cap 3. This is as close as I’ve gotten to explaining why I felt confused about not liking Civil War outright:

      Civil War wasn’t much better. The characters are sad about collateral damage of past missions… so they… agree to UN oversight? How would that even work? More importantly, why would I care? And then later, it turns out the movie is actually about vengeance. Sure, why not? What other things can we pretend are important for six to eight minutes?


      • Patrick May 31, 2016

        I saw X-men Saturday and I can definitely tell you it’s far from a perfect movie. It’s suppose to be the end of the X-men first class trilogy which I guess was suppose to be divorced from the original trilogy via Days of Futures Past but it directly references the first X-men trilogy that takes place in modern day?

        It’s really weird, there are parts of the movie that are cool but the story goes all over the place and doesn’t really give much a reason why aside from something is destroying the planet.


  10. Just wanted to jump in to say my favorite part of Civil War: (SPOILERZ?)




    Gen. Grant not destroying Savannah was a plot twist I did not expect. (j/k actual thoughts below)

    T’Challa revealing himself to be Black Panther.

    I have a issue where I over explain who heroes are to Lianne (and usually spoiling things in the process). Lianne is not hero comics person so when announcements are made unless its a well know icon like Batman, Superman, or Spider-man. I tend to unload a flurry of info about them.

    I told Lianne that Black Panther was a super hero from Wakanda and nothing else. She loved Black Panther in the film, his movements and fighting style were cool to her. (She also nicknamed him Spider Cat because of the way he moved reminded her of Spider-man)

    When Black Panther removes his mask, she gasped out loud in the theater. Made me glad i didn’t info dump everything about Black Panther on her before the film so she could get that awesome reveal.


    • I love hearing/seeing reactions from non-comic-obsessives who get to discover this stuff for the first time.
      Spider Cat had a fantastic debut. I noticed how his fighting style stood out, too! I think we’re all stoked to see where they take the character in his solo film-- looking forward to seeing some crazy nonsense that would have NEVER been greenlit under any other circumstances.


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