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JKP! Ep.231: Stay in the Lanes – Jump Kick Punch!

“I understand we’re all shitting for the fun of shitting…”

Bill Doran of Punished Props (and our last few Dragon*Con panels) joins Brandon, Josh, Eric, Tom, Jen and his friendly rival Harrison for a rowdy group discussion about this year’s PAX East and SwarmCon highlights. Then, after the break, the gang dives into the end of Homestuck, Nintendo’s E3/Zelda/NX bombshell, and Alex St. John’s embarrassing baby tantrum aimed at “wage slaves” and “mouse pushers”.

Plus: a couple of listener emails!

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6 comments on “JKP! Ep.231: Stay in the Lanes

  1. Erik I know the pain of “You look like !” If I get likened to Peter Griffin one more time I’ll probably murder someone.


    • Patrick May 4, 2016

      One Halloween during college I went as Peter and every year somebody tells me I need to do it again and I ducking hate it so bad


      • A customer once said to me in the bathroom “Hey man, you look like Peter Griffin from family guy” and I shot back “And you look like Carl Winslow from family matters. Just a buncha fake celebrities around here today”


  2. Brenden May 5, 2016

    Dear Bill Doran,

    That Mr. Handy video is pretty great.



  3. Thomas May 10, 2016

    https://www.youtube.com/user/CoLabHQ/playlists?view=1&sort=dd They’re kind of an audio book thing for Homestuck done by some fans it’s alright.


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