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JKP! Ep.230: Can’t Wait to Hate – Jump Kick Punch!

“Please don’t confuse me with jerking off.”

Hope you guys like trailers, ’cause Brandon, Liz, Harrison and Tom are here to talk about a bunch of movies that aren’t even close to coming out yet. The Emoji Movie! Sausage Party! S.C.O.O.B.! Rogue One! Doctor Strange! Fantastic Beasts! A rather whitewashed Ghost in the Shell! Et cetera! Then, after the break, the gang talks about the Ratchet & Clank movie/game, Star Fox Zero, Miitomo and more. Plus: a return to listener emails!


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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.230: Can’t Wait to Hate

  1. Patrick Apr 21, 2016

    As prolly the only person in this group that still at least tangentially watches WWE programming I can confirm that the Undertaker is still on modern wrestling television. He’s 51 years old and this past Wrestlemania had a Hell in the Cell match with Shane McMahon in a career ending match that didn’t really do anything even when he won. Tom was referring to Bray Wyatt which was suppose to be the new Undertaker but instead they made him a weak heel leader of a faction. Wrestling is dumb guys but this is the thing I watch when I need something in the background while I work.


  2. When it comes to the arguing the possible race of an animated character, I think one should make the following distinction: Are you concerned with the question in regards to the fictional universe in which the story takes place, or the real world in which the movie is made?

    Many defenses of the casting of Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi focus on the first issue while ignoring the second. And it isn’t unreasonable that someone change an aspect of the source material, including race, while translating that work for a new audience. But most of the online criticism is really aimed at the real world problems with the representations of minorities in popular culture.

    Some Asian Americans feel like they are underrepresented in all media, regardless of its source, due to the machinery of the people in power being disproportionately white. So when a movie is being filmed that is explicitly from an Asian source with Asian characters, it seems like the perfect opportunity to use Asian actors to fill those roles. The movie studio’s decision to forego that chance feels like a direct knock on the importance Asian Americans as part of their audience, as well as on their place in American society.

    If there were more roles for Asian Americans across the cultural spectrum, than this criticism would hold much less weight. But the list of roles in which a previously established minority character was recast as white is so long that it begins to seem like an intentional process to weed out less desirable kinds of people. As long as that is the case, we should do our best to make the creators aware that their casting decisions have real consequences for how their art is perceived.


  3. Lilly Apr 23, 2016

    Glad to hear your discussion on the whitewashing of Ghost in the Shell movie. I agree with Jay’s comment. This issue goes beyond just the film industry which is more of the reason why people are upset about this movie, Dr. Strange, and others. Here’s a video that explain the issue in more detail: https://www.facebook.com/Vox/videos/510428462478094/
    When someone like Scarlett Johansson is cast


  4. Brenden Apr 26, 2016

    The new Dr. Strange comic that Brandon recommended was like the first comic book I ever bought. As a not comic person I liked it, it was colorful and dynamic and I enjoyed the character(s?). Why they decided to turn it into Inception is beyond me. Maybe it won’t suck though?

    Also I watched that zombie steampunk anime that’s on amazon prime and I liked it. Are there any other good animes on amazon prime / netflix that are good and short?


  5. aleksi Apr 28, 2016

    On the subject of GitS whitewashing, the argument that the characters LOOK white so they might as well BE white doesn’t really work, since the characters only look white to white people. Humans tend to pay attention to facial features that feel the most familiar to us, for example focusing on the caucasian-ish size of a character’s eyes while ignoring the rest of their very-much-asian face. It’s called the cross-race bias and it’s also the reason why “all x people look the same”, etc. Human brains are weird.

    There was a pretty interesting conversation on Twitter a while back that everybody has probably read by now, but if someone hasn’t, it’s definitely worth a read, mostly because it explains why the problem with whitewashing GitS isn’t really about the characters’ ethnicity, but the story as a whole being tied to Japanese history and culture. I would argue it’s the same reason why stuff like Godzilla or Akira will always feel strange set anywhere other than Japan, only because Japan is the only country that’s ever had an atomic bomb dropped on them. Anyway, the link: https://twitter.com/jontsuei/status/720803388355530753


    • Great points! Thanks for the link, too.

      Sometimes I genuinely question whether the motivation behind adaptations like these is “we love this story and need to tell it through live action cinema” or “new ideas are hard and this popular name on a marquee will make us money”.

      I always end up skewing toward the latter.


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