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JKP! Ep.228: No Crazy Pizzas – Jump Kick Punch!

“Well, possibly how dare you!”

What smells like olives and pineapple? Why, it must be a VERY SPECIAL live episode of JKP! That’s right– we tempted fate and turned on the webcams for another recording– this time with pizza and pajamas, for some reason!

Grab a slice and slip on your jimmy-jams as Brandon, Liz, Josh, Tom and Harrison go to war over toppings before discussing last year’s Rise of the Tomb Raider and that whole “Hulk Hogan sued Gawker” thing. Then, after a pizza break, most of the gang returns for some lively chatter over Playstation VR, the trailers for the new Ghostbusters and Captain America: Civil War, and  last-minute stabs at Batman v. Superman. Plus: listener emails. Obviously.

Enjoy the video archive below if you love awkward silences and watching people eat!


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11 comments on “JKP! Ep.228: No Crazy Pizzas

  1. aleksi Mar 23, 2016

    This audio-only version is great for those who don’t want to see Josh with his hands down his pants!


    • aleksi Mar 23, 2016

      On the subject of Batman vs. Superman: Justice League episode 1: Dawn of Justice: Smashing Action Figures Together: The Movie. I wonder, if instead of “What’s-his-name” Superman versus “Why is Ben Affleck here?” Batman, it was Christian Bale Batman versus some previously established Superman, would it be any better? I just don’t think I can get excited about these characters the same way I’m excited about Civil War, no matter what. Very low expectations.

      But, you know, the good thing about reboots and remakes is that they can’t take the original out of existence. Even if Bats vs. Supes sucks, your favorite Batman thing and Superman thing are still out there. Even if the new Ghostbusters sucks, the original Ghostbusters isn’t going anywhere. So there’s nothing to lose, but there’s the possibility the reboot is a happy surprise.


      • Bludman v Soup Soup (and the inevitable floppy release of Gritty Super Friends: Extreme!!!) will only convince WB to retreat back to releasing animated DC movies, which are for the most part pretty good. So DC will have good toons while Marvel has great live action, they will occupy camps that the other doesn’t do as well in and everything will be right in the world. Except Trump. Now go to bed, kids.


  2. Girl Ross Mar 25, 2016

    Every time Josh uses the term Black Face and is referring to anything other than Black Face a child’s pet gets diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly before that pet’s child dies from cancer.


  3. Patrick Mar 27, 2016

    Guys Batman V Superman is REALLY bad. They cover/condense like 5 trades of Superman,Batman, and JLA in 2 and a half hours. From the first scene it is excessively heavy handed. I would rather watch Batman Forever and Batman & Robin then EVER watch this movie again.

    Also it’s back to “Sucker Punch” Zack Snyder instead of what we all expected/wished which was “Watchmen” Zack Snyder


    • Dave (not Coulier) Mar 28, 2016

      First off, Batman Forever is great if you’re drunk.

      Secondly, Lee has challenged you to a fight out by the flagpole at 3 o’clock for your blasphemy.

      Thirdly, everyone seems to forget Zack Snyder’s masterpiece ‘Legends of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga’hoole.’ Owl warriors in owl armor, what’s not to like? As one reviewer put it, “I sat through this depthless mess for a few astoundingly good visuals. So bad I have to assume the books were better…”



        HAHA MAN



      • Patrick Mar 30, 2016

        Thanks Dave for the reminder that this movie exists.

        Lee: Come at me bro.


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