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JKP! Ep.226: Kid Dwacula – Jump Kick Punch!

“How do you shit a president to death?”

Hewwo, JKPeews! Wewcome to anover podcast episowd! Join Brandon, Josh, Tom and Liz as they invite Eric back to the podcast for a series of heated debates over The Expanse, The Deadpool movie (with big spoilers!), Batman: Arkham Knight (also with big spoilers!), Firewatch (with NO spoilers!) and the abrupt closure of GameTrailers. PLUS: cereal serials, burn-specific jingles and the never-ending search for blan-kets in space!






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13 comments on “JKP! Ep.226: Kid Dwacula

  1. Deadpool hit all the right notes for me. Ever since that test footage first “leaked” I had a feeling if they made it into a movie it would be a success. It is also noteworthy that this is one of the few comic book movies that my wife has agreed to see with me in theaters eventually (she has a distaste for crowded theaters, so I just played hooky from work one day and caught a secret matinee). You guys are probably right that it is the future for Fox’s comic book movies, as I have a feeling that the retro X-men will fizzle out either with or right after Apocalypse. XAA looks very shiny, and I have wanted to see Psylocke and an 80’s era X-men movie since they began, but I just have the worry that they’ve played out all their good will with the last 2.

    As foe Kid Dwacula’s seekwit cassewh, its gotta be in the skehwy mountain wanges of Twansiwvania!



  2. Sarah Feb 25, 2016

    Additional Sci Fi book enjoyment -- Ancillary Justice, Ancillary Sword, and Ancillary Mercy. Naty told me to read these and she was not wrong! Each book is a reasonable length, I read the first one over Christmas and most of the second on my flight from St. Louis to Atlanta. The plot moves quickly, the characters are well developed, and the world building has a great space opera feel. The story follows Brek, who used to be a space ship, and the events that caused her not to be a space ship any more.

    Personal highlights include: The main culture in the book does not use gendered pronouns, everybody is called she/her! A character named Anander Miani, best name? best name! Space ships and space stations with complex AI! An alien who will eat anything! No romance subplot! Lots of tea drinking!

    Read this so I can talk to you about it!


  3. Eriiiiiiiiiic! I heard warmahordes, what faction are you getting into?


    • Hey! I started playing Cygnar with a pNemo / pHaley / Kraye focus on LOTS OF JACKS. I have a Gundam painted Stormwall. You jelly? I also I am building out my Legion forces very slowly. Running eThags.


      • Cygnar is a nice choice for the warmachine side, you get pretty much all the Mercenary options so they get a ton of list variety. My main faction is Trollbloods, but I got the all-in-one boxes for Convergence of Cyriss and Cephalyx and I have a lot of merc forces.

        I wanna see pics of that stormwall, that sounds awesome. I’m currently planning on painting up my Cyriss in a Gypsy Danger theme!


  4. Ah, the dulcet tones of Eric. I’ve missed them

    Also, kudos on the foreshadowing of Kid Dwacula with the music, Bwandon.


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