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JKP! Ep.225: Punch That Guy (It’s Z-Time!) – Jump Kick Punch!

“How’s the health coverage at this job? Because I have to lick the pirate.”

It’s that time of year, children… Z-Day has arrived and Zack has taken the reins once again! This year, Charleston (formerly Tom), Chunnywig (formerly Sarah) and Stegonnersaurus (formerly Brandon) kneel before their immortal host, ZeeeEEEHHHH, as he leads them on a whimsical and emotionally scarring journey through the valley of listener emails. Such wonders await your unsuspecting ears! Budget superpowers! Mulch and bugs! Baby spider sneezes! A BUNCH of comic books! Narcos? D E A D P O O L ! (Beware very minor spoilers!!) Come, celebrate Z-Day with us, your new family, and be ready to learn.

If this is your first episode of JKP!, then… well, I guess I am very sorry and goodbye.

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15 comments on “JKP! Ep.225: Punch That Guy (It’s Z-Time!)

  1. I…..could’ve done without the Godzilla picture. Jesus


    • Sorry, Josh! Poor judgment from 3:00a. It’s down now.

      On the plus side: you have gazed fully into the wild, throbbing heart of Z-Day. Nothing can kill you now.


      • Not really the superhero origin I wanted, but I’ll take it.


      • Dragonagon Metropolis III Feb 17, 2016

        ARGH!!! I missed it before the limited edition Z-Day illusmut was removed for the wider, non-fucked-up audience!


        • Zatrick Feb 17, 2016

          Yeah… You sure “missed it”


          • Nik Maierle Feb 28, 2016

            I saw the godzilla anus before it was taken down and then I wondered…was I crazy that I saw it, since its gone? I feel much better about myself


          • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Feb 28, 2016

            I have to say, Z-day was very special to me. Not only did our lord and master Zee spread cheer, but I was given a name, a name which is a sound. The highest level of Zee-uality was placed on me and I feel Poo-Zee-st. Aint that Zeeny


  2. Brenden Feb 17, 2016

    Oh damn this intro music


  3. Zatrick Feb 17, 2016

    Wow, that email response went to new levels of insanity. What the hell did I wroght!? Did I open the Zandora’s box?


    • Zatrick Feb 17, 2016

      Also funny thing about the “Less angry Rosie O’ Donnel” quip in Deadpool is that it got replaced from the trailer with the Jose Conseco quip

      That movie is probably going to be the best super hero movie of this year (that may be too soon or hyperbolic)


  4. Dragonagon Metropolis III Feb 17, 2016

    THANKS SO MUCH GUYS! The dedication you showed to help me out in the world of comics really warms my heart. And all the extra effort to bring in Naty for a late recording session is greatly appreciated. A++

    I’m hoping that these titles will help me recover from my recent birthday strikeout. If nothing else, I’m totally set for the next few gift giving events. I believe “Souless” is one of the titles she has enjoyed in the past, and the addition of Art will probably get me to actually read it, so she can finally talk at me about it while holding my interest.

    Turbo Kid was an extremely enjoyable ride that delivered on everything the trailer promised. I also think I’m going buy the soundtrack, too. I’m glad Michael Ironside is still getting roles and was willing to lend his bad guy talent to this smaller Canadian/Kiwi film.


  5. I was so unprepared to think critically about “strong female characters” when you asked me, and I thought of a better answer on the drive home…

    I feel like “strong” when used in reference to female characters is a modifier that differentiates a well rounded character over a flat one, or a character with presence in a story over a character that is functionally white noise. I would also submit that “strong” could reference a female character that’s given a stereotypical masculine personality rather than a feminine one. Like you said, no matter which definition you go for, it feels like a check box on dude bro’s story creation formula sheet.

    I was thinking about “fully realized” as a better modifier, but that’s really not any better because having to add it as a modifier implies that there’s something inherently unrealized about the female character. Like female characters are flat set decoration until modified with agency and personality. Agency and personality often center around being a love interest for a male character, even in stories with female protagonists, the driving force of character interaction often hinges on a romantic relationship rather than on friendship/platonic relationships or personal development as a human being over the course of the story.

    So even if a female character has a great presence in a story, if her entire purpose in the story is to be a love interest, is she really a strong character? Depending on the story, I’d say no because her presence modifies and/or defines the male character’s story journey rather than hers. I’m tired of consuming media touting “strong female protagonists” who’s primary motivation over the course of the story is deciding on Boy A over Boy B. There are stories that end with the female character realizing that ruining her friendships over a guy wasn’t worth it, and while that’s an important life lesson, it’s not the only life lesson worth examining with a female character. On the flip side, I’d like to see male characters who don’t get their nuts in a bunch over not being “man enough.”

    Ultimately I don’t want to have to use a modifier to describe a female character to let the audience know what kind of person she is. I want her personality to show what kind of person she is. I want strong character development to be inherent regardless of gender. I want strong characters all around. Period.

    ****Adding to Zaaaaaaagh’s book recs*******

    Also, I’m reading Toil and Trouble, I totally forgot to mention it! It’s very historically political but also religiously political, by which I mean the main plot centers around three squabbling sister gods arguing over which human should sit the throne. The art is great, and I have a feeling this is one that will read better all at once as a trade.

    I’ve read 5 issues of Bitch Planet and can say it also reads better as a trade. The world set up is a little abrupt and it took me a rereading to really get a feel for what the story was doing.

    Monstress I don’t think I’ve read enough of to really have an opinion on yet. There’s only two issues, and while the first issue was a double, I’m still on the fence about it. It’s definitely got the stoic mysterious main character and the monologue obsessed villain anime tropes. Also violence. Lots of violence.

    I’m also going to throw in some titles that I haven’t read but I know have prominent female characters, and that I know others have really enjoyed.

    Rachel Rising
    Lumber Janes
    Bee and Puppy Cat
    Paper Girls
    Squirrel Girl
    Jem and the Holograms


    • Dragonagon Metropolis III Feb 17, 2016

      I tried to stay away from the modifier “strong” in my request for stories with female protagonists for just this reason. My logic was that Zack (and the extended JKP family) would only recommend a title if it were something they found compelling which would more than likely have a protagonist, whether female or male, that is well-rounded. Authors should aspire to make a well crafted story, regardless of the lead’s gender, which hinges on the characters that the audience spends time focusing on being complex, nuanced, and just more realistic as personalities.

      What you referenced about the lead character’s motivation being romantic is partially why I started tuning out when my wife was trying to get me more involved in the literature she was reading. I kept seeing the same trope of the dark, brooding, forbidden love interest from the antagonist side whom the female lead had to persuade is misguided leading up to a sex scene just before the cataclysmic event is averted in the climax of the book. Basically fill in your fantasy/horror/scifi genre be it vampires, witches, werewolves, cryptozoology, time travel, etc. I honestly was just feeling the repetition and unoriginallity of these, how did Sarah put it, “chick-lit” novels. And I wanted us to connect on something that would be compelling to us both.

      Thanks again, Naty, to help me with these recommendations. It is very much appreciated:)


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