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JKP! Ep.224: Crunch Wrath Supreme – Jump Kick Punch!

“There! That’s working! I’ll leave it alone, now.”

Surprise! It’s February! Feel free to react openly, honestly, and in full view of the camera this week as Brandon, Liz and Josh bid a sad farewell to Alan Rickman and cover the entire, explosive Fine Bros. “React World” debacle. Then, after the break, they’ll tackle a few “lightning round” discussions about Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Final Fantasy characters in Louis Vuitton ads, and the trailers for Suicide Squad, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and– once again– Captain America: Civil War. (Don’t worry– we also answer a butt load of listener emails!)

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29 comments on “JKP! Ep.224: Crunch Wrath Supreme

  1. Dave (don't you do it Coulier) Feb 3, 2016

    Aw, but Brandon, I had such a good mental image for your anatomical diagram of your sweet spot:( Just think: Operation the game.


  2. Here’s a dumb fact nobody should care about in regards to fashion and video games. The brand Diesel once had a collaboration with Devil May Cry which resulted in costumes in game of some of their clothing and a real life limited release of Dante’s belt.

    I don’t know what it says about me that I cared enough to remember that.


  3. Peter no name Feb 3, 2016

    Morgan Freeman plays a detective in Seven, beside brad pitt.


    • OH YOU’RE RIGHT. Haha thank you, I was hoping someone would smack that down.


    • Also “Kiss the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider,” but those weren’t as good as “Seven.”


      • Patrick Feb 3, 2016

        Thanks Dave, I was trying to remember those but thought about the Bone Collector (which is a Denzel Washington movie) and got completely derailed


  4. Patrick Feb 3, 2016

    I would totally watch a good cop, bad cop show with Harrison and muppet Brandon.

    Morgan Freeman was a detective in the movie Seven… REALLY GUYS!

    When it comes to music I rarely pay attention to anything “modern/mainstream” unless it is brought to my attention.

    It’s funny last episode when Liz was talking about Contra-band because I immediately thought of the Advantage, the Minibosses, the Megas, and a bunch of video game bands.


  5. React
    On the topic of the Fine Brothers, I was legit interested in what they were selling and seeing as there are many reaction channels on youtube, I saw this as a way to give lesser known people to have a jump start.
    If you react to something, there are many ways you could do it, but with somebody giving you directions on how to, what to this and that, it makes things easier and the quality stands out.
    Yes, there would be a pay cut, but effectivly, if they took a 25% cut, you had pretty much instructions on how to be succesfull as a react content creator and hopefully generate some coin.

    When they did a trademark or copyright (forgot which, but its important), they wanted to register their style, which has the unfortunate/fortunate thing of their product being called React and this is where the issue is. They wanted to register React the brand, not the video form, but the visual aproach, which was described as very generic, but in other words, dont make videos that when people see them, they will think it is a Fine Brothers production, which again, depending on the user, can be an issue for some people.

    Again, I think they had legit good meaning behind this, but the internet only saw the money factor (which they are not short of) and thats what drove the internet hate machine in motion.

    Assassins creed
    -I loved AS1 as a tech demo, enviroment, history stand point and a story idea so much, that it is still my fave AC game.
    -AC2 had more imput on the story, the visual downgrade and obvious lack of polish and dramatic shift in tone, made me almost not care, but I pushed through and liked the game.
    -Brotherhood is where they saw what they had, went home with it and made a masterpiece.
    -Revelation was a good idea, but you could really feel they were running out of ideas and started rushing games, but still made a incredible begining and end to the game. The DLC was very interesting and different
    -AC3 was where they tried something new with the story, nailed it with the longest tutorial availible, but due to the bland main hero, boooooring story progression, incredible pathing issues on roofs, amazing running animation and snow mechanic integration, made a mechanicly amazing/broken game, that fell flat on its face, got up and tripped again, as it could have been so much more, than a filler for a series. But ship combat was almost the best part of the game. And the DLC, lets not talk about that existing.
    -Black flag had a really interesting begining, followed by amazing ship combat/sailing and a great cast of characters. But, the game lacked the whole part of being an assassin and even towards the end of the game, where things actually started getting really good, most main characters had no story to them and died really fast, as I sailed the entire map, did everything and did the main quest in one shot. There was almost nothing. The ending was really freaking good, but havent played the DLC thou.

    So here is my scale of quality:
    AC1,Brotherhood,Black Flag, AC2, Revelations/AC3 (tied)

    I listen to specific EDM (electronic dance music), but very specific, as I work while listening to it, so it has to be the kind that I enjoy listening to it, but not want to dance against my will or sing along, but Monstercat is 90% of the time perfect.
    Also, regardless of the music, if I like the flow, rhythm and vocals fit, I will listen to it, the lyrics dont matter and thats why I really love listening to Finnish folk metal and I can find a few really satanic english spoken metal songs, which I knew all the lyrics by heart, but didnt realise for years, untill I actually gave it a thought.

    About getting high and listening to music. It is a wonderfullthing. The same music I use to work, if I feel like it, I can dance to it and if I get a bit high, it just makes it so much better, as I get lost in the sounds for about 10-30 minutes, depending on how usefull I want to be the rest of the day. Usually I do it in the morning when Im alone and am useless for the reminder of the day, no matter how little or much I smoke, which is not much by pothead standards and I smoke only quality weed. Fore reference, 20$ or me lasts for about 2-3 months, as I smoke very little, aka joints, not blunts.

    Side note, eather Im really bad at writing in english or the difference in punctuation from slovenian to english is that big, I feel like I do a step back with every email I send.


    • Also the Assassins Cread coats. Some of them are a limited edition things (they were really fucking expensive) and the regular ones range from 100-250€. The same with watchdogs


    • arrrr I'm steve Feb 9, 2016

      what’s a music? what’s a assassins creed? I’m bad at this nerd thing.


  6. Clarifying Girl Ross Feb 3, 2016

    To my knowledge all Ross e-mails are from the same Ross (me). I’ve gone ahead and chosen Girl Ross as my e-mail persona so that if future Rosses appear, they aren’t confused with me. I should probably have clarified that in the e-mail.

    Is it me, or was Josh a bit more grossly vitriolic and embarrassingly self-deprecating than usual this episode?


    • Yeah, that’s my bad. My brain vaguely remembered a “Friends” reference and connected it to a dude listener for some reason. I’m still learning, wheeeee!


      • arrrr I'm steve Feb 9, 2016

        I think most people did liz. Friends fucked up an entire generation. I started humming “smelly cat” to myself on the train the other day, and someone joined in. It was a dumb day.


    • So what you’re saying is that I’m NOT your favorite.


  7. Morgan Freeman DID play a Detective. Specifically Detective Lieutenant William Somerset in the movie Seven….. you don’t want to know what’s in the box…


    • Just go look above at that one comment that ALREADY SAID THIS I QUIT


      • Peter no name Feb 3, 2016

        it’s okay tom. you’re not alone. everyone wants to shout at the podcast about morgan freeman today. it’s all good. we’re all just stupid babies.


  8. I have never been so offended! Ant-Man was great!


  9. Billy Feb 5, 2016

    Not really related to anything but…

    Early in the episode someone mentioned Nolan North. Recently, my wife, Sachiko, was planning cons and costumes and whatnot. She looked up Momocon and got excited when she saw Nolan North on the guest list. Sachiko isn’t as much of a nerd nor a video game player as I am, but I was surprised she knew the name. The only game I recently played that he was featured in was “Batman: Arkham Origins” as Oswald Cobblepot; and other than that we’ve never played any of the Uncharted nor Assassin’s Creed series.

    Sachiko is super into a show called “Pretty Little Liars,” and it’s currently on it’s sixth season, so it’s doing pretty good. I watch this show with her, and it turns out that Nolan Fucking North plays as one of the fathers on the show. I never read the credits, and I had never recognized (nor care to look up) North’s face. It kinda blew my mind.

    So, this Momocon, while all the nerds will be commending him for his voice work, my wife will be the only one to fangirl over him about Pretty Little Liars.


  10. What song was that at 1:09 during the first break?


  11. Brenden Feb 10, 2016

    Morgan Freeman was a detective in that movie “seven”


  12. Patrick Feb 13, 2016

    I doubt anybody is going to read this but since I had to give it some thought I wanted to talk a bit about horror movies. My fiancé loves horror movies to the point that when we don’t have anything to watch she asks me to “find a scary” to which I will have to suffer through something terrible like My Bloody Valentine, House of Wax, or the worst turd in the pile which we couldn’t even suffer to finish Human Centipede 3.

    Now I don’t have anything against horror, to be honest I’m a bit of a fan. 13 ghost wasn’t terrible and the newest House on Haunted Hill is fine and some of the Paranormal Activity movies are easy to suffer through but I’m more of a fan of the classics along with series like Tales From the Crypt, the Twilight Zone (which is timeless) and Creepshow.

    Where I stop are the modern horror because the writing is always terrible, the characters are the hardest to relate to, and the horror genre doesn’t really survive in an era with cell phones although movies like Unfriended and the VHS trilogy show that there is always exception to the rule. I’m not saying that scary movies cannot exist in today’s entertainment but it must be really hard to survive.


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