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JKP! Ep.223: My Buddy – Jump Kick Punch!

“Wherever I go…”

Brandon, Josh and Liz are here to pay their respects to our dearly departed Starman, David Bowie. He would want us to soldier on and keep it weird, however, so fret not– there’s plenty more in store. Hear Josh’s favorite (and least favorite) things about Metal Gear Solid V! Discover the wonders that lurk within the latter half of Undertale! Spend $599US preordering a big, dorky VR headset! Then, lastly, bid farewell to 2015 and say hello to 2016 by sharing some highlights from the past year and expectations for the months to come.

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20 comments on “JKP! Ep.223: My Buddy

  1. Patrick Jan 13, 2016

    Liz for Dragoncon 2016 music coordinator!


  2. Aleksi Jan 13, 2016

    “Somebody in the comments will correct this.” Oh boy. I take Metal Gear Solid way too seriously, you guys.

    Solid Snake was Michael Biehn in Metal Gear and Mel Gibson in Metal Gear 2. The Bowie references started in MGS 3. D-Horse is short for Diamond Horse. Homoerotic subtext is a long lasting tradition in MGS. Paz had plenty chance to be a complete character in the PW and GZ audio logs, which also explain why the brain damage version of her being a gross school girl waifu kinda makes sense.

    I’ve been thinking about Quiet A LOT, possibly because I’m in denial, but I feel the notion of “there is boobs, therefore Kojima is a pervert” seems a bit simple for a franchise that’s usually operating on fifty different levels of meta. Despite all the bad english and silly stuff, Kojima is actually a really smart guy, and I REALLY want to believe he wouldn’t fuck up his magnum opus by writing a character just for masturbation material. Also, the thing that gets me about Quiet is, literally nobody can look at her stretching in the chopper and think “oh yeah, that’s hot”, instead the usual reaction is “this is creepy and I feel dirty just having looked at it”. So, if she was supposed to be simple eyecandy cheesecake, it failed spectacularly. Bikini Sniper-Chan is actually making people think about how women are represented in video games. So… Bravo, Kojima? “You will feel ashamed”, indeed.

    I don’t know. Metal Gear Solid has been a part of my life since frickin’ 1998, I don’t want to stop liking it because of something this dumb. At least the MGS V DLC costume pack lets you finally zip up Eva’s boob suit. Progress.


    • Thanks for corrections and clarifications, Aleksi! I know these points were a long time coming.

      I don’t think any of us are suggesting you stop liking Metal Gear. This show has a long history of liking things while simultaneously acknowledging their flaws or missteps based on personal perception or bias. I also really appreciate comments exactly like this one. (And man, I also hope you’re right about Quiet’s unsettling sexuality being a calculated thinkpiece generator.)

      I am also *very* excited to see what he makes next w/ Sony behind him.


      • Aleksi Jan 13, 2016

        Oh no, I didn’t mean to imply I was offended by your criticism of the game. It’s all an internal struggle. I feel Kojima crossed the line from silly to plain stupid with the vagina bomb, and with the whole Quiet controversy going on, I honestly can’t say I enjoyed TPP in the same way I used to enjoy Metal Gear. I hope it’s just a brief misstep and not the direction mr. Kojambles wants to take from now on.


    • Patrick Jan 14, 2016

      You and I are kindred spirits!

      Did you know that MG for the NES is a terrible bastardation that was made in America because Konami wanted to port Kojimas version for the MSX2 also the same team that made the NES port made MG2 Snakes Revenge which re-used the majority of the NES port of MG. Kojima heard about this from a co-worker and made MG2 Solid Snake for the MSX while Revenge was in production. Kojima’s version was completely new and had an amazing story and design to the point that it would be considered the Super Mario World of the MG series. Given this information you can realize that Konami has been overtly making Kojima make MG and also MGS games, which every MG series game he has made he has always said “this is the last MGS game”

      Also Kojima has easily one of the best success/failure rates of a video game creator bar none. Also he isn’t afraid to push technology in games (see Boktai for the GBA)

      If you think about it characters like Meryl and Quiet are probably considered strong feminine characters in Japan whereas here they are disgusting and semi-terrible but if you look at movies like the 007 series or other Action/Espionage movies which he uses as reference you’ll see that there aren’t really that many strong female characters in those movies either. It’s like this small petri-dish cycle of sexism.


    • Patrick Jan 15, 2016

      What happened to the Brandon coming out of a box video?


    • >Also, the thing that gets me about Quiet is, literally nobody can look at her stretching in the chopper and think “oh yeah, that’s hot”

      Listen, you’ve been on the internet enough to know that isn’t true. Kojima making her a meta-commentary on how women are treated in games is the most wishful thinking ever.

      Kojima is terribly smart, but remember: He is number one western culture/movie fan, and Hollywood has a incredibly poor record of treatment of women, and Japan has even less of a stellar record.

      Waifu/idol culture is ingrained HARD. I’m not buying it.


  3. Dave (not Coulier) Jan 13, 2016

    AW MAN, NUMBER WANG!!! I have been devouring That Mitchell and Webb Look lately. This one is right up there with Number Wang for me.



  4. The begining cracked me up way too much.

    But, Im gonna have to mention this, as it is something that happens on many podcasts that I listen to… if you are going to give a spoiler related to the story or a wtf moment, please acknowledge it, regardless on how stupid it is.

    Althou this podcast does it the least amount of times, the vagina bomb (now that I know who the character is changed alot), big boss halucination and peace walker ending, those are still things that have shock value and/or story importance.

    This isnt that huge of a thing, but I am still avoiding MGS 5 spoilers, as I am playing through peace walker atm (and loving it), this kinda takes a big chunk out of the mistery.

    About VR, I have to admit I’m on Joshes side. It will take a few years to get anywhere (I give it 3), as it is expensive and a addon to a experience, which is unique as any game ganre itself.

    VR will be a thing when in second hand shops, you will be able to buy the now preordered oculus and vive/when gen 2 comes and no earlier than that. Also the price will need to go 400€ or less.


  5. I was thinking about what qualifies as nerd music and I figured I’d throw in my $0.02. There are plenty of different groupings that the more general pop culture nerds seem to like: soundtracks directly from games or nerdy movies (Fallout, Guardians of the Galaxy, anything by John Williams) , explicitly nerdy reference music (Frontalot, Coulton, Protomen), Comedy/Comedian Music (Weird Al, Ninja Sex Party, Flight of the Conchords, Tenacious D), and finally Alternative/off beat bands with nerdy followings (TMBG, Daft Punk, Rush, Bowie, Weezer, Aesop Rock). At least that’s what comes to mind for me.

    I back Liz for Dragon Con music coordinator! You’d think you could get at least one band that has a nerd following without having to break the bank. Maybe even charge a separate ticket price like with the Aquarium. There are way too many Aquabats and Anamanaguchies out there for at least one nerdy band to headline. More cover bands might be fun too. Anything to give a break from all the Steampunk and werewolf music.


    • Totally should have mentioned Flight of the Conchords! I thought of that on the drive home from the record, and was kicking myself, especially considering the Bowie connection. Some other potential Dragon*con bands I’d pitch:

      Team Teamwork -- http://teamteamwork.com/downloads
      Girl Talk
      Childish Gambino

      With unlimited budget and maximum charisma, I’d try for Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Dethklok, TMBG and William Shatner. Yeah, I said it. Shatner Sings, and a holographic Nimoy joins him on stage for a moving rendition of the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.


      • Drisen Jan 19, 2016

        As a slight music junky who tends to lean towards rap and hip hop more than anything I’d go huts for Gambino at DragonCon. He’s from the area too so that’d be amazing!


  6. Billy Jan 15, 2016

    Protomen did come to Dragon*Con back in 2008. I didn’t get to see the show because I was absolutely smashed when I walked into the room. I had a friend walk me out during their cover of “Danger Zone” because I wasn’t even singing the right lyrics.

    The rave at Dragon*Con is pretty fun when you have a lot of alcohol to burn off and nowhere to go. Someone sneaked a snake into the rave last year, and it matched my Aladdin costume. I was drunk and excited. Then they got kicked out.



    • Drisen Jan 19, 2016

      I love that this says someone sneaked a snake and also, Allisons face in that picture.


  7. (Tom I am so so sorry)

    Liz, you are now my new favorite on the show. All of your one-liners and obscure references are so up my alley that I haven’t chuckle-snorted at a JKP’sode as hard as I did on this one in a really long time. Please don’t ever leave. :)


    • See, I knew watching every episode of 30 Rock twelve times would pay off!


      • Patrick Jan 16, 2016

        You’re a star, You’re on top!

        Some-body get you a ham!!!


  8. Patrick Jan 19, 2016

    Found this guy’s channel that does Undertale metal covers. Here is Megalovania!


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