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JKP! Ep.220: Super Pretend – Jump Kick Punch!

“It’s like fanfiction.net, except none of them f-ck.”

Brandon, Josh and Tom are here to waste even more precious podcast minutes talking about Star Wars, chime in on the surprising return of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and discover a certain someone’s latest webcomic favorite, Unsounded. Then, DURING the break (!!!), we share some details about JKP’s first-ever T-SHIRT SALE, courtesy of Happy Capybara and fellow JKPeer Dave! Then, AFTER the break (…), we talk about Marvel’s latest Netflix series, Jessica Jones (spoiler-free!), get all giddy about that awesome Captain America: Civil War trailer, and mull over Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur.


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12 comments on “JKP! Ep.220: Super Pretend

  1. wait… the dinosaur movie and peanuts are out?!


    • Patrick Dec 5, 2015


      Last weekend I was like “yay, we finally get to end the Hunger Games series! This is awesome” and then almost literally the next day I didn’t know anything in theatres

      I knew Peanuts was coming but I don’t have much interest in seeing something old being updated for modern audiences (hello Scooby Doo 1&2, Yogi Bear, the 4 Alvin and the Chipmunks movies, and the 4 may I repeat FOUR Smurf movies

      What the fuck is happening in Hollywood


      • I totally orgot about the yogi movie, didnt give a flying chipmunk for alvin and the gang and just socked there were 4 smurf movies, as I thought there were1-2. damn hollywood, you crazy


      • It just seems like they are reaching for ideas at this point. Although the Peanuts movie different than the Chipmunks, Smurfs, Yogi Bear, and don’t forget Mr Peabody movies. The models and limited frame rate is closer to the original source material. I think this is really smart to do, as it connects with both audiences: the kids who want a rich, vibrant, and filled out movie to see in 3D, and the adults who would probably bristle at a smooth, super textured Peanuts gang that only vaguely resembles the original cartoon. The Peanuts characters are something that is too precious to our generation to put out a bastardized version. The success of the Lego movie also showed that audiences would accept lower frame rates and lack of motion blur as long as there is a acceptable reason for it.

        Look soon for Secret Squirrel, Darkwing Duck, and the Snorks to all have their own movies.


        • Patrick Dec 6, 2015

          It really reminds me of a mess of movies in the 90’s like Little Rascals and Richie Rich where they are trying bridge today’s audiences to the baby boomer heads of Hollywood and it’s not working at all.

          In a weird way it is much like the Micheal Eisner era of Disney where the studio owns the property to something that was popular a decade ago which is too long to make a direct sequel and too close to make a successful reboot so they make a presumably mediocre movie that looks like the most blatant cash grab

          Oh shit! remember Garfield!? Remember Bill Murray doing a bad impression of Lorenzo Music doing an impression of Bill Murray!?


        • oh gawd, just thinking about getting a movie about secret squirel gives me the shakes! also, 2 stupid dogs, that could be so creative! :D


  2. You guys did a great job explaining Civil War on this episode; or at least enough for me to get the jokes in Ken Burn’s Captain America: Civil War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5l9bHfgTD8


  3. Brenden Dec 4, 2015

    I gotta say Jessica Jones is way way way better than Daredevil. The main villain makes more sense and all the characters seem more “real”. Daredevil tried to be gritty and came off as … contrived (?). In Jessica Jones it felt more like “well that’s just the way shit is”.


  4. Brenden Dec 8, 2015

    Also that outro song is growing on me like a fungus.


  5. Brittany Jan 11, 2016

    Josh: I thought I had lost that web series! I had started reading it years ago and then lost the link and could not for the life of me remember the name! I have found it again! Thank you!!


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