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JKP! Ep.218: The Ravioli Highway – Jump Kick Punch!

“Don’t put that in your mouth, moron.”

Welcome to November! Join Brandon, Liz, Tom, Josh and Zack as they record a happy little podcast about celebrity Halloween freak shows, the zeitgeist surrounding Twitch’s Bob Ross marathon, and falling down the stairs of Canadian politics. Then, after the break, the group discusses bizarre manga titles only Zack has heard of, dissects a certain British baking show, and tackles a giant pile of listener emails that cover everything from maid cats to hot dog/sandwich debates.



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11 comments on “JKP! Ep.218: The Ravioli Highway

  1. Patrick Nov 4, 2015

    Here’s that commercial Zack was talking about. It cute.


    Hopefully if/when the Bob Ross stream ends (which to be honest I love it but it’s what killed all those people on that planet in the movie Serenity) they will most likely run all the episodes of Bob Vila’s This Old House and then the homeless problem in America will no longer exist.


  2. dearest jumpkickpunch

    you are my Bob Ross twitch stream.

    This is a haiku


    • also, Our New prime minister went as Han Solo for halloween when he took his kid trick or treating. I don’t give a shit about anyone says, I love that man. he can reign for a thousand years for all I care, or until he seriously fucks something up.


  3. Dave (not Coulier) Nov 4, 2015

    Couple of things. A gaggle of geese is an odd number of geese equal to or greater that 5 on the ground. In flight they are referred to as a skein. A gaggle is also equal to eight 50 pound bags of salt.

    Slight correction, Liz, Willie from the Simpsons was debated between Glasgow and Aberdeen. He has said that he was the ugliest man in Glasgow and he has rooted for Aberdeen reflexively. Also in an episode he has referenced that he was conceived, born, and educated on a pool table in a pub in the town nearest Loch Ness, which is an industrial town called Inverness. The debate was settled in an episode in 2012 (who was still watching by that point?) when it was stated he was from Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands in the way north of Scotland. That is also the part of Scotland where my family comes from. Willie is a very accurate hard working, hard drinking, frugal caricature of the Scots that they take great pride in.

    I wish my brain was full of useful facts.


    • Totally right, Dave. Even as Edinburgh came out of my mouth, I knew it was wrong but literally could not think of another city in Scotland. I did not, however, know that they finally settled the debate of Willie’s origins.


      • Dave (not Coulier) Nov 5, 2015

        Honestly there is just as much evidence that Willie is from Edinburgh as Aberdeen (“did you ever notice how North Edinburgh golfers putt like this, while South Edinburgh golfers putt like this?”) Also, Shadra, if you’re out there, I got to pet one of their long haired cows, or “hairy coos.”

        The only things that will offend Scots are calling them English or disparaging their local soda, Irn Bru, made with heavy doses of quinine. It tastes like halfway between orange and cream soda.



  4. Im really noticing how much enrgish I type, but thats because of actually thinking. If I type just whatever whenever I feel like, I do it like a normal person, but as soon as I start thinking how and what to do, I will mess it up very much and looking for different words that explain something, but I cant really find a good way to ut them in a sentance. But my verbal and reading english is certified C2, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

    Fun fact, every episoda I do screenshots of the timer, when I find a funny joke which I can work into a JKP thing and this episode got 6! The average is 1-2, so this was a smashing show. *audience claps*


  5. The Original Billy Nov 8, 2015


    So we finished the 24-hour Super Mario Maker marathon. This was my first time streaming. The audio is atrocious for the first 15:30:00. I doze off around 14:30:00. We finished 75 expert levels, drank 20 shots, and raised $360!


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