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JKP! Ep.217: True Spookums – Jump Kick Punch!

“Hope y’liked it, Carl!”

It’s Halloween, sort of! It’s the Back to the Future future! It’s both of those things and more in our newest episode as Brandon, Josh, Tom and Jenny discuss Crimson Peak, Pan, Valve’s VR tech, Marvel’s slew of rebooted #1’s (highlighting a rather stellar debut for Doctor Strange), and the latest and greatest Star Wars stuff– minus a certain new trailer that went up shortly after this episode wrapped. Also: a couple of listener emails!





Doctor Strange (2015-) 001-000

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11 comments on “JKP! Ep.217: True Spookums

  1. We played “Keep talking and Nobody Explodes” last weekend and hands-down it is the most fun party game I’ve played in years. Tom is absolutely right though -- things get incredibly stressful between the timer counting down and the “24” style dramatic music. We had to constantly take breather breaks to bring the heart rates down in order to keep on our A game.

    This would be a perfect piece of video content for the JKP crew! I cannot recommend this game highly enough.


  2. Dave (not Coulier) Oct 21, 2015

    This episode made possible by the good people at GlaxoSmithKline (“lithium mode: on”)


  3. hey thanks folks. that was some pretty good stuff. Can’t say it changed my situation much, but at least I hate things a little less now. you all are some good people.

    also, is variations of spooky a thing now, or have I just not paid attention in the last several years since I almost inevitably work on halloween.


    • Hi Cody!

      Where I work right now, I get to deal with customers first hand, and they don’t seem to understand or really appreciate the kind of work I do helping them, or repairing their jewelry, or otherwise do the kind of thing that a retail person does. It can get really frustrating, and when I’m super tired and overwhelmed (which is a lot, lately) I wonder why I took the job in the first place!

      One thing that helps me is taking like, five minutes to get myself a coffee drink (or other beverage) that I enjoy and spending that time appreciating that this job keeps me busy 100% of the time, so I don’t have to spend hours trying to look busy but having absolutely nothing to do (as I did at my old job). I also get to share my love and fascination with gemstones and jewelry with other people who are into the same thing. I’ve also been able to meet a lot of neat, interesting people!

      But really, though, the coffee/beverage/5 minutes to myself thing is one of the only things that gets me through the day sometimes-- nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to be changed by a 5 minute delay, and anybody who thinks it will needs to be slapped in the mouth and reminded about how much time they waste just talking at you.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Oct 25, 2015

      Hey Cody! I too know the pluses and minuses of different workplaces. But like Jen said, just try and remind yourself of worse jobs you either had or could have. I thank my lucky stars I’m not tossing newspapers at 4am anymore. My job printing shirts has some cool aspects, like working with interesting licensed properties such as Big Lebowski and Attack on Titan as well as being able to use an artistic eye to earn a living. The drawbacks can be challenging. My coworkers can be hard to work with, and while technically I am management my work is still unairconditioned manual labor. But as Brandon has said, a job is a job and is only as permanent or as temporary as you make it.


      • Thanks a lot guys. You guys are really fucking awesome people. I mean it. It is super rad that you guys (complete strangers) give a shit about some whiny baby in some far off corner of the earth. Looking back at my e-mail, it seems incredibly selfish to say “boohoo, my life sucks. tell me nice things and make me feel good, cause i’m too much of a piece of shit to do it myself. Dance for me monkey. dance!” And the fact you guys turn around and show concern for my well being is one of the coolest things ever. You’ll never know how much I appreciate it.

        I was going to go on a rant about what the situation is, but it can be summed up as an issue of integrity. essentially, I love what I do, but it’s all the things I am required to do to continue doing what I love, that are killing me slowly. other jobs that I am ambivalent to are opening up to me, and have so little bullshit involved with them, that I could easily abandon my goals for these jobs. It’s not going to happen but the temptation is there and it’s getting stronger with each new pile of bullshit I discover. the latest thing nearly made me go “fuck it! I’m out.” but i may have been over reacting.

        anyways, thanks for all your advice, and I’ll try and keep it in mind as I progress down this weird little path i have set before myself.
        You all rock.


        • Dave (not Coulier) Oct 28, 2015

          We may have varying levels of depression and job satisfaction, but we are all JKPeers


          • I think this is the first time somebody called themselves a JKPeer and is damn right! :D


    • I worked for 2 summers as a dishwasher and in the first month, I almost gave up, but that would have meant going home and feeling defeated, plus I wanted to get away from home to show how I can live on my own. Done!

      Second year, I went back to the same place, as my ex was ther (which I met the previous year) and wanted to fix things, but she got a new boyfriend, who was also working there.. it was hell for 1 month, I was the definition of depression, but I didnt give up and am glad I got an amazing experience!

      Curently, I work at a small restaurant adn I almost didnt take the job, because it was boring, not much work and then I realised that Im payed for doing almost no work in comparrison to what I did the previous year. Now I mostly cut salad for 3 hours and I get a kick of actually making them (so much zen).

      Whatever the case is, if you dont like what you are doing, take pleasure in the best thing you can do there =)


  4. I read almost all of the new #1s (and #2s) and I’m honestly not digging any of it with the exception of Doctor Strange. It does feel though like their writer read through some Dresden Files when they were working on it though.


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