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JKP! Ep.214: Dragon*Con Propcast II: Prop the Mic – Jump Kick Punch!

“Jump Kick Punch: What else are you gonna do?”

It’s our second LIVE Dragon*Con panel! Professional thing-makers Harrison Krix (of Volpin Props) and Bill Doran (of Punished Props) join Brandon, Eric, Josh and Tom for a public discussion about propmaking, entrepreneurship, trust issues and becoming absolute best friends with your personal heroes. Then, after the panel, join an after party at Eric’s house as some friends both old and new sum up this year’s convention highlights.

This episode’s feature image was taken by Wendy Perkinson. Intermission/outro music provided by Ben Briggs, who is the best, at twitchjams.com.


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12 comments on “JKP! Ep.214: Dragon*Con Propcast II: Prop the Mic

  1. I just love gandalf in the crowd :D


    • Patrick Sep 12, 2015

      He was a hoot, while we were getting photos with Bill and a his wife he came by to put the Gandalf wig/hat on Bill.

      It didn’t really go well with the destiny helmet but it was funny.


  2. I MESSED UP, the twitter for our new game is


    Indivisiblegame is something altogether different >.>……


  3. I, for one, would like to know what else in Harrison’s shop can be used to dispose a body.


  4. Dave (not Coulier) Sep 11, 2015

    I want to call out and thank publicly Patrick for not only representing me, but also helping me brainstorm my appearance. We had a few other ideas that I liked but didn’t pan out, my favorite of which was a parody of the end of Back to the Future 2 with the Western Union man giving Marty the 70 year old message from Doc Brown (“it’s Dave! He’s alive! He’s in the Midwest, but he’s alive!”). Thanks again, Patrick.

    I’d also just like to thank the whole JKP clubhouse for being such a humorous, supportive, and inviting community, even Brenden. It’s very rare to find a group of Internet people who maintain such a high level of decorum (although I may violate it more than others).

    And I’ve got to slightly disagree with Brandon on Eric and co. requesting Photoshops. He knows that I am already looking for jokes to flesh out, and is merely giving direction to my magic lasso.


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