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JKP! Ep.213: He Dood It – Jump Kick Punch!

“Everyone ‘dood it’ to everyone.”

If you’ve been waiting patiently for another Brandon/Josh episode… this is your week, fella. You made it.

As Dragon*Con looms ever-closer and the curse of August claims JKPeers left and right, this week’s show finds Brandon, Josh and a bag of Jolly Ranchers left to deliver on the promise of quality banter. Join them for a couple hours as they chat about the recent firing of Nintendo localizer Chris Pranger, sing the praises (and spoil a fair amount) of Steven Universe, and spend a short while dishing on Disney’s recently-revealed plans for their Star Wars park expansions.


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24 comments on “JKP! Ep.213: He Dood It

  1. The music in the background of your Nintendo discussion causes Pavlovian arousal.


  2. Brandon please don’t use the “casual whistling guy” background music in future episodes. It’s making me irrationally stabby. |:<


  3. Patrick Aug 26, 2015

    Blue milk was a bad choice



    • damiyakawa Aug 26, 2015

      That’s so funny, I was planning on using this to describe how I plan my Loch Ness monster search will go.


  4. Hooray! HOORAY! This was a great episode! I miss just sitting around listening to you guys play off of each other because you’re hilarious!

    Two things, though…

    1) Edinburgh is in Scotland. Tyler and I have been to Ireland. They are two different countries on two separate islands. I have never been to Scotland! They have cool cows, though.

    2) The last time Josh told the amazing vomiting child story he said he was in Wales, which is also not Scotland, although it’s near to it.

    Anyway, although I do not know if it will ever happen, I actually like the idea of designing a Green Lantern ring that would be feasible for me to make! It would, of course, not be a reproduction of the ring but my own take on the design, but it could be rad as hell. Or stupid, idunno!!


    • Dave (not Coulier) Aug 27, 2015

      Ha! Thanks, Shadra, I think checking out the shaggy Scottish cows is on my wife’s list already. Rick Steve’s got nothing on the Sibley Spotty Memory Guide to Europia.

      Also, you might be able to design a new industrial for Harrison, but if you are working at a jewelry maker anything like the one I used to, that may not be possible.


      • Patrick Aug 27, 2015

        Please say it’s either a Keyblade or his fursona as the industrial. Oh please oh please oh please!

        Sadly I’ve only been to Ireland but I can agree with Josh in saying it is STUPID BEAUTIFUL there, at least the countryside and the Guiness factory, everything else is kinda a drunken blur and I only had a weekend between Italy and home to enjoy it.

        Personally, Dublin > most of Italy


        • I could design the wicked fuck out of a new industrial, but I don’t have access to the tools/materials needed to make one out of titanium (which, IMO, any semi-permanent jewelry should be made of). Maybe eventually!

          Most of what I have reasonable access to right now is beads and wire and stones and leather, but I’m easing my way into silversmithing and will probably do some wax casting and riveting and stuff soonish.

          Would kill to do some electroplating tho, that’d be rad as fuck also.


          • Dave (not Coulier) Aug 28, 2015

            Titanium is a great metal for most jewelry, white gold looks good too, but may be too soft. Making an abreviated transistor industrial would be neat, but who knows whether or not Harrison is already burned out on that. My favorite plating look for titanium was a sandblasted black nickel background with a rhodium plating foreground. I used to know the real terms for these things, but it has been over a decade since I was an electroplater.


    • I am getting older, and my brain is dying. I had no idea I had told that story before, and you’re right, it was Wales. Please bear with my stupid ass.


  5. Bloom County really has filled a void that had been in my life since the Outland stopped in the mid 90’s. I’m tempted to post some of the older strips where Trump gets his mind switched with Bill the Cat to help remind everyone who he is. I know it sure has brought back quite a bit of clarity for me.

    I absolutely am hooked on Steven Universe, so much good, so much good. All inclusive good, from multiple audience perspectives, is my guess for why it has struck a chord with so many. Almost every character is 3 dimensional even down to the Fryman family. My wife originally didn’t understand why I was getting hyped up about it until she saw an interaction between Lars and Sadie and remarked on how “incredibly adult” it was for a “kid show.” This is another reason why I think it is succeeding, it is a kid show that respects it audience enough to know that they can handle the relationships and complex emotional stories written for each character. It is gorgeous on top of all that, too.

    Also this fan made preview is just over the top feels (c/o Shadra)

    As for Scotland, the only incredible vomiting lady I plan to meet is possibly my wife if she’s had one too many.


  6. After listening to this episode, I happened upon an article on A.V. Club about adult oriented animation and its balance of cynicism and sincerity. ( http://www.avclub.com/article/bojack-horseman-rick-and-morty-and-art-cynical-sin-223245 ) I think it is really relevant to the discussion you guys had about Steven Universe, and the weird “Boy has adventures” phase of animated shows that end up being more than they originally seem.

    The article points out that shows like Rick and Morty start out with a heavy dose of dark humor, ultimately to attract jaded 18-34 male viewers (i.e. Josh, Eric, myself, etc.). Then, slowly over the course of the first season, they inject honest emotional character moments that would have been dismissed out of hand by these same viewers had they occurred in the beginning of the series.

    The opposite could be said of shows like Steven Universe, where the creators have to pander to a children’s interests (or what adult television execs think children should be interested in) to make sure it gains immediate viewership. For the more jaded adults, though, this happy predictable adventure phase is hard to get by. I think we all had the same experience when first viewing Avatar, where the first ten episodes can be painful to watch. But if you can hang on, these shows become something more than their simplistic premise. Even nihilistic assholes like myself end up becoming devoted fans of a children’s cartoon.

    In either case, the connection between the dark adult comedies and the child friendly adventures is that you don’t judge the quality of shows on only their initial premise. Shows like Avatar and Steven Universe, or Rick and Morty and Futurama are all superlative because they become something more than their original pitch. They grow and transform in ways that continually make the viewer more invested in their worlds.

    For me, this is one of the reasons that Legend of Korra was so disappointing. It started out as teen drama, and ended as teen drama. There were moments were it seemed like the show would evolve or tackle broader issues, but these ideas were never truly embraced to their logical conclusion.

    By the way, I would include Gravity Falls in the “kids show that inserts adult themes” category. I just watched the entire series, and it gets more interesting as it goes.


    • Good to know! I tried watching the first ten or so Gravity Falls episodes, and saw it as just a solid kid’s gag cartoon. I’ll give it another shot.

      One of the hardest things to do these days is to get people to stick with something that starts out slow or not indicative of what the rest of the story ends up being. It is almost impossible to get people to pick up Homestuck for that reason, because the first “chapter” is really just a nonsensical slog.


  7. Patrick Aug 27, 2015

    Just to bandwagon on to Shadra talking about the fall (which she’s totally right, it’s an awesome game that from what I heard is actually going to have a sequel)

    Galak-Z is an awesome asteroids-esque rouge-like game with wonderful 80’s anime trappings. It’s been lauded as the Macross/Robotech game you never knew you needed in your life and I am astounded that Eric hasn’t gushed about it yet.

    The new Kings Quest is a beautiful episodic adventure game that harken a back to the games of yore while adapting to a modern audience. It play much like the standard Telltale game but is so expertly crafted. Brandon, you really REALLY need to find time to play and sit Heidi down to watch it because the art is fanominal.

    Lastly Rocket League is a great car/soccer hybrid that everyone else is talking about. sadly Harrison would not enjoy it because it’s boost button hyjinks but it has great competitive spirit while still being incredibly fun to the laymen player.

    There I did it for Xanatos (are you really the bad guy from Gargoyles?)


    • I have been watching Dan and Ross on Steam Train play the new King’s Quest. Dan is a old school, hardcore Sierra fan, and he’s loving it. It looks so good.

      What’s weird is that it’s very cartoony and goofy, and the old King’s Quest games weren’t like that. They were rendered very real (for the time), and most of the weird solutions were more clever than slapstick (although I am aware of that one time Graham defeated a yeti with a pie).

      It doesn’t feel like a King’s Quest, but it DOES feel like a great game.


      • Patrick Sep 4, 2015

        I knew you would end up watching them play it. The thing you would really appreciate is that old Graham is Christopher Lloyd which is so perfect, I hope he had a blast with all those puns.

        I know that a bunch of people are currently ragging it to be a TellTale also-ran (especially the Escapist) but to be honest I was always interested in Sierra’s puzzle games but grew too attached to LucasArts games (it seems like you were in either camps back in the day)

        Watching Ross and Dan play KQ V and VI, Leisure Suit Larry, and Space Quest rekindled that interest at least with me. Sure it’s not the “white bread” way those games were but to be honest I don’t think it would work for current audiences.


  8. Its so good to hear others voicing the same problem i had initially with Steven Universe. Steven’s voice drove me away initially, but I really did my best to overcome it. But I have such a low tolerance for crap that annoys me.


  9. Patrick Sep 4, 2015

    I ended up getting Hulu last weekend and somehow watched every single episode of Steven Universe. The show is amazing, you guys are right!


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