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JKP! Ep.212: Grumpy Del Taco – Jump Kick Punch!

“This is how this episode’s gonna go, by the way.”

Join Brandon, Josh and Eric as they take some time out of their Monday evening to eulogize the newest Fantastic Four reboot, dish on Microsoft’s Gamescom showing and wax philosophic on the future of VR– Time magazine covers be damned! PLUS: there’s a special chat with Zack, a contest winner is announced, a new contest is introduced and listener emails are read aloud!




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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.212: Grumpy Del Taco

  1. Patrick Aug 12, 2015

    Hey, I never said “I” thought the ghost hunters are celebrities, but some people do.

    Also I think I already NUH’d as hard as I could. Not at the panel but in art history class years ago, it was so loud that a neighboring classroom got scared and the professor came in. It is my greatest gift and my greatest shame…


    • Dave (not Coulier) Aug 12, 2015

      Patrick, if Dave Tango from Ghost Hunters is mentioned to appear at DragonCon ’15 on their website, they are celebrities. Not huge celebrities, but celebrities none the less.


  2. Dave (not Coulier) Aug 12, 2015

    Thanks for picking my entry, you guys! I feel I must clarify some things about my celebrity encounter. This was my second day on the job, so therefor still in my probationary hiring period (2 weeks), at the end of which I was not kept on as staff. The reasons cited for my dismissal were my attitude, my tardiness, and being a smart aleck, Jerry was not mentioned. I don’t think Jerry Springer actually has sway over the hiring and firing practices of Half Price Books.

    It is fun to imagine Jerry as the Boss Tweed of Cinci, though.


  3. All I have for a sleep related celebrity encounter was this one time I fell asleep during a voice acting panel Q&A and woke up to what I believe was a stern look from Rob Paulsen because I was sitting in the second or third row, so I would have been pretty easy to spot. (I may just be paranoid, but his gaze was in my general direction and he did not look pleased.)

    … Starting to think I shouldn’t be allowed around celebrities.


    • Patrick Aug 21, 2015

      In your defense there has been many a time I have drifted off at my desk while listening to his podcast. I love that mans work but jeeze!


  4. Drisen Aug 25, 2015

    As someone that works in sales for an electronics company it’s the either the low end stuff or the very high end that sells best. The in between stuff that you are at Frys and Best Buy is the industry that’s hurting.


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