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JKP! Ep.211: The Sound of Gum – Jump Kick Punch!

“Put this marketing in your mouth… and chew on it.”

July is almost over and the table’s lookin’ mighty empty, so Brandon, Tom and Eric are kickin’ back and letting the conversation hang out as they discuss the last two weeks of games and movies. Who’s watching this year’s Summer Games Done Quick? How great was Paul Rudd in Ant-Man? (Spoilers ahoy!) What in the hell does Keiji Inafune think he’s doing with his second Kickstarter for “Red Ash”? Why is everyone so out-of-their-minds upset over Pixels? Plus, as always– some listener emails!


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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.211: The Sound of Gum

  1. Patrick Jul 29, 2015

    Guys, we talk about this before. It’s Oklahoma, it’s all my home state has in comics.

    From Marvel Wiki:

    In recent events, Asgard and all of its Nine Worlds except for Midgard seem to have been destroyed after the events of Ragnarok, the end of the cosmos in Norse mythology. However, the hammer of Thor, Mjolnir, was found in Oklahoma which led to the return of Thor. During his quest to find other Asgardians, Thor bought a huge piece of property where he erected Asgard on Earth. Iron Man confronted Thor about his construction, and after a short but heated debate, Stark proposed to Thor that Asgard would be considered a separate nation just like a foreign embassy. Thor agreed.

    It might start in New Mexico but Asguard ends in Oklahoma. Because aside from Sonic, the Thunder, and being the farm state for most of the Tri-state NFL teams it’s all we got.


    • We hereby acknowledge the great state of Oklahoma and its participation in the fictional Marvel Universe.

      Thanks for pointing that factoid back in the right direction, Patrick.


  2. Anonymous Jul 29, 2015

    Ant-hony will make his triumphant return. we see him get hit and fall off screen, and his little wing flutter down, in the same way they “killed” bucky in captain american. Ant-hony will get a new robot wing and become the winter ant.


  3. I totally know where you guys are coming from with buying geeky shit I’ll never watch, read, or gimmicky anime weaboo shit I bought for no reason. Savannah has this great store called Planet Fun that buys that kinda stuff and helped get rid of SO MUCH STUFF.


    • its a double edge sword and Eric can probably back me up on this since series like Gundam (specifically old UC series like Zeta, ZZ, 0080 and 0083) and Macross (Robotech) only released a couple of versions of DVD sets and then restricted release because there isn’t a prominent interest compared to Japan which leaves people that are into that stuff in the cold unless they are out to pirate it.

      …one day I’ll get to see all of Zeta/ZZ, one day.


  4. In response to so many abridged series being made by so many folks.


  5. Funny that the Comic Con Geek and Sundry party was brought up. I was there for 15 minutes. I honestly don’t think the hosts were actually at the party. It was exactly as Brandon described. A party with missing hosts and all the guests were wallflowers like myself. Just sticking to the bar. As for Mighty No. 9: I honestly think that you are on to something there. Capcom will probably roll out a Mega Man/ Rockman Revival announcement before the end of the year. Like mentioned in a previous e-mail, I tried Mighty No. 9 and really disliked it. Trying to run a kickstarter before this launched really seemed like the play test responses were negative and he had to pull the trigger on this new project before word got out that the game wasn’t holding up to expectations. Then again, this is just the opinion of someone who didn’t enjoy the game. Maybe there is a crowd of people that loved it?


    • That’s amazing! Glad to have that verified by another source for our listeners.

      Can’t believe you were right there at the same time! Small world.


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