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JKP! Ep.210: Exhaustingly Stupid – Jump Kick Punch!

“Do you want us to describe Goku’s shirt again?”

Strap into those safety harnesses, JKPeers; it’s a three-hour roller coaster of emotions this week. Join Brandon, Josh, Tom, Liz and Cody as they discuss and digest this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, from the trailers to game lounges to surprise fireworks and beyond! Then, after a break, we take a moment to pay tribute to the corporate presidency, game development history and accomplished life of the late Satoru Iwata. Our final segment shifts the discussion back towards superheroics with some talk about Dragon Ball Super, CW’s The Flash and Batman: Arkham Knight.


Hall h right now after JJ invites everyone to a live STAR WARS concert. Kevin Smith is up next.

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13 comments on “JKP! Ep.210: Exhaustingly Stupid

  1. Brenden Jul 15, 2015

    Listen, I’m only a huge fan of Cody *when he’s around to shoot Eric down all the time*.


  2. I dont want this to become a fulltime thing. I would rather stop if this turned into a job.
    -- Brandon Kraemer, 1-2 years ago

    On the topic of nintendo, i didnt know Iwata was a programer, I just saw him as a face of Nintendo, kinda like Reggie. I havent played many Nintendo games, simply due to not owning or knowing anybody that had a Nintendo console, but I actually fels sad during the podcast. I recpect the people that did what Iwata did and I feel ashamed for thinking of Nintendo being a company that just ignored and didnt care about the fans.


  3. i was going to share a bad story, but it can largely be summed up as, I paid a celebrity to sign a thing that they have signed a thousand times and will sign a thousand more times. their reaction was that of a person of who have signed a thing a thousand times and will sign a thousand more times. we did not become friends. We almost didn’t even speak to each other. I don’t know what I was expecting to happen, but what ever I expect to happen, it didn’t happen. I was a dumb 20 something

    Or I once asked a dumb question to a panel of supercool dudes while dressed as spiderman. that was pretty embarrassing. I am not good at planning or wardrobe decisions.


    • The only bad story I have isn’t really somebody I look up to but somebody my fiance wanted to see at their panel. It was our first Dragon*con and it was one of the Ghost Hunters panel where I completely fell asleep halfway through to which i was nudged and released a semi-loud “NUH!” which completely disrupted the panel.

      But damn I had to give it a try for that awesome Bob’s Burgers tote


      • Patrick Jul 16, 2015

        Oh and one time while I was working at a coffee shop during high school I spat in Hanson’s coffee (yes all three) because they acted like total dicks and dragged about 10 teens in the store who didn’t even order anything.


  4. I might as well make my comment debut with sharing my dumb celebrity encounter story.

    I was alerted by my best friend late one night that Tom Hiddleston was filming at Casa Loma in Toronto. She had a major crush on him at the time. So being a good friend I went with her since I didn’t want her to go out alone that late at night and I was bored. We didn’t get to see him or Jessica Chastain until 3AM. (Charlie Hunam was there too, it was late so he just went back to his trailer to sleep or something.)

    FYI: It’s really easy to get me to do dumb things when I’m sleep deprived. It’s especially easy when someone says, “I dare you to…” followed with a prize of some sort. So a girl my friend knew from tumblr offered me a $10 Tim Horton’s card…If I hugged Tom Hiddleston and whispered, “Hail Hydra”. I don’t think he got the joke but I got a gift card.

    I am both proud and ashamed of this story…but mostly ashamed. Does it count if the experience is bad for the celebrity?


  5. Just noticed that your Sony E3 video has surpassed 10,000 views! Congrats. You should film your reaction to Sony announcing a Final Fantasy 7 remake more often.


    • Patrick Jul 16, 2015

      Speaking of which I am playing the PC version of FF7 and it definitely doesn’t hold up. I am currently past the Cosmo Canyon and the thing I have realized is that each town has an odd kind of broken mini-game that isn’t at all entertaining. So add that to the list of concerns about the remake.


  6. Dave (not Coulier) Jul 16, 2015

    Good to have both Cody and Bloom County back. I’m sure we all appreciate him powering through the jet lag and fatigue to make a post Comic-Con appearance.

    Also, thank you Brandon and Josh for indulging my OCD and giving me Bat-closure.

    My bad celebrity experience happened when I was working at a bookstore across the street from a Clear Channel radio station. Former talk show host and mayor of Cincinnati, Jerry Springer came in from his radio show to buy some books. All of my coworkers got starry eyed and started queuing up to get pictures with him. He was very generous with his time and was very polite to everyone. My manager was extremely excited and asked me if I wanted a picture too. I said “Nah, I’d rather go restock the gardening section.” That kind of killed the excitement in the atmosphere. Also Jerry gave me a funny look. I was fired two weeks later. (I probably wouldn’t have tried to enter this contest if the “Archer Crew” shirt was included because I see that shirt way too much)


  7. aleksi Jul 17, 2015

    Sense8 is indeed worth watching. I’m guessing “sex-do” refers to the show including both sex and kickboxing, though not always simultaneously. Sense8 might also be the Wachowskis’ way of finally admitting they totally stole The Matrix from Grant Morrison (as it’s plagiarizing Morrison even more blatantly than the Matrix was). It’s pretty great, is what I’m saying.


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