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JKP! Ep.209: Nope Nope Nope – Jump Kick Punch!

“…and that’s exactly when the Adderall wore off.”

Shake off those post-E3 blues with Brandon, Eric, Josh, Liz and Harrison as they get some eyewitness accounts of the show floor, make some live preparations for San Diego Comic-Con, and share a survival guide for conventions in general. (Which prescription medication will help you land that perfect celebrity encounter? Have a pen and paper ready.) Then, after the break, Emily joins in as we celebrate Jurassic World’s record-breaking box office numbers by ripping it to shreds… and answer a few listener emails.

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15 comments on “JKP! Ep.209: Nope Nope Nope

  1. Not sure when I’ll have time to listen, but I will say that Jurassic World was one of the dumbest and best movies I’ve seen since Jupiter Ascending and I’m so glad I caught it in the theaters.


    • Patrick Jul 1, 2015

      I would have traded both of those movies for a Dino Riders movie.


  2. I am very excited to have the opportunity to offer JKP merchandise to my fellow JKPeers! If you would like to preview some of the shirt designs (more to come, plus hoodies!) before the store goes up, you can do so at


    Also, if anyone has a shirt they would really like to see in the shop (I know Nik once mentioned he would like a black shirt variant of the classic JKP logo shirt/Krix Nips?) just leave your idea here in the comments or contact me through the Happy Capybara FB page. As for bobbleheads, that’s not an item Threadless offers, but if there is enough demand for it, I might be able to work something out with the company that brought the world the Hilary Clinton nutcracker.

    Slight correction, Harrison, King of the Rats is my day job.


    • To be honest, sometimes y’all make some pretty strange requests of me. I am more than happy to oblige.



    • Anonymous Jul 4, 2015

      This was a really funny episode, but 2 questions are burning in the back of my mind. Was there a 3D printed raptor larynx whistle or perhaps a synthesizer programmed with raptor language? Or was communication through raptor vocalizations thrown out of cannon along with the spinosaurus and bottled T rex pee?

      Also, we got teased about a Batman segment that never happened:( I don’t know about everyone else, but one of the reasons I’m here is to hear Josh nitpick work that talented professionals pour their lives into for years at a time. Do you guys think we could get a complete extolling of Josh’s Broken Batman Blues next episode?


      • Dave (not Coulier) Jul 4, 2015

        Sausage-fingered Dave


      • Both the 3d printed raptor vocal chamber (built before Allan Grant and his idiot grad student, later Grant uses it to communicate with the raptors. YEAH, FOR FUCKING REAL!) and the bottle of T-rex pee (the kid that everyone is on the island to save figures out to use it to scare off the other predator dinosaurs) are in Jurassic Park 3


      • I have not actually gotten to play Arkham City yet, because the people that made the PC version decided to phone in their entire lives. I’ll talk about it once I get to play it, which might be *freaking October*.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Jul 14, 2015

      I have not seen Jurassic World, but I read an article that stated that B.D. Wong has a line that dismisses and explains away all of Eric’s dinosaur inaccuracy qualms (chicken sized, featherless raptors/predatory, fast T rex). Supposedly, they genetically engineered all the animals to meet people’s current expectations of what dinosaurs were.

      Also, the Battle for the Planet of the Dinosaurs nixed movie idea follows the epilogue of the original book. If you remember, Eric, some raptors manage to stow away on a boat, make it back to Costa Rica, and begin to propagate as another example of Chaos Theory. They eat a lot of beans to deal with their genetically engineered lycopene dificiency.





    • Yup, that’s the one. My brain is ashamed.


  4. I’m totally on board for a picture of Ron Perlman with a gang of Rons behind him! …probably gonna draw that one, actually…


    • Dave (not Coulier) Jul 9, 2015

      Let’s see the Ron Squadron!

      It would be great to see all the artsy peoples’ renditions of JKP jokes show up here in the comments!


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