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JKP! Ep.208: Sony Wins at E3 2015 – Jump Kick Punch!

JKP’s “3 for E3” episodes conclude with Sony’s jaw-dropping show-stopper of a press conference!

Miracles are real, and Sony backed up a truck full of cash for the exclusive rights. Listen in as Brandon, Josh, Tom, Jen and Tyler try to make sense of everything they saw, from expected shills to unprecedented thrills. This was an event to remember, folks, so come and remember the insane magic with us!


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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.208: Sony Wins at E3 2015

  1. Dave (not Coulier) Jun 21, 2015

    I was really excited to hear the PS Vue announcement as I recently gave DirecTV the old heave ho and this new service would put a damper on my post-cord-cutting regret. Now that GoT’s season has ended, I wasn’t watching any networks, favoring my streaming services and satellite seemed like a waste of money. Unfortunately the Vue’s claim of giving you the ability to buy each individual channel you want is not entirely accurate, at least for now. There are some channels for individual sale, such as Showtime and Fox Soccer Plus, but most will be available in Vue’s tier based packages, much like cable and satellite. Hopefully, networks will see the profitability of putting themselves up for individual sale and get on board!


  2. Patrick Jun 24, 2015

    Love this format you guys went with, I hope next year you’ll get EA/Ubisoft because I want to hear the groans.

    I think the most excited you guys got was for Paper Jam even though you got pretty excited for all the Sony announcements. It was great seeing Brandon run off camera screaming GAME OF THE SHOW! And then jump onto the couch. Reminds me I still need to play through them.


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