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JKP! Ep.204: Mind Poison – Jump Kick Punch!

“What about compared this and does it including last year, as well?”

Why is this week’s episode almost four grueling hours in length? What a good question! Prepare for no reasonable answer as Brandon, Josh, Tom and Eric waste 235 of your precious minutes by writing the Hamburglar movie, getting hyped for Star Wars in Disney Infinity 3.0 and running through the latest news from Konami and Kickstarter. Then, after a quick break for precious air conditioning, dive into a spoiler-heavy review of Avengers: Age of Ultron and enjoy a few listener emails!


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15 comments on “JKP! Ep.204: Mind Poison

  1. Anonymous May 20, 2015

    So what I’m hearing when you talk about the problems with games to some degree being HD graphics is that maybe Nintendo deserves an apology for what was said about them not pushing their systems to the limit.


    A freaking good name and you get the idea, but it just dosent roll off the tongue like JKP=)
    *quietly steals name and makes milions*


  3. Dave (not Coulier) May 20, 2015

    Really, Tom!?! You forgot me so soon? Am I going to have to revamp my fake hate fandom? Well, Early Birdy and Ron Perlman were forgotten in this episode too, so maybe it’s not so bad. Tell you what, Tom, gimme a big ole Internet hug right here in front of God and the rest of the comment section and I’ll forgive ya.


  4. I don’t really think it’s fair for Josh to make an opinion of a game companies quality based on only playing a single game that companies made.

    Speaking of which:

    I’ve played through Walking Dead 1 (on 360 and currently replaying it on PC since I want to continue a save), Wolf Among Us, The first couple of chapters of both Game of Thrones and Borderlands along with both of the Night at the Inventories and aside from launch month hitches and some save data leaks (which in this day and age seems to be some sort of norm, Mass Effect series specifically) they achieve a significant bar of quality specifically in the avenue of story-telling. I’ll pick up Back to the future since I keep forgetting how much acclaim people gave it (mainly because it feels like nobody really cares what happened before Walking Dead)
    I mean it doesn’t feel as much as a blatant cash grab than some other properties

    To be honest, of all the “Toys to Life” category games to choose from Infinity seems to be the only one that has any kind of attachment especially since it was constructed from a couple of Bueno Vista games that never made it past the demo floor (specifically the Pirates of the Caribbean game pre AC Black Flag and the Toybox mode from Toy Story)


  5. Howard: The Duck Among Us. They should get Zdarsky to consult.

    I would also be willing to do some blood ritual sacrifice to get a Hellboy adventure game made.

    I’m actually none too crazy about the telltale GoT game, the writing feels really weak, the most glaring of which was Maergery talking about how “they say MEN have all the power” unironically over a FUCKING SEATING PLAN. If she had said “they say MEN do all the strategizing” or something then it would have made sense and I’ve seen multiple lets plays (all my favourite Lets Players are covering it, it seems) where the player laughs out loud derisively at this statement. Over all it feels like a real B or C effort, which lines up with your spread too thin theory. I’m pretty disappointed with the whole thing. Wolf Among Us was pretty good though! I hear a lot about Walking Dead but I’m burnt out on zombie drama after Last of Us so I haven’t given it the time of day.

    I didn’t watch Age of Ultron yet but I was happy to hear you guys talk about it and it actually got me excited to see it. I’ve never been too thrilled with Black Widow, I feel like Wasp is a much more interesting and dynamic character than Femme Fatale Russian Spy, even if Widow was created at the genesis of the trope. Hell, Anne Hathaway did a 1000% better job being a duplicitous badass in a black jumpsuit in Dark Knight Rises and /that movie was awful/. Though I’m probably just biased because I’ve been unimpressed with ScarJo’s acting since I was in middle school.

    Penny Dreadful is a great, splashy, stylized gothy wade through Victorian horror. It’s like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen meets True Blood meets Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes? It’s still a very British drama and has some of the best sex scenes ever to grace television. Eva Green is in it and everything is wonderful, it also has the single most accurate portrayal of Frankenstein’s monster I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot of them, including that Danny Boyle joint with Cumberbatch and that other Sherlock in it), played by Rory Kinnier, one of my favourite actors. It’s not for everyone, but I love the authentic Victorian trashiness it conveys.

    Did you guys talk about Daredevil? I’ve been listening to this show for almost four years and I can’t discern regular conversations I’ve had with friends from listening to you guys while I work. Anyways, Daredevil was great, all the Russian was real, Maya seal of approval.

    PS: Brandon do you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine? You should. It’s on Netflix.


    • I have seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I dig it. Solid ensemble. Love Chelsea Peretti there. Very happy for Andy Samberg in a lead role. Never thought he could pull that off on an ongoing basis. Always thought his most accurate character portrayal was on Parks & Rec: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53xMff0a3Ec

      Also, yes: Tom, Eric and I talked about Daredevil in the last hour of Ep.202. Tom and I were fans; Eric was considerably less fanatic.


  6. Im just gonna leave this right here since I am almost certain at least Eric will want to discuss it next week.


  7. tvo770 Jun 1, 2015

    Has Josh seen LBX: Little Battlers yet it’s the closest thing I’ve seen to a gotcha force sequel.


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