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JKP! Ep.199: The Less You Care – Jump Kick Punch!

“Let me crush you with my knowledge penis!”

This week: Josh hits the ground running with a precious half hour window to harp on The Order: 1886 and the current state of AAA video games. Then, after the break, Brandon Eric and Harrison are left to discuss The Crew, Persona 5, Grim Fandango Remastered and the legacy of Leonard Nimoy. Oh– and some VR nonsense, too. And listener emails. All that stuff. You know the drill.

Hit the jump for this week’s videos, trailers and more!

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14 comments on “JKP! Ep.199: The Less You Care

  1. its not no itunes=(


    • Davé (not Coulier) Mar 4, 2015

      I am experiencing similar woes, Nik.


  2. Devin Mar 4, 2015

    Brandon, shoot me an email. I’m paying for your po box.


  3. Brenden Mar 4, 2015

    Episode subtitle : “Eric that’s not what we’re fuckin’ talking about”


  4. I’d like to take this rare opportunity to correct Harrison on a car related fact:

    The Mazdaspeed 6 has a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, not a V6 (It’s basically the same engine Ford is using in the new Ecoboost Mustang, which I assume is what Rachel is referring to).


    • Harrison Mar 5, 2015

      Schooled. So it shares guts with the 3? Weird.


  5. Hey guys-- I have no idea why the episode isn’t showing up on iTunes. Spent the past hour or so trying to suss that out, but I might not get the chance while I’m up here in Boston.

    Did you know the people up here just use street-side snowdrifts as garbage receptacles? Because hey, in case you didn’t: it is super gross.


  6. Davé (not Coulier) Mar 5, 2015

    Did you know that the street planning for Boston was done by cows, like 200 hundred years ago? It’s some of the scariest highways Ive ever been on.


  7. Davé (not Coulier) Mar 5, 2015

    Eric, your Short Circuit 2 Los Lobos quote made me clap like a toddler and laugh so hard my coworkers came to my darkroom to see what was wrong with me. I frequently use that quote and nobody has any idea what I’m talking about (as per usual).

    The only way I would purchase a VR headset is if it in the shape of Gizmoduck’s helmet. Blathering blatherskite!

    Listening to an Eric story may be like walking into a movie halfway through, but listening to a Josh story is like getting to a movie 20 minutes early: it comes with extraneous trivia and ads and eventually you start considering if you could get up and grab some Sourpatch Kids and get back without missing anything substantial.


  8. I used to work at a game company here and after a few months, they didnt really need more game testers, so I decided to leave. months later, I asked if they need another tester and they never got back to me.
    The thing is, the company got bought by a digital gambling machine company. The game I was playtesting was in a smal dev team and the expendables game also got less staff. now they also started developing a new game, despite supposing to be working on gambling machines, but then the owner did a small staff change.
    and all that happened due to them making a half assed AAA game.

    I never watched star trek, but all I know about lenord is, that he is the space elf and the hand sign. now boston legal, shatner was great=) also, the dark turn in there… spooky

    I think that microsofts AR glasses are like the kinect. people will find a way to make it usefull-ish.


  9. Tyler Mar 6, 2015

    Yes, Brandon, I’d agree that the voice actor for Kingdom Hearts’ main antagonist left this world with a more dignified career.

    I kid, of course. He was a treasure, and will be deeply missed.


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