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JKP! Ep.200: The Live Disaster – Jump Kick Punch!

“You did this to yourself.”

Episode Double Hundred! We made it! We came limping and screaming over the finish line, but we made it! Get ready for a lengthy intro and plenty of apologizing before “enjoying” a mostly-salvaged audio archive of Brandon, Eric, Harrison, Zack, Josh, Jen and Tom’s big 200th episode livestream celebration.

Special thanks to: Marina, Ian, Heidi and Noelle for their technical, physical and emotional support.

Extra-special thanks you: listeners like you. Awwwww.



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5 comments on “JKP! Ep.200: The Live Disaster

  1. Aleksi Mar 22, 2015

    But if the audio’s screwed, will there not be a new e-mails theme music oh nooooooooo

    The site looks awesome. Good job.


  2. just as a recomendation, the comment counter on the bottom kinda throws me off, as it looks like a title for the next thing, which are not comments. A engadget like thing if you may


  3. Hey Brandon, wanted to let you know what I do for a backup audio recording. I use a Mackie a lot, and have to set up and break down at a lot of offices. I use the RCA Tape Out to a mini, and plug into a little Olympus voice recorder for backup, because I only have one chance to get everything. It’s not the best quality, but it has saved the day before.

    Thanks for the many hours of entertainment while I’m driving all over Georgia!


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