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JKP! Ep.198: Celebrate Z-Day – Jump Kick Punch!

“Love it to the limit… and then love it again.”

It’s that time again– and this year is bigger and better than ever! Witness the birth of America’s new favorite holiday as Zandon, Zeric, Zosh, Zenny, Zeidi and Z-Dubs are tortured delighted by their master of ceremonies, Zack, and his elaborate/mandatory traditions. Learn: about the great and bountiful loins of Zarabekshi! Learn: the best ways to confess your nerdly zins! Learn: how NOT to make a brownie! And more!

Hit the jump for a visual record of this episode’s zelebration.


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23 comments on “JKP! Ep.198: Celebrate Z-Day

  1. I suggest starting a kickstarter, to get brandon a new pocket camera or better phone, the american way of showing the number 3 is strange and boxed water… why is everything so strange :D


    • Zatrick Feb 18, 2015

      What is weirder boxed water or bagged milk?


      • boxed water. I see it this way, a container as a box is used to keep something fresh and water is just water, not that usefull or practical and thats why a bottle is. Im not saying milk in bags is normal, but we did have that here, but usually we just had it on the stove and ready to drink =)


        • Boxed water is weird here, too. Eric buys disturbing packaged water for Josh every time he sees it.


        • Zatrick Feb 18, 2015

          Brandon that is weirder than anything I have ever heard Zack ever do.

          Why does Eric buy Josh box water!? Box wine I could kinda see but box water?
          Is this a kind of Wookie life debt situation?


  2. Dave (not Coulier) Feb 18, 2015

    I have received about 20 static shocks since I started listening to this episode. Zod is punishing me for my Z-mail.


  3. I believe your confusion over the American way of showing the number 3 is because Tom is actually saying “west siiiiiiide.” And because you live in Eastern Europe, you are unfamiliar with the concept, since there is no west side of Slovenia. It just becomes central Europe or Italy or Croatia or something.

    Fuck real geometry.


  4. I thank thee, Zandon, patron saint of Zarabeckshi, for the Photoshop fodder bounty I have received. (It is nearly impossible to find more than the 4 photos I have of Zack)


  5. Zevin of the forgotten parcel Feb 18, 2015

    Great show guys/gals


  6. Marina Feb 19, 2015

    Hah Eric tried to describe the “brownies” when he got home and only ended up confusing me and himself.

    Constantine is wonderful and I love it but if you don’t like noir then you’re probably going to have a bad time. And yes the props are amazing, really fit the tone/look of the show and all the little details are fantastic and I love checking that guy’s Facebook every time an episode airs ’cause he’ll usually put up some nice close up shots.

    I’ve never actually played Chrono Trigger all the way through. The story didn’t catch me and I hate the art style, I am a monster.


  7. I can top you guys on the online names.

    My first AOL screenname was, no joking: Lord Dragonfang.

    Except AOL had like a 9 character limit so, being something like ten years old and not really experienced in the ways of the world, I shortened it to LrdDrgnFg.

    Yeah, that went over well in chat rooms.


    • Zatrick Feb 20, 2015

      My aol account name was DarkMagus517 namely because Magus from Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite characters even though he is just Vegeta/Anti-hero archetype

      I use BrainPan Jones on steam/Xbox live because I know it’s so random that nobody would ever use it.


  8. in primary school, I made a my username legice, which means small lego blocks and years later, I learned that means leggings or tights, so that was fun to know, but lucky enough, people played more with lego=)

    also, when everybody or most people got MSN messenger, they would always ask me, Nik, whats your nick…that lasted quite some time.

    later, when I started doing acrobatics, a friend realized I can jump really high and said, you jump like a horse…so now you will be known as pony… so till my second year at high school, I used the name Pony in COD multiplayer =)


  9. Nerd confession: I really don’t like retro games, or arcade games? I also don’t… really care anything about the Legend of Zelda series :C All of the Nintendo properties are just kind of ‘there’ to me, I have no real interest in any of them! Or Chrono Trigger/anything, or Dragon Warrior. And I’ve never played a Pokemon game.

    Also I had a crush on Cyclops from the 90s cartoon when it was airing.

    And I never really liked the Powerpuff Girls.

    The cartoon I fucking loved and don’t generally tell people: Mummies Alive!
    Also my first online RP fandom. Not my last. I still RP. When I have time. Y’all fuckin’ know this.

    My stupidest online internet handle: Grape
    Brandon’s Best AIM screenname: BilfordMan

    As far as recent movies that have come out: Please, PLEASE try to go see Song of the Sea if it’s airing near you. It’s incredible and beautiful and while very clearly a kid’s movie, it’s not low-brow or dumb, it’s just simple and a well-told story. Much better story/pacing than The Secret of Kells, which was the other movie made by that studio.

    As an aside to Brandon: Not that this is at all likely to make you give it any more of a try, because I know how these things work, but actually right now this very moment when I’m thinking about it, Dresden’s character, at least in the majority of the books, kind of reminds me of you???? In the kind of ‘oft-tired, put-upon, self-deprecating humor, nerd references, sassiness, and tries to fix everything and in the process makes it three billion times more complicated than it needed to be’. well maybe not the last part, but. Anyway, maybe it’s something that doesn’t appeal to you because it’s not much of a departure?????

    Also I didn’t really care for the comics?????? they don’t have the same feel as the books, to me.

    I haven’t slept since yesterday at some point, this is definitely the best time to be commenting on the internet.

    miss u guys mwah mwah


    • Yeah, that’s probably why I don’t much care for the books. I put up with enough of that narrative inside my own head.


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