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JKP! Ep.197: Widen Your Mind – Jump Kick Punch!

“You owe the city $400,000 for littering.”

Heads up, JKP historians: the original quartet is back this week! Say hello to Brandon, Zack, Josh and Tom (in that order of appearance) as they say goodbye to action choreography virtuoso Monty Oum, gaming blog Joystiq (or do we?) and most of SEGA of America. Then, after the break, Josh uncorks his second “complaint jug” to finish our assessment of the Korra finale and, as per usual, listener emails are addressed.

This week’s intermission/outro are from GameChops’ Spindash tribute album. Check it out!

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30 comments on “JKP! Ep.197: Widen Your Mind

  1. Don’t worry, Tom. I’m won’t Photoshop you naked in bed with Dobby. I’m not that crude. I will, however, show the unfortunate aftermath.





    • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 6, 2015

      SheZow was produced in both Canada and Australia and brought to the US by Hasbro’s Hub Network. The creator Obie Scott Wade, when challenged by the groups opposed to his show, said that the boy who becomes SheZow actually does not change gender but is only wearing a woman’s costume which gives him superpowers.

      In my opinion, children’s shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Korra are only able to get progressive ideas on air through subtext. SheZow suffered from both being surrounded by nostalgic reboots (My Little Ponies, transformers, and Pound Puppies) and having the least subtle LGBT subtext ever. This put a red flag on them for the Christian groups to notice. It also wasn’t that great of a show, so it didn’t get that big of a following to defend it from its detractors.


  2. RIP Monty Oum


    • Bad idea for me to watch this at work. Suddenly so sad…


  3. Pipe “bomb”
    The way I understand it, it was a thing that was sticking out and obviously out of place, where a bomb you would try and hide as much as possible. I dont know if it was placed on a steel or concret structure, but a thing that size cant do anything, as there is too much space around the thing and the blast would not be directed, thus doing next to nothing.

    But still, I agree that for safety reasons, it was a good call to have a bomb squad do the disarming and a explosive disarm is a thing, as it destroys the integrity of the device and makes it less destructive if it gets off.

    The kid shout have asked for permission from the goverment or at least let them know with big signs, what that is, after all, it is a fucking bridge on which you are ducktaping a tube.

    Kora ending
    I dont give a shit… as with spiderman being killed, AC3 ending, live die repeat plot spoilers, next batman ending, brother bot shuting the fuck up… loads of stuff has been spoiled to me by the internet while casually browsing, before I even knew those things existed. knowing certain things out of context, if its such a big deal, I know the key plot points and I am not going to watch it, as the ride will not be nearly as interesting, despite not even trying to find things relevant to the above mentioned things when I found them.

    I love Tekken and dont understand how people prefer SF… Nobody I personaly know likes SF, but Tekken is huge here.

    How about, a time traveling sonic game. sonicz, like multiple sonics. like the spider universe thing, all the different sonics come together and fight all the eggmans. while all that is happening, all the versions of tales amy and so on, meet and do their stuff.now the ending is exactly like the dexters laboratory episode, where they travel through time and see that they are the reason for this ever happening.

    I love the moustache idea so much xD


    • Patrick Feb 5, 2015

      It was an unmarked 3-4″ cylinder roughly a foot long (sorry Nik, I’m not converting metric. I do enough of that shit at work) and duct taped under a railing below a high traffic overpass in to the side of one of the busiest highways that bisect the city.

      Apparently it was part of a photography project for I think UGA class. The teacher asked the students to make these cameras and pick places around the city to place these pin hole cameras (that’s the phrase you guys were looking for) in around the city… without telling the police or government officials or anything to cover his/her ass from the seeming hell storm that is now coming to them.

      Tekken is okay, never been really attached to it but if it’s in a arcade I would check it out. It’s no Soul Caliber II.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 5, 2015

      Since the bomb scare happened close to Williams Street, it reminds me of the whole Mooninite incident in Boston that Adult Swim was involved with (to what extent I can’t remember). It seems similar; an art project is secretly attached to a major transit space, causing a big hubbub. Granted, a Mooninite is way different than a duct taped cylinder, it still is remeniscent.

      Brandon, were there any consequences for AS’s art project misunderstanding?


    • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 6, 2015

      Zack’s facial hair based adventure game should be called “Clash of ‘Staches: The Follicle Chronicles.”


  4. Patrick Feb 5, 2015

    I’ve listen/read about 3/4 of console wars but had to take a break and probably should restart it. I had a realization that Sega of America was always designed to be just a PR face / sales division for Sega of Japan and the fact that SoA made its own games and were so successful was just a fluke to SoJ. Ideally SoA should just try to take undesirable IP’s from SoJ and build their own games from that framework (much like Nintendo of America has done with their “Treehouse division” even though they aren’t the capacity we all wish it could be. It would be so amazing to see something like a new Ecco, Eternal Champions, or even something older like Space Harrier (which is one of the coolest segments of the new Bayonetta!) but SoJ is so butt hurt about the 90’s and he old guard is still a part of the ruling class in that business (much like Capcom) that it might be another decade before they even get the shot.

    On a lighter note I recently picked up Fire Emblem Awakening (since I needed some more club Nintendo coins to get Links Awakening and LoZ for free, the way club Nintendo is right now is how it should have been this whole time!) and cannot stop playing it! Everything that Eric and Brandon have said about that game are totally right!


  5. great episode.

    hey brandon, how back heavy is the e-mail section? I’m debating on sending something in for the valentines episode, but I don’t want to be handing a drowning man a glass of water.


  6. Ricky Bryant Feb 6, 2015

    I just listened to this weeks show and I’d like to clarify a something real quick (Josh -__-… ).

    When we talked I never mentioned anything about lawsuits with SheZow. The show just caused a giant shitstorm of controversy with news outlets and social groups claiming that it was the HUB Network trying to push a gay agenda. But really the show was just a season long play on the idea that “boys in dresses are hilarious.”


    • Oh, don’t sweat the small stuff Ricky. In the large things, I am always right.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 7, 2015

      I agree with your SheZow observations, Ricky. It was F Troop level cross dressing humor. The marketing for the show probably brought the most heat. Personally, I couldn’t get past the subpar stiff Flash animation. It’s no Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (which, itself, wasn’t very good to start with).


    • These are A M A Z I N G

      And I don’t know a thing about Magic: The Gathering but I think I’m a super good card?? COOL??


  7. Hey guys why do you keep calling Korra and Asami lesbians when they’ve clearly exhibited attraction to dudes and are therefore likely bisexual? I’m bi and was super excited when I started getting “We’re friends BUT KINDA WANNA BE MORE” vibes from them midway through season 3 (specifically, after Korra and Asami get stuck in the desert and Asami pretty much impresses the pants off Korra for being so capable in a crazy situation), as that kind of quiet romantic tension is something I’m familiar with. Also considering we don’t see any same-sex couples throughout Avatar at all so I can only assume it’s a pretty uncommon thing for two girls to start dating, so of course it’d be all soft glances and meaningful gestures at first, they’re testing the waters, they don’t know how the other or the world will react, so subtle is pretty much the way of it. I know it was played this way to appease presumed objections to homo materials ending up on children’s TV, but it makes sense in universe from my perspective as well.

    Y’all heteros probably aren’t seeing it because you’re used to seeing the aggressive way men and women tend to go after each other in the pop culture, while usually when it comes to lesbian stuff it’s pretty much everyone is too terrified to make the first move for fear of rejection/derision so it just turns into the most glacially paced game of gay chicken ever. Sometimes it spans an evening and ends in make outs, sometimes it lasts years and ends in meaningful hand holding and promise for the future.



    • I almost want to edit and re-upload the podcast, cutting out the entire second half and just reading this comment for three reasons:

      1.) It’s more valid as commentary than anything we said or could have hoped to say about budding bisexual (thank you) romance.

      2.) It negates Josh’s entire talking point by validating the “hetero lens” thing he was so adverse to considering/accepting about himself, which I very much enjoy.

      3.) It would allow me to retitle this episode “gay chicken”.


      • I never referred to them as lesbians. If I did, I didn’t mean to. Clearly, they’re bisexual.

        I kind of don’t want to have any serious talking points on the show anymore, because the rest of the crew laser focuses on a single point and misses the big picture. Honestly, it’s like talking to children who can’t wait to get someone in trouble with teacher. Oh did I miss a blush? Go fuck yourself. One internet commenter pipes up and here comes to dogpile.

        The romance was written shittily. It was the shittiest written romance in a show that is not so hot at portraying romance. There is no “hetero lens”, there is a subplot so vague it can be anything to anyone, and a creator grandstanding to cover that fact up. Know how I know? Because there was enough confusion that he had to bring it up in the first place. Maya here is saying that hetero romance doesn’t involve subtlety and soft glances, so that’s why it didn’t leap out at me, which is nonsense hogwash. Spoilers: a story is not better from an objective standpoint because of what you’ve gone through personally. It may MEAN more to you, you may IDENTIFY with it more, but that’s not the same thing.

        The rest of the JKP crew and the internet is so impressed with a ten second tacked on clip that was literally the least anyone could do when tackling the subject. That wasn’t even the point: the point was that something made intentionally vague and non-impactful in order to avoid trouble (not up for debate) was hailed as revolutionary, when it truly wasn’t. Not even a little. MEANWHILE, read basically any comic or story online and you can’t swing a dead cat without bisexual and homosexual and transgender stories that are fifteen-billion times more impactful and important. Korra doesn’t illustrate a step forward for our society, all it does it glaringly illustrate that network funded animated content is a cultural dead end, saying nothing that every other form of media hasn’t said a decade prior. There is no future in it, because the creators who actually are going to do things that matter aren’t going to bother to fight these people, they’re simply going to go where the censors aren’t, i.e. the internet.

        But no, please keep talking about how it’s actually great, I just didn’t get my Ovaltine Brand LGBT Experience Decoder Ring, so I couldn’t tell.


      • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 13, 2015

        I would have really liked “An Entire Gay Chicken” or “Gay Chicken Jail.”


    • I like these two cents a lot.

      I have to listen to the last half again/ You can ask Brandon, I was dreading this whole part of the podcast since weeks ago when it was brought up, so I can’t recall if I ever called them lesbians or anything, but if I had, I apologize. If anything, during Korra I was more excited about them being together, not labeling them as such. So again, apologies, I was too caught up in how Josh couldn’t see it coming.

      I went zero to frustrated in no time.

      Brandon let’s play gay chicken. I think I’ll win.


      • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 13, 2015

        How does one play gay chicken, Tom? Be specific. I’m envisioning candelabra and car wrecks.




        • Dave (not Coulier) Feb 13, 2015

          200th Episode Spectacular!!!

          But, Tom, how far are you willing to go to win a game of gay chicken?


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