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JKP! Ep.196: Warm Cookie Town – Jump Kick Punch!

“Stare deep into the taint of Bendis!”

Surprise, JKPeers– Zack is here, and he’s banished any and all Korra discussions for another two weeks! Brace yourself as he swoops in to tell Brandon, Eric, Tom, Jen and Josh about the highlights of Spider-verse, recall a recent celebrity encounter and recommend a few good comic books. Then, after the break, Brandon tries to talk about Nintendo before abandoning hope and opening the floor to some listener emails.

Hit the jump for this week’s comic covers, pages, videos and more!



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16 comments on “JKP! Ep.196: Warm Cookie Town

  1. Why is this episode not called Rorschach Trovolta?


  2. Patrick Jan 21, 2015

    2 random things not related to the episode:

    Eric did you see they are showing the last 2 episodes of the last season of Game of Thrones and also Premiering the first episode of the new season at participating Imax theaters? You also get a limited premier poster.

    Does anyone want access to the Monster Hunter 4 demo? Here’s a code!


    • Anonymous Jan 22, 2015

      Previewing season 5, not premiering.

      But that still is pretty cool!


  3. Eric, I think you were calling out for this, I’m not sure.



  4. The Horshack/Rorschach quote gave me one of the hardest laughs I’ve had in a while.


  5. Bunta Mike Jan 22, 2015

    I love the Spider-Verse story. I just didn’t like paying $5 for the actual Spider-verse book that only had two enjoyable storylines, which were only one page each. The Hostess Twinkie one wins by far, with the old drama comic strip coming in second place. If I recall they introduce Spider Gwen as, “Your new favorite” and I have to admit, I like that character. The book that needs to be read if you want to get Spider-Verse is the Amazing Spider-man. That’s where everything really seems to go down. I also love the Spider Woman book as well to fill in those missing silk stories.


    • I’m just hoping that when it’s all done, Marvel will actually collect all of spider-verse and its weird spinoff books into one big volume, even if that volume is stupid expensive. I WILL GIVE YOU MY MONEY, MARVEL! WHY DO YOU MAKE IT SO HARD TO LOVE YOU!?


  6. R.I.P. club Nintendo :C

    did they explain what would happen for Smash Bros. Mewtwo?


    • He’ll still be doled out via email codes, far as I know. No disruption there. Club Nintendo’s still got a couple of months left and I’m fairly sure the Mewtwo stuff was locked in already.


  7. load up ol’ JKP today and get chastised for being a busy boy. I mean, I HAVE missed the last, like, 5 episodes, but…

    …I’ve failed you all…


    • I still love you Tyler! We all do!


    • Dave (not Coulier) Jan 28, 2015

      You are the golden idol I can only attempt to live up to, Tyler. Plus, you have theme music!


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