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JKP! Ep.194: A Fistful of Fist – Jump Kick Punch!

“This is a very weird game of touch football.”

Happy Merry once again, JKPeers! Join Brandon, Josh and first-time guest Ena(???) from Hi-Rez Studios as they celebrate the holiday season by discussing Sony’s unfortunate The Interview disaster and the latest news on Final Fantasy XV from Jump Festa. Then, after the break, enjoy some oven-fresh enthusiasm for Smash Bros., Evolve and Five Nights at Freddy’s. Oh, and a great big mess of listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s holly-jolly videos and such and so on!

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14 comments on “JKP! Ep.194: A Fistful of Fist

  1. Patrick Dec 24, 2014

    Merry Xmas my JKPeeps

    The steam sale has been a smattering of purchases (including both 5 nights at Fresdy’s) I’m really gunning for a bunch of under $10 games

    If you’re looking for a couch coop game pick up gangbeast and mount you’re friends (I thought I saw Idarb on steam but I guess I was wrong whatevs) also Sportsfriends for PC is out!

    I got a Wiiu for Christmas (I know it’s Xmas eve right now but we had to open gifts early because I’m driving to Tulsa on Christmas Day (urgh!) it was the Super Mario world package and ended up with Smash and Hyrule Warriors. Loving it! Went out and picked up a couple of Amiibo and even through it’s not amazing on smash look at it more like you are getting supplemental content for a handful of games just by buying this figure


    • sorry, my phone got weird when making the original post.

      Idarb is suppose to be released on PC eventually but not right now.

      I’ve been playing Farcry4 for more than 100 hours and have yet to make it to the 2nd part of the map. I have barely done any of the main missions and mostly have been doing all the side missions to unlock all of the perks/abilities. It’s such an awesome game (and I am using that word in the literal sense of there are specific parts in that game that have left me awestruck)

      I think I am just going to buy games during the winter sale (unless there is a must have game that is worth full retail price) and not buy anymore sale games until I make some sort of dent in my steam collection because at this rate I have filled my terabyte drive with an insane amount of games and somethings gotta give!


  2. codycarver Dec 24, 2014

    I saw a distinct lack of butthole in the comment section, so now i’m posting.

    Also, i like the dread or frustration or anger in Brandon’s voice as he says my name in the list of e-mails yet to be read. it gives me joy.
    but seriously, you are always free to ignore anything i send. i almost never put thought in them, and almost always regret sending them two seconds after i hit the send button. it’s like the wave of guilt and regret you get when you go out drinking and wake up the next morning beside someone whose name you can’t remember or how they got there. except now i can get that same shameful feeling from sitting alone, in the dark of my apartment, chuckling to myself as i stuff chips into my face. But on the plus side, no more spending stupid amounts of money on booze, no headaches and no more trip to the doctor about a thing on a thing.


  3. about the game, Among the sleep…I have been wanting to play that game for so long and I just got it and now it is spoiled…damn…oh well, I guess I’l just go play 5 nights at freddys.
    to the listener down under. I am aware of what a salesman does, but still, the aproach felt bad, althou I was a salesman, but I was never that kind, which might be the source of slight anger=)


  4. Aleksi Jan 2, 2015

    That was a good episode. This “Ena” guy is pretty funny. Can you have Ena as a guest for every episode now? C’mon. Ena for full time member of JKP. Ena for president of JKP. Kickstart it. Indiegogo it. C’mon.


    • Brenden Jan 2, 2015

      I just really enjoy the actual “guests”, doesn’t matter much who it is (but bring back Cody, for real).


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