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JKP! Ep.192: The Bus of 30 – Jump Kick Punch!

“You’d probably love the first five minutes of it.”

This week: Josh has some hilarious observations about the world of Pokemon! Eric is immediately displeased with Dragon Age: Inquisition! Brandon thinks he knows what happened to Sonic Boom! Tom enjoys a crunchwrap! Plus, Smash Bros! Amiibo! Hobbit! Batman! It’s a Thanksgiving feast of stupid bullshit.

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Exhausting day. Time for a showerbeer. Need to rinse the urethane out of my hair.

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30 comments on “JKP! Ep.192: The Bus of 30

  1. >.< borderlands 2 did have controller support without mods!!


    • You just need to have your controllers on before u hit play


  2. Patrick Nov 26, 2014

    Eric, they totally do have controller support for Borderlands the Presequel. I’ve beaten the game twice and only played with controller on my PC.


    • Patrick Nov 27, 2014

      Also Eric Shadpw of Mordor is $34 on steam now. Does that reach your price range?


  3. Aleksi Nov 26, 2014

    For a person who doesn’t give a shit about Tolkien, Eric seems quite passionate about hating The Hobbit. I’d say they’re not yet overdoing the whole Tolkien thing, as long as they don’t try to remake/reboot something that already exists, or adapt every chapter in the Silmarillion into films. Which they won’t, since The Tolkien estate are a bunch of dicks. Anyway, Shadow of Mordor is barely Tolkien-related at all, it’s just Assassin’s Creed: Middle-Earth. It could just as well be any other fantasy land. Assassin’s Creed: Narnia? Assassin’s Creed: Discworld? I don’t know.

    By the way, the last about ten minutes of this episodes are the reason I can’t listen to the podcast at work anymore. You get funny looks from coworkers when you’re howling with laughter and muttering “so dumb, so fucking dumb” out loud.


  4. As someone that dosent care about sonic, I wanted to try Colors and actually tried Generations.
    I didnt find generations to be bad, but I just dont like the way the game felt. I was also frustrated by the fact, that in order to go fast, you need to play a level multiple times and remember where the pads, jumps, enemys and things are, otherwise, its just a wall hitting simulator.

    Now Sonic Boom, I had high hopes, as it looked like something I would like and as I follow Game grumps, the game has ideas which I like, style and lets say flow, but it is just unfinished, which is very sad. I dont mind the PS2 graphics, the popin graphics, sprites, visual issues, but lack of direction, that just breaks it for me.

    Sonic is a joke.
    Sonic Boom?
    Roast, the autobiography.

    Tales is great,
    actually looks useful.

    Amy: What are we gonna do Sonic?
    Sonic: Rule 34?
    Amy: You’re too slow.


  5. Now, gentlemen, how do we counter soft silly racism? With sarcastic multiculturalism!


    There, that’s better.


  6. That podcast had more endings than Return of the King.


  7. Oh and was that exterminator for the fleas? They’ve begun biting my hands so I’m starting to go a bit crazy with vengeful fits of salting and vacuuming.

    And hey did you guys ever talk about Over the Garden Wall? Y’all should do that.


  8. Eric must ride a high horse like Sleipnir in order to jump the bar that he sets so high.


  9. Alternate episode titles: “The Full Deluise” or “The Gong Show”


    • codycarver Nov 28, 2014

      The gong show would be an excellent title, the tag line being “I’m very sorry to the nation of japan”


  10. JKP Dragoncon cosplay idea!


  11. codycarver Nov 29, 2014

    “well see, the thing is,
    um, I can’t even fuckin”
    -Eric the wordsmith


  12. Hi, my name is Tom.
    I love everything in life.


  13. Hey, I am not seeing any ratings on this site. I asked for it at the end of the episode, dammit.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Dec 4, 2014

      Here you go, Tom.

      5 out of 5 Yoshi cloaca.


  14. Val Kilmer Dec 6, 2014

    Hey guys, Suikoden II is coming to the PSN next week. Just thought I would let you know since I have lots of free time. LOTS.


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