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JKP! Ep.189: Can Be a Wizard – Jump Kick Punch!

“I believe in myself!”

With the news from NYCC fresh on their minds, this week’s show finds Brandon, Eric, Josh and Tom walking through Marvel and DC’s recently revealed 6-year movie calendar to discover when, exactly, they should start getting excited. Then, after the break, the gang spoils The Book of Life, Josh journeys back to 2008 for some Spore, Brandon gives some late impressions on 3DS Smash Bros. and everyone enjoys a bit of anime nonsense.

Hit the jump for this week’s helpful superhero timeline and a few related videos!


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12 comments on “JKP! Ep.189: Can Be a Wizard

  1. once again, great podcast!

    Im a bit surprised you didnt talk about anita sarkeesian canceling her talk, due to a threat, which was ironic from the point of view the threat was given.

    also, Im glad you talked about the game hatred and am a bit bummed, that you didnt get to my email, which was about that game.

    just for future reference, I didnt want the email to be to long and thanks to my ADD, I bet I skipped a few key points and might sound a bit rude and stupid so …sorry in advance. also being emotionally numb to some degree, makes me look like an ass.

    oh, and I would love a Gambit movie! :D


    • Dave (not Coulier) Oct 22, 2014

      Don’t worry, Nik. I sent in a drunken email (I broke my New Years resolution) where I kind of berate Tom a little at the end. I’m considering sending an apologetic follow up.


  2. I would love for one of those unannounced Marvel movies to be a Ghost Rider, Blade, or Punisher movie. Hell, cross them over for the hell of it.


    • Patrick Oct 22, 2014

      I just wish that everybody would remember that Asguard was in Oklahoma after ragnorak. Cmon guys oklahoma literally has NOTHING in comics (and let’s face it, real life also) it should be really easy to remember something like that.

      Also congrats Eric

      Smash 3ds is actually easier to play with smaller 3ds’s specifically for the problem Brandon talked about. The 2ds is still going great for me.

      Is anyone else playing Borderlands the presequel? It’s not bad at all for not being made by Gearbox, the grinder is an awesome addition to extending the loot/gun aspect. Lasers and Cryo are cool too.


      • I own it via a video card purchase, but life has kept me from digging into it too much.


        • Patrick Oct 27, 2014

          I just finished it last night. It really ties in nice to BL2/the next game. Played through as Athena and she is pretty great in combat. Claptrap’s ability is actually really awesome same with Wilhelm’s. Can’t wait to see what they do with the next game.


  3. Haven’t finished the whole episode (I save it for when I’m working) but something just occurred to me you guys.


    (mostly Josh)

    Milagro Reyes as Green Lantern, the movie.

    They would never do it but I am so in love with the idea. UGH if they did a Jaime Reyes movie (which is the only way to get the effects for his costume right, lets be honest) and then spun off Milagro into the GL series? THAT is a cinematic universe. Using an endearing secondary character the audience is already familiar with as an easily personable lense with which to view the fantastical world of the Corps. Also, siblings in the Justice League! Not just weird demi Gods with alien upbringings and fractured families, just a couple kids from Texas walking around a space tower comparing missions and awed that their lives have come this far in a few short years and wondering how mad their Mom will be if they miss Sunday dinner to save the planet.

    Its a dream dream makes me remember why I liked DC at one point in the long ago time.


    • Now I’m just mad because whatever GL movie they make is going to be less interesting than this.

      Unless it’s just a Sinestro movie. But even then, I would rather watch justice siblings.


  4. I thought Amazing Spiderman 2 was simultaneously the best and the worst version at the same time. Everything having to do with Spiderman was dead on from the comics (especially hats). It was pretty much anything having to do with the villains that made me cringe to a near Batman and Robin level. It makes me very weary of the upcoming Sinister Six movie. But that’s just me.

    Josh, I still stand by my prediction that Ben Affleck will win the Oscar for his portrayal of a broken Batman. As for the desaturated posters for Dawn of Justice, my interpretation is that Zack Snyder may be using different materials as each character’s tonal theme: Superman- steel (I felt him trying slightly to push that theme in Man of Steel), Wonder Woman- copper (Very similar to his reliance on the copper theme in 300), and stone for Batman? I don’t know, call me crazy.


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