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JKP! Ep.187: Equality Biscuits – Jump Kick Punch!

“I would accept unsolicited pictures of biscuits.”

It’s that time again, to put it mildly, as JKP hosts its third gender politics roundtable. Join Brandon, Heidi, Liz, Jenny, Allison, Sarah, Naty and Josh for a lengthy discussion that covers nude celebrities, invasion of privacy, ass-first superheroes, the horrifying shitshow that is “GamerGate” and much, much more.

Hit the jump for a comprehensive list of articles and videos!



“The Fappening Has Revealed a New Type of Pervert” (a breakdown of events)

“The Fappening and Revenge Porn Culture” (op/ed about the responsible parties)

“The Amazing Atheist” Discusses Hypocrisy in Media Coverage



An Analysis of the Cover Upon Announcement

An Apology from Marvel

A Blunt Response from Maddox

A Response to Maddox’s Response



A Breakdown of What GamerGate Was/Is

Zoe Quinn’s Personal Account of “GamerGate”

“Gamers Are Over” (op/ed piece by Leigh Alexander)

“Gaming Journalism is Over” (a response by David Auerbach)

“To Fair-Minded Proponents of GamerGate” (making sense of GamerGate)



“Women as Background Decoration, Pt.2” (Anita Sarkeesian’s Latest “Tropes v. Women” Ep)

“What Did They DO to You?” Our Women Heroes Problem (thinkpiece by Leigh Alexander)

Why We’re Winning: SJW’s and the New Culture War (more GamerGate commentary)

An Anti-”Social Justice Warrior” Patreon Effort

Another Video by the Above Anti-SJW Effort




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21 comments on “JKP! Ep.187: Equality Biscuits

  1. Patrick Sep 24, 2014


    Another excellent episode about these terrible things people do to eachother.

    “Be excellent to eachother”
    “Party on dudes!”


  2. Brandon are you okay.

    If it makes you feel any better I talk to myself all the time, and I don’t even have a podcast.

    Honestly, when it comes to people being shitty on the internet I’m pretty sure that every single one of those people is just misdirecting anger at an intangible problem in order to distract from the impotent mess of their everyday lives. Josh will probably back me up on this, but happy well adjusted people don’t go trawling 4chan. I wasn’t happy when I started going on 4chan, I was an angry 15 year old family punching bag. None of my friends that I met on 4chan were happy either, we were all weirdos who liked cartoons and had stressful home lives. We’re better now and glad for the the relationships we formed, but pretty much as soon as our lives took a turn for the better 4chan was left in the dust. The most dramatic example is probably the fact that in weeks of going on anti-depressants I stopped visiting the site, and only when I went off them for a month (because i was broke, I didn’t suddenly decide I didn’t need them or something, don’t mess around with your medication kids, I’m still dealing with the damage today) I almost immediately went back. Going back to 4chan is a symptom of depression.

    Also, I could tell you sexist shit that I’ve experienced first hand from DC editorial that would would honestly not surprise you, but I can’t talk about it in public without it becoming a ‘thing’ and potentially ruining any chance I have at drawing my favorite characters professionally and multiple friendships would be irreparably damaged for ‘outing’ their buddies… though one of these days I’m probably just gonna stop caring.

    (but if you really wanna know Josh and Eric have me on facebook so you can like send me a message, I just can’t say anything on public record to cover my ass, and yes, it is a shitty patriarchal thing that I have to keep quiet in the first place but c’est la vie)


    • JKP are forever your allies. And yes, your 4chan analysis is spot on. 4chan refugees represent!


  3. These recent events just make me sick to my stomach. They really have more to with dominance and dehumanization than mere sexual gratification. I think it can be greatly blamed on both the loss of empathy in our society and, what I think Harrison was referencing with Notch’s Minecraft sale, existential envy. German philosopher Max Scheler summed up existential envy perfectly…

    “Existential envy which is directed against the other person’s very nature, is the strongest source of ressentiment. It is as if it whispers continually: “I can forgive everything, but not that you are— that you are what you are—that I am not what you are—indeed that I am not you.” This form of envy strips the opponent of his very existence, for this existence as such is felt to be a “pressure,” a “reproach,” and an unbearable humiliation. In the lives of great men there are always critical periods of instability, in which they alternately envy and try to love those whose merits they cannot but esteem. Only gradually, one of these attitudes will predominate. Here lies the meaning of Goethe’s reflection that “against another’s great merits, there is no remedy but love.”

    The subject of internet harassment thoroughly makes me question whether the good of internet freedom and anonymity isn’t outweighed by all of the damage that a few fuckwads and sock puppets can do (which deeply frightens and disturbs me that I could think like that). I take this very personally, as my uncle was driven to suicide by relentless gang stalking.

    Next comment will be funny, I promise.


    • What! Quotes from German existentialists! Wow Dave, you just upped the intellectual stakes of this podcast considerably.

      I wasn’t familiar with Scheler, but after a quick Wikipedia read, I can see how his thoughts are relevant to this discussion. I love some of the tenants of a Phenomenological approach, especially when it comes to the conflicting worldviews and the values of others. Fundamentally, we have a hard time sympathizing with the denizens of 4chan, especially when they commit atrocious acts like the ones outlined in this episode. It is easy to dismiss them as unsocial outcasts, but unfortunately, the desire to frame them in that manner is a result of the same processes that they use to separate themselves from women or non-gamers.

      I actually don’t think that envy is the correct interpretation of the motives of these people. Envy would seem to imply that they want what others have. Rather, I think it is something more in line with Social Identity Theory, where the individual’s identity is wrapped up with their concept of what group they identify with. In this case, the 4chan user identifies as someone who shares certain opinions about online personas, and specifically the anonymity associated with that message board. Their opinions and posts on the message board are disassociated from themselves, and must stand on whatever merit they can gather (Reddit is another great example of this). So anyone who uses their actual personality to further their viewpoint is the antithesis of this model. Anyone who uses this method becomes the “outgroup” to 4chan’s “ingroup.” For many 4chan users, celebrities and “social justice warriors” become paragons of their formulation of this outgroup.

      Social Identity Theory suggests that when an individual subscribes to a group identity, their perception of members of the outgroup becomes highly subject to over-generalization and demonization (see: Fox News). This actually serves to strengthen their association with the ingroup. They feel better about themselves and their peers, because other people are so different. By effectively dehumanizing their enemies, they validate their own sense of personal value. So ironically, 4chan users LOVE the fact that there are people like Anita Sarkeesian, as it helps solidify their own group around them and augments their sense of belonging. They are not envious of someone else’s success, simply protective of their own identity.

      Really, there is no point arguing about the specifics of these issues with the people that support them. They are actually more concerned with who you identify with, rather than what you are saying (and to be clear, I realize that I am also over-generalizing at this point). The only way to really change their mind is to present more variety to their interpersonal lives. Just as it is hard for someone with a diverse group of friends to hold racist ideals, it is hard to hate women when you have a woman in your life that you care about. Instead of arguing about ideas, we need to expand these people’s ideas of who is worth caring about and associating with.

      Brandon, by continuing to promote diverse viewpoints on your podcast, you are doing just that. Well done.


      • I definitely agree that a feedback loop of groupthink is the main driver of what we are seeing recently. I should have described it more as a kind of sexist schadenfreude.


    • Then there’s this.


      I don’t know how I feel about that. Do the ends justify the means?


      • codycarver Sep 26, 2014

        okay, i really have to know, am i a fucking lunatic? Cause i feel like i am, and i feel like i’m missing the point of this emma watson/4chan issue.

        Tying this back to the groupthink of 4chan and potentially larger audiences, does anyone else feel like the media is doing more damage than good by relentlessly covering stories like this? I don’t partake in too many news sources because frankly i don’t trust them (yes i am paranoid), but when articles like the ones covering the emma watson/4chan debacle pop up so frequently and from so many sources, i feel like it’s capitalizing on an under informed market to generate as much money as possible, there by creating a incredibly large ingroup (the audience of the article) and an new,unheard of and misunderstood outgroup (4chan, or more over /b/). as a “news” source, i understand that providing new information is their job, but it should be relevant to some broader global topic, be accurate information and be as non partisan as possible. While this appeals to the broad global topics of privacy invasion, hate crimes, and sexual harassment, the media has developed their story on so very little actual fact (a rumor to be specific) and doesn’t bother to try and give the reader as much information as possible to help them understand the other party involved. And yet they spread the articles to the globe so fast and efficiently that it feels almost like a deliberate attempt to further damage and perpetuate the divide on feminism. but it also reinforces gender stereotypes. This fuels the fire of /b/, because as a sanctuary for social outcasts, it gives those that feel rejected by mainstream society/media, a more defined and larger outgroup to react against. it doesn’t promote diverse viewpoints, it just gives them a larger target. it makes who they are targeting a bigger challenge to tackle and a larger victory should they succeed in attacking.

        and when i say they are reinforces gender stereotypes, i mean to say that when they use “nude photos leaked” as the attention getting headline, it makes it seem like the more heinous act that is being done. while they do talk about the death threats received, i feel like those are tossed aside to the potential that people might see some tits. This in turn gives way to the notion that women’s bodys are shameful, that anything sexual or has to do with a woman’s sexuality is equally as shameful. that the best way to humiliate, to strip all dignity and power from a woman is to expose her body. That is total bullshit. To put it simply, it’s sexual assault, which is an act of a depraved and weak person. The victim doesn’t lose any strength, virtue or dignity. But the headline says otherwise by making it worse than death. in a sense, it’s a back handed way of slut shaming.

        I dunno, there is a lot to take issue with the whole of /b/. it is the best mirror for all of humanities faults. It shows us the worst of us. But when media, which is supposed to be a more balanced picture, is equally as skewed, I tend to lose my shit.

        please tell me I’m out to lunch. please help me be a better person. I don’t know what I’m doing out here, and I feel lost and angry


        • “…it should be relevant to some broader global topic, be accurate information and be as non partisan as possible.”

          Unfortunately, there is no incentive for any media organization to act in this way. Journalism in the abstract, which simply means recording and disseminating the news, is undoubtedly a positive force in any society. But media organizations don’t just produce journalism, they produce entertainment. They have as much financial stake in their reporting as their subjects do, sometimes even more. This has always lent itself to yellow journalism, where profiting from the enterprise takes precedence over the delivery of truth.

          In the U.S., when we think about freedom of the press, we generally think about it in terms of the “Press” that we have grown accustomed to. To us, this means that huge media conglomerates and publishing companies should have the right to print their ideas free from government intrusion. But the First Amendment makes no mention of the kind of organization or businesses that should be free to publish its news. In fact, when the Bill of Rights was written, all news was essentially local. Newspapers covered certain localities, and there was no such thing as a national news source. Freedom of the press was just as likely to apply to an individual on a street corner airing grievances through a self printed pamphlet as it was a news organization.

          We should remember this fact when confronted with things like Wikileaks or the case of Edward Snowden. We find these cases problematic because: A.) Neither person(s) is considered a “legitimate” member of the press, and B.) They acquired this information through some form of hacking or theft. In both cases, classified information was disseminated without the consent of the information holders. But freedom of the press implies that journalism doesn’t require the consent of the subject, or that someone be legitimized by a news organization.

          How does this relate to 4chan? Well Anonymous, the hacktivist group associated with the site and famous for questionable internet behavior, has on a number of occasions played the same role by releasing hacked documents that the traditional media did not gain access to. In their own way, they played the part of a free press that brings information to light for the public. For a moment, forget how the celebrity nude pictures were distributed online, and re-imagine the headline in this way: “Anonymous 4chan users inform Apple of backdoor exploit in cloud service.” Obviously, this is not what happened, and it is ludicrous to assign these people an altruistic motive for what is a criminal act against individuals who are only newsworthy due to their inherent fame. But it is an unfortunate side effect of a hacking culture that at times has served to the benefit of society by increasing the dissemination of information.

          Cody, I appreciate your statement about how the media is actually a participant in the degradation of these women, specifically by sensationalizing the mere fact of their sexuality. It is not news that young women are actually naked under their clothes, or that they might engage in sexual acts. The only news that is relevant is the crime perpetrated against them, not the content of the thing that was stolen. But this story would not be nearly as popular if someone stole a photo of Jennifer Lawrence’s dog off her phone. The media is specifically overstating the sensationalist aspect (female sexuality) of the story to the detriment of a legitimate issue. In this way, these women’s status as females is used to objectify them for the gain of the news organization, further victimizing them in a way that is possibly more pervasive than the original crime.


    • Unsolicited biscuit dick pic


      (it’s not as bad as you’re thinking)


    • This video is in no way meant to condone, promote, or endorse violence against women…… unless they take the last biscuit.


      The VO doesn’t quite match, but these things don’t have to be perfect (I keep telling myself)


  4. I’m one of those guys that has a profile picture of my abs.



  5. Devin Sep 25, 2014

    Thanks for the insight gentle ladies and gentle men. Brandon your awesome, high jump kick five.


  6. I was aware of the nude leaks, butnot everything else…was I under a rock the past few weeks?! *lifts rock*
    in other news, remember me was something that got my attention due to the style and idea alone, but the main character was the cherry, which in the end made for a great character, but was let down by a bad bad baaaad controlls.

    due to my grade A english and keen brain functions, I forgot to ask about birdo and poison, who are a battlefront for some people.


  7. I worked for a construction firm that had a strict no tolerance policy towards cat calling. The specific site I worked on had a rule that if anyone reported you for cat calling you were to be removed from the site and/or terminated. You didn’t get any warning when it happened too. You were just called up to the main office, asked a few questions, told what they were going to do and thrown off the site.


  8. waspbait Sep 28, 2014

    Great work! Love you stuff…

    I heard one great comment recently “:Let’s start with not threatening to kill or rape anyone and work our way from there”.

    Society change is hard but not impossible. There are so many things that are obviously going to happen and I don’t get why our politicians and leaders don’t just . I love women and would like more women doing things I enjoy doing…


  9. Sometimes listening to Josh tell a story is like watching an elderly person read text on a computer screen, then having to wait for that person to move the mouse over to the scroll bar, watch the mouse move the scroll bar down, then he or she proceeds to read again.


    • codycarver Oct 1, 2014

      the line i use most often, in reference to josh (made by brandon i think) is “you’re like a shark that keeps making analogies”


    • This is my new favorite comment.

      For its accuracy.


    • I ain’t denyin’ it.


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