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JKP! Ep.186: Longshoreman’s Drop – Jump Kick Punch!

“That’s when it pays to be stupid and unobservant, like me!”

This week’s episode: Harrison is bored with Destiny! Eric is disappointed in Notch! No one is listening to Josh describe webcomics! Brandon just doesn’t! He just does not. Yep, things are definitely back to normal. Oh, right, and a whole mess of listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s trailers, videos, nonsense, etc!



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21 comments on “JKP! Ep.186: Longshoreman’s Drop

  1. Dave (not Coulier) Sep 17, 2014

    It’s very heartening to hear that stupid video brightened your Monday, Eric, as you guys brighten my every other Wednesday. Your coworkers’ reactions seem about on par with surveys I’ve done of those silly things: 50% enjoy them, 50% say, “what the fuck did I watch?”


  2. Was listeting to this while being very tired and almost asleep, but every so and so I had a good laugh, thus could not sleep. it was that good of a podcast! :D
    Brandon, just interested, could you share with us the cost and components in your pc? also, a picture of the dent your case has, as I am interested how big of a dent it is.


  3. It kind of hurt me a little bit to hear you guys ragging so hard on the name “Serena” That was the name of my best friend growing up, well before the English dub of Sailor Moon was even a thing.


    • It’s not the name in this case so much as the inspiration.

      Also, we’re jerks, Lee. Serena is a fine name.


    • I wasn’t on this podcast, so you can still love me :D


      • Tom, I can still love you if you finally accept my friend request on Facebook. it’s not like I’m going to spam you with bullshit game requests or poorly typed status updates. I just want to achieve my life goal of being FB friends with every non-Harrison JKP member.


  4. As a guy who went to college for sound I have to say the level of clarity and attention to interstitial music/editing is amazing. Brandon should really take pride in his editing ability.

    Destiny looks like it was over designed by committee while also promising something they had no way in delivering (even though they were working on it since what Halo3. It really loses flavor and feels monotonous to me, maybe I’m just in shooter fatigue.

    Wow I am totally surprised there wasn’t any talk on Smash Bros 3ds demo. I guess Harrison SUPER ULTRA MEGA squashed the nintendo discussion.

    Good on you Josh thinking of getting a refurb Wiiu, I’ve actually been on the fence on it too. Also consider a 2ds for $80

    I’m actually re-re listening to the entire catalogue because I do not have enough weekly podcasts to fill my workdays. Eric for real, you have used that lord Gaben joke almost every episode you’ve physically been on.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Sep 18, 2014

      And that was the 3rd “Toxic Love” reference, the 2nd in reference to Harrison’s noxious soup. I know you love “Ferngully,” Eric, but there are other 90’s movies that can work just as well.


      • That song have a special place in my heart, Dave.


        • Eric, I love your auto-generated wordpress icon the most

          because it kind of looks like a blocky yellow/purple version of your face.


  5. Brenden Sep 18, 2014

    Hahahaha holy shit that pie chart is comedy gold.


    • I know, right? That’s not like a thing they did for comedy, either.


  6. That WOuld you rather. Second one. HOLY CRAP, I’d do anything to have all my debt gone.


  7. Josh, have you tried making a webcomic?


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