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JKP! Ep.183: The Comics Authority – Jump Kick Punch!

“That’s why you never get my Master Blaster reference!”

This week: Brandon, Eric, Tom and Josh are joined by Jen and Liz for a post-Comic-Con roundtable that covers Batman v. Superman, Wonder Woman’s new suit, Marvel-published Star Wars comics, Godzilla 2 and much more. Then, after the break, get ready to suspend disbelief as hard as you can while the gang spoils the bejeezus out of Lucy, Snowpiercer and everyone’s new favorite, Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus: listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s images, trailers and nonsense!






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32 comments on “JKP! Ep.183: The Comics Authority

  1. Here is an awesome list from Comixology to help you guys find a starting point for Guardians: https://www.comixology.com/guardians-of-the-galaxy-comics?tid=B140803002_Marvel_Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_Lander


  2. Eric: “We’re in space, these are not humans on earth, this is an alien space thing”
    Tom : “No.”
    Brandon : “No.”
    *Eric Shouting*
    Brandon : “If you’re gonna make excuses, then you gotta shutup about Snowpiercer, that’s all I’m saying”
    Eric : “NO! Fuck that shit! No Snowpiercer is based on Earth in an ice age. These are space people in space where there are actual space-physics and things that go on”

    The ep title should have been: SPACE PEOPLE IN SPACE!

    Erics stupidity shines through.


    • You pass out in 15 seconds. (citation from Astronauts who were trapped in a vacuum) http://badassdigest.com/2014/08/03/how-long-could-you-survive-unprotected-in-outer-space/

      Like I said on the podcast, all I wanted was for his skin/eyes to be a bit screwed up when he was on the floor inside the ship AFTER the space scene. WHATEVER. TALKING ANIMALS AND PLANTS! YAY! EVERYONE GO SEE NINJA TURTLES!


      • codycarver Aug 7, 2014

        eric, never not wrong.


      • Anonymous Aug 13, 2014

        You pass out, but do not die. The point is NOT DYING.


      • You pass out, yes, but you can survive for 2-3 minutes. Plus, guys, listen, advanced technologies in space probably have machines to deal with exposure. They live in space. Jesus Christ. There’s a talking fucking robot raccoon and THIS is where you say, “Oh, no, that’s ridiculous. Come the fuck on.”


        • advanced alien races in space, rather.


        • codycarver Aug 14, 2014

          You’re right, it’s very important to remember that people are picking arguments over the most extraneous aspects of stupid comic book movie for babies. Yes, you can survive in space for a short period of time without protective equipment. and yes, in a movie where space monsters and raccoons fight over cosmic rocks, it is the most ridiculous thing for people to focus on and pull them out of the movie experience (which i think speaks volumes to how good of a movie guardians actually was).

          I think the point Brandon (and please correct me if i’m wrong) was that some people might be getting a little over zealous over the dumbest things, while maintaining no consistency between dumb thing.

          to quote the dude, “you’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole”

          speaking of assholes, it’s was fun being one for this brief second. I’m done being an asshole now. You crazy kids shine on like the beautiful diamonds you are


        • Dave (not Coulier) Aug 17, 2014

          So you are implying that “Event Horizon” was not 100% scientifically accurate? Bosh!!! Flimshaw!!!


    • I still like “So, Whadyughf!?!?”


  3. codycarver Aug 6, 2014

    Hey fellas, I just sunk a shit ton of money so I can come down to D*C this year. Did you guys get your shit together enough to put a panel together? if not, no big deal. I just don’t want to miss out is all.


    • Signs point to yes, but, even if crossed wires put an axe in our panel plans, we’ll be there and ready to mingle. Ha cha cha.


  4. Dave (not Coulier) Aug 6, 2014

    Glad you guys enjoyed my latest JKProject. To answer I think it was Jen’s question, that is actually not the back of Tom’s head. Its just a color corrected stock photo. Same with Kim Jong-un, except I had to slap his reversed flat-top above a rotund gentleman’s neck rolls.

    I am resisting the impulse to Photoshop the octopus group scene. So instead I’ll show something from a while ago I had not shared with the other listeners until now. Since Brandon mentioned he could cosplay as Bunsen Honeydew, here’s the JKP crew as Muppets (my apologies to your significant others).



  5. Greatest comment by Eric, “I would wipe Harmony Gold out of existence”! Oh god, please yes to this!!! Please oh please.


  6. I found that Pron super hero costumes VS movie costume thing I was talking about!


  7. Marvel vs. DC: https://imgur.com/Wf81xb8


  8. Drisen Aug 9, 2014

    … I liked Lucy. Can’t fully put my finger on why, but I enjoyed the movie. I’ve also liked a ton of Lu Bessons stuff though from Transporter to District B13 and Taken so I guess it makes sense. Pretty darn excited for the panel and I’ll definitely be there.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Aug 10, 2014

      In my opinion, the similarity between Lucy and Transcendence is because they are both movies intended to familiarize and accustomize mainstream audiences to principles of Transhumanism. The goal is the progression from implants to the eventual uploading of consciousness to supercomputers (which is poppycock). To reach this end, peer pressure and the addictive, Pavlovian nature of video games will be used to gain the acceptance and eventually desire of the public.

      I mean…… get your new Pokemon AR brain implant. It’s totally bitchin’! Collect 20 Pokemons in real life to receive a free DLC hat! All your friends have it, you don’t want to be a LAMF, do you? Visit your local Gamestop Implantation Station today!


  9. Anonymous Aug 11, 2014

    How do I explain to my co-workers that my burst of laughter in the crowded open plan bank was driven by the mental image of an 8-way Octopus handjob


  10. A quick update to the kickstarter scam I brought up several weeks ago. There is justice in kickstarter it seems, as this new scam has been suspended! This guy is a top notch a-hole for sure! http://gamecrastinate.com/gaming-news/kickstarter-cancels-second-indie-game-project-infamous-airbnb-squatter/


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