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JKP! Ep.180: Holodeck Film Noir – Jump Kick Punch!

“Look at the stupid future!”

Harrison is back from his first-ever E3 and Brandon, Eric and Tom have oh so many questions. Which booths had the shortest lines? Who had the most comfortable-looking uniform?? What the hell is Hohokum??? Where was Randy Pitchford???? Most of these answers and more (or less) await within, plus: a bit of Transistor and some listener emails.

Hit the jump for all of the E3 trailers mentioned during the show!

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32 comments on “JKP! Ep.180: Holodeck Film Noir

  1. Tom’s comment “They’re going to pressure wash you with relish after the pickles are gone” made me laugh so hard I almost threw up. Thank you for this.

    That and his quip about “Arbor”tion? Yeah, Tom wins this episode. +10 internet points.


  2. codycarver Jun 25, 2014

    I have a question for the vocal JKP fanbase. where you from? I’m from Canada.


  3. Bunta Mike Jun 25, 2014

    Thanks for the info on game information sites. I’ve been a regular reader at Joystiq for many years and I can’t stand Kotaku. I am not a fan of Kotaku, because they don’t do a regular report. The articles for the most part are ripping on the subject matter or about something that no one in their right mind should care about. I popped over there to give them another chance and the first article is about someone breaking a Japanese vending machine! I started on Giant Bomb, (per your suggestions) and I enjoy how their articles are written. I still owe you guys my con report, but like I mentioned in my last forum post, E3 was very disheartening this year. Just nothing to do. Spent three or four hours and then left to Little Tokyo for dinner. I think I also had mentioned that it’s a huge pain to try to make meetings/ contacts without making them prior to the show, but it seems like Harrison was able to do very well, (he had made mention of the receprionists at the counters turning you down based on your badge and title).

    I’ve worked many years with Insomniac, (and two years working with RAD) and can see a huge use for Harrison’s services. Insomniac had a contest where the person who designed the most voted on weapon, made it into the game and they made a life size replica of the weapon. “Captain Qwark’s My Blaster Runs Hot” weapons contest. I would also suggest that he try to touch base with Guerilla games in Amsterdam if he hasn’t already, (makers of Killzone).

    Just been watching Summer Games Done Quick nonstop for the past few days and man, there are some psychotic games out there I would never want to even attempt. Especially some fan made game called, “I want to be the Boshy”. F that game!!! http://www.twitch.tv/speeddemosarchivesda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fnab_nuDy8


    • Bunta Mike Jun 26, 2014

      …and now thanks to MGSV, every time I try to say the word Giant Bomb I think of Vagina Bomb. Thanks Kojima!!!


  4. “One good shot in the face from a pickle like that and you’re dead” should have been the episode title.


    • Brenden Jun 25, 2014

      Also lol, Eric knows about taking shots to the face from pickles.


      • Dave (not Coulier) Jun 28, 2014

        You would be blinded by stinging pickle brine before losing consciousness. Also, are these Kosher or Bread and Butter pickles? I’d prefer a Kosher death.


    • I think that will be my tweet quote.
      I have been doing that for each episode.
      Sometimes I just get bored at work.


  5. I think Harrison’s perspective of E3 is pretty on the nose for how it would feel for the non-game press audience going to this convention. I have heard that every year they consider having an open to the public day in the vein of Gamescom, but if you think about it that day would be so crowded and terrible that it would probably end up in some crazy nerd riot or something (it is still LA we are talking about, see 2012 LA Kings stanley cup riots)

    The Crew and Forza Horizon 2 are the two racing games I think will really do well. I dont think either game is going set the world on fire either in concept or execution but, racing games aren’t really about that and more of better versions of driving from one point to another unless you want the level of sim GT provides where you are getting class licenses and your game play experience is being gated on what cars/racetracks you can use (UGH!). Drive Club looks like its too up in its own ass in concept to actually produce what people want (also Drive Club is to release 10/7, if it is out than I think that is a demo or test version)

    Hohokum looks great but constantly reminds me that I need to go back and at least attempt Nobi Nobi Boy.

    How is everyone doing on the Steam Summer Sale? I think I blacked out and ended up with somewhere around 30 games.

    Oh and as of this post Car Mechanic Simulator is $6.59 on the steam sale! (see Harrison, they even have games for you)

    About that ham/chicken question.


  6. Hey mike,

    Sorry the Coscast isn’t around anymore. there is still The Cospod http://www.cospod.org who we’d talked with several times before on the coscast.


    • Bunta Mike Jun 28, 2014

      Thanks Joey. I understand why it had to come to an end and still have a void missing for a cosplay podcast.


  7. Dave (not Coulier) Jun 26, 2014

    The French Sonic WW1 game should be titled “Sonique le Hérisson: Tenez le gaz moutarde sur mon chien de piment” (Sonic the Hedgehog: Hold the mustard gas on my chili dog).

    And Alex, thank you for joining the Official Tom Weiser Fake Hate Fanclub. You will be receiving a list of archaic insults and your decoder ring/goose call in the next cereal box you open.


  8. On the subject of booth babes, it is a bit different at GamesCom.
    There are more manly men models, than half naked ladies and even those are not slutty by any stretch of the imagination.

    At the booths like ubisoft, you have people who actually know why they are doing there. They actually sell you the product, not just the line, oh this is a game about rabbids that are crazy.

    I was room mates with a guy las year, that was at the square enix booth and he was supposed to know quite alot about the game, which was FFXXXXXX somehing.

    Now at nintendo, this is where things are interesting. If I remember correctly, they were the only company that had women, were the least sexy and all were asian. also, they all had the identical white uniforms, so it looked like a hospital almost, but hey, a picture with pikachu :D

    ps- you pronounce matej as matei =)


    • Haha thank you for the correction, Nik. I’m garbage at name pronunciation and we all know this as a certified fact, now.


  9. codycarver Jul 7, 2014

    uh, sorry. just….. sorry


  10. Andrew Jul 7, 2014

    I completely agree with Harrisons E3 experience. I was lucky to get into E3 back in 2010 thanks to a really good friend of mine and it was cool for 2 days. By the second day it got boring quick. Comic con defeats this convention by a mile. Also this is my first podcast that I have listened to on your site and I enjoyed it. I hope you don’t think LA is nothing but douchey buttonholes but they are quite abundant. Looking forward to the next episode.


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