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JKP! Ep.178: Gum Up the Buttworks – Jump Kick Punch!


E3 2014 is nigh! Tune in as Brandon, Tom and Eric seize this final opportunity to pool their collective wits, peer into the future and predict which major surprises haven’t already been announced. Plus: a little godzilla, a little Batman/Ant Man movie chatter, and some listener emails featuring an E3 prediction contest! With actual winners and everything!

Hit the jump for this week’s assortment of videos, trailers and shiny new box art.





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16 comments on “JKP! Ep.178: Gum Up the Buttworks

  1. That break music is dope.


  2. Patrick May 27, 2014

    You were right Eric. It’s Gamera. Personally I think baby Godzilla was the worst because it was a kinda retarded baby Godzilla that shot stupid radiation rings.


    • Its not his fault he didn’t get enough oxygen in the egg.


  3. “Whoops-oops-oops-oops-oops” should just be Nintendo’s next console’s name.


    • I believe it’s the internal name of their current console.


    • Dave (not Coulier) May 30, 2014

      Featuring the successor to Mario Paint and Art Academy: Whoopsie Doodle.


  4. Also, Tom, I’m glad you mentioned Kaiju Big Battel, because the first thing I thought about as I was leaving the new Godzilla was how great it’d be if there were an animated movie (a la Dreamworks or Sony, etc) about a Giant Monster Wrestling League, and then I remembered that that’s already sort of a thing.


    • Patrick May 28, 2014

      They also have a game like that. Godzilla Detroy All Monsters for the original Xbox. It was clunky but had some fun moments especially since they had mos if not all of the Kaiju monsters I think including Ultraman. They should really try it again woth maybe a real company that knows how to make fighting games (maybe from our own American Kaiju, Dave Lang)

      Also Iron Galaxy did the Vita port for borderlands 2.

      As an aside since Sega owns the Hatsumi Miku franchise (is it a franchise? Or is it just the digital person? Do digital people have rights, how isn’t this an article?) I would hope it’s only a matter of time that they will make a new Space Channel 5 with Hatsumi Miku instead of Olala.


  5. Tom, I recomend you go with a ITX only if oyu are sure you are not going to go ape shit with the expansions.

    I bought 3 atx computers with the intent of adding a second gpu and have not done this once, since crossfire/SLI supported games are rare, optimization is usually poor and some even cant work with 2 cards.

    I am going with a ITX build after the summer and will be using a case that can fit full lenght cards and everything, since I dont plan on expanding anything any time soon.
    and the case will be a corsair D250.

    oh and Eric. Master quief. Don’t worry, I got your back buddy!


  6. Dave (not Coulier) May 30, 2014

    Thanks for the Honorable Awesometown, guys. It’s the best 4th place prize I ever got! Honestly, I probably should have been disqualified due to my lack of PC, but my real goal was to ensure there were enough contestants for there to be a 4th place.

    At least I beat that X Brock guy.


  7. I was disappointed in Godzilla. Mostly because it wasn’t two hours of monsters beating the shit out of each other. Like when Godzilla first encounters the M.U.T.O. in Hawaii I was seconds away from yelling “GET WRECKED, SON!” at the screen, but then the camera cut to white people and fighting on the news. Then in San Francisco there was going to be another fight, but the doors closed. Then the actual fight started and I realized that all of the budget was used up in CGI. Laaaaaaame. There could have been at least 30+ minutes of pure monster-on-monster brawling.


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