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JKP! Ep.176: A Metaphor for Cookies – Jump Kick Punch!

“It’s like we’re really reading Neogaf.”

Brandon may be sick this week, but that certainly won’t stop him (or Josh, Eric and “Todd”) from grabbing the microphones to ensure another quality episode! Tune in to hear Tom talk about his hands-on impressions of Wildstar, let Josh share his latest Heroclix adventure (with a side order of comic and movie news), and follow along with Eric as he explains the controversial new episodes of Game of Thrones (spoiler and trigger warnings!). Then, to bring things home, Josh gives yet another JKPrediction about Nintendo’s future. Plus: listener emails!

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27 comments on “JKP! Ep.176: A Metaphor for Cookies

  1. I appreciate the music that’s added to the background during discussions, but listening to an instrumental version of “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” doesn’t help take Josh seriously when Randy Newman starts going “BA DA BA DA DA BA DA DUUUUUUM!”


    • That being said, it’s hilarious and I love it.


      • Brandon Apr 30, 2014

        It’s almost as if I do that intentionally.


        • Brandon Apr 30, 2014

          (Also, that’s not “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Not by a long shot. Try again.)


        • Anonymous May 1, 2014

          It’s from Super Mario Brothers correct?


        • Dave (not Coulier) May 2, 2014

          Is it a smooth jazz cover from the Andrew Allen Trio?


  2. Oh god, that fuckin super friends remix is stuck in my head now. I remember seeing that on cartoon network all the time.


  3. Brenden Apr 30, 2014

    I am shocked at the amount of detail that Eric remembers from the GoT books. I hardly remember any of that shit.

    I honestly appreciated the book compare/contrast with the show. I wouldn’t mind if he did it every episode either. It made me remember a ton of shit that I’d forgotten.


    • I cannot take full credit, honestly, as I’ve been trolling the /r/asoiaf/ subreddit like a fucking crazy person during boring times at work. But, I do have to say for myself, that the shit I remember about epic fantasy / robot anime is the reason I cannot remember anything else ever. I can pretty much recite FF4 from memory, too. It’s weird.


  4. Let’s not pretend anyone ever takes me seriously anyway.


  5. Dave (not Coulier) May 1, 2014

    On the topic of podcast patronage, I would gladly tip JKP a couple bucks per episode to help Brandon cover his equipment expenses, only $1 if I have to have sex with Tom.


    • Speaking from experience, sex with Tom is worth every one dollar.


      • If patrion accepts my card as payment, I would gladly do a 1 year subscription for like a dolar a month. if I could, I would donate more, but as a jobless student, no can do.

        on the topic of sexy time with Tom, I thing getting a W8 phone with the cortana siri,would drive Tom crazy :D

        PS: Brandon, the games donation I did, will there be a small contest soon (as I requested), or you just took them for yourself? ;D in any case, I don’t care, just wanted to point it out :D


        • Brandon May 1, 2014

          There will be some form of contest, probably in the next couple episodes to build towards this year’s E3. Thanks again for the codes, stay tuned.


        • Brenden May 1, 2014

          Let me tell you nik, the contest doesn’t matter. They just force you to participate and then yank the prize away from you. Some fucking people amirite?


        • ye, I see your point. harrison was right, what a bunch of nerds and evil ones too.


    • Dave (not Coulier) May 3, 2014

      This one’s Eric’s fault.



      • Brandon May 3, 2014

        We all owe Eric a “thank you,” then.


  6. Re: GoT: *PUSHES UP NERD GLASSES* If my information is correct, the reason Bronn fights Jaime instead of Ilyn is because Ilyn’s actor has terminal pancreatic cancer and is basically touring the UK with his band in a farewell gig instead of filming GoT. Rather than recast Ilyn, they decided to just replace him with Bronn.

    Adapting works to other forms is always difficult, and audience reception will always vary. Personally, I prefer the TV series to reading the books, because I don’t really care for that kind of fantasy or writing. My friends, however, love it, and this is how I end up knowing more about the books than I rightfully should LOL.

    Another thing worth noting, which may put some Lannister behavior into context: Jaime’s introduction to the Kingsguard was absolutely a ‘FUCK YOU’ to Tywin Lannister by Aerys the Mad-- because, like the dudes on the Wall, the Kingsguard swear fealty to the King alone, and can’t have kids, can’t marry, or own land-- which meant that of Tywin’s three children, ONLY Tyrion was eligible to be the heir to Casterly Rock. Even if Jaime wanted to inherit it, he couldn’t, by Westeros’ laws. So, that’s a thing.

    Speaking of Tywin Lannister,


    Also, I’d like to reiterate what Eric brushed upon, though, that Jaime Lannister is not a good person. He’s trying to be, but he isn’t quite there yet. I’d also like to point out that in the books, Cersei is on her period when she’s mourning Joffrey and they basically have messy bloody period rape right there, so tell me again that the books are totally better than the TV show?

    *abandons NERD GLASSES*

    Re: Patreon:

    While I would happily throw like, a buck an episode at Brandon for whatever, I would also point out that it’s very likely that taking in money through a service like Patreon may have a lot of tax implications-- not that I suspect it would knock him into another tax bracket, but it does make filing more complicated.

    But, on the nature of the podcast and other things you guys COULD do, I should note that I do actually watch a LOT of Lets Plays, because I honestly do not have time to play games myself and mostly I’m in it for the story anyway. I’ve wanted you guys to try it for a while, but alas, I am ever left wanting.

    All I really want is Zack doing character creation anyway.

    OH WELL.


    • I second the zack character creation experiment!

      Wasnt this supposed to be a thing already, as I recall, you were talking about doing the exact thing already in year one.

      Now, get Zack, plant him behind the ESO character creator, coul calibour, saints row… and get some youtube money rolling in! :D


    • Anonymous May 8, 2014

      How do you feel about Jon Snows story since the last episode has kind of a adjusted to the chronology of events specifically Crasters Keep


      • I don’t have a vested interest in him enough to have an opinion. I was more worried about Bran’s storyline being messed up more than anything. They’ve got to pace themselves because books 4/5 are being combined and there isn’t a lot of material for the main story lines between they were split up. I’m curious to see what it all comes down to.

        It’s hard to care about anyone but Tyrion and Daeny as I like the coming of age of a possible strong female leader PLUS DRAGONS and the struggle of a man who has been shit on by society. But yeah, I’m just rambling now.

        Plus, fighting a dude w/ knives with a bastard sword indoors? Bitch, please, that’s kind of silly.


    • OH GOD THAT TYWIN GIF! Shadra, you’ve killed me.


  7. What, no Coldhands Luke jokes? Color me dissapointed, JKP.

    Also, please definitely consider a Patreon, at the very least to recoup equipment costs. I know that I definitley, 100 percent, all-inclusively speak for every fan when I say we’d make it rain on a tip-jar.


  8. codycarver May 6, 2014

    hey folks,

    question for everyone or anyone that wants to throw their two cents at me.

    Should I buy a xbox 360 or a ps3? all my friends are buying the PS3 but the library of games is so much bigger on the xbox 360 (just kidding, i’m buying a new pair of decent running shoes)

    But seriously, how long until the current generation of consoles and games are irrelevant? I am actually debating on buying a gaming system but can’t afford any of the new shiny things. how long do you think the shelf life for the ps3 will be? should i bother with it or save my pennies for something better/ more useful?

    anyways, I’d appreciate any opinions or bickering that may result from my stupid question.


    • I picked up a PS3 just recently and haven’t regretted it yet. Last of Us is a must play and I was pleasantly surprised at some of the indie titles (Luftrausers, thanks for the recommendation JKP). The silly PS+ thing really pays for itself. I’ve grabbed the latest Borderlands, a Batman game, XCom, and Tombraider which was actually a lot of fun. I think that’s more than 50 bucks right there.

      Being a Steam guy, the store on the PS3 is just fucking awful though.

      Also the “main” UI on the PS3 isn’t trying to sell you Schick razors, doritos and MTN DEW 24/7 so there is that.


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