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JKP! Ep.175: Check Your Privilege – Jump Kick Punch!

“That’s the Josh talking.”

It’s JKP’s 175th episode sort-of spectacular! Pour yourself a bottle of ‘Josh’ while Brandon, Eric, Zack, Josh, Harrison and Tom discuss Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the Nintendo news trifecta of Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS and the out-of-nowhere localization for Tomodachi Life. Then get ready to learn about Steven Universe and Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind before we get to the real meat of this week’s special episode– lister emails and, making a bold return to the show, listener voicemails!

Don’t forget to hit the jump for this week’s videos, images and stupid nonsense!



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23 comments on “JKP! Ep.175: Check Your Privilege

  1. One of the better episodes in recent memory!

    The Half-Life speedrun was improoved on by a whole 3 minutes, which is huge!

    Tom, you went on a high school trip to europe?! Damn, I would love to have gone on a equally far trip, or half that in high school. Well I do live in the center of europe, but after going to the same destination 3-4 times (same school), it just gets pointless, by which I mean Venice, the salt mine in Saltzburg and Vienna

    Also my voice mail was a bit late, poop.


  2. Brenden Apr 16, 2014

    I nearly cried I was laughing so hard when Zack started in with “there are noooooo cats in americaaa!”.

    Also I think my sandwich point was valid so there. Josh is my favorite character by far though. My emails would be just as rambling as that voicemail if I didn’t spend so long editing them.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Apr 18, 2014

      If I were to use a sandwich metaphor for your voicemail, it would be double decker dagwood.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Apr 23, 2014

      To ease my broken Batman blues, I recently purchased Last of Us, in part, due to your box quote “Waist high boxes? How is this game of the year? Suck it, balls…OHHH! AHHH!….alright game of the year, well done sir….look at the giraffe.” Because if Brenden hates it/likes it, it must be great!


      • Brenden Apr 24, 2014

        I aim to please, bro. Lemme know if my sandwich metaphor holds up.


        • Dave (not Coulier) Apr 29, 2014

          Will do, except I usually don’t eat sandwiches from bottom to top.


  3. XBrock Eno Apr 16, 2014

    It’s totally fucking baller that you nerds are giving up on the PuSsy4 and you’re all going to buy the XBox One!!!

    You bros like getting mailed gifts? 17 pallets of Electrifying Berry Mountain Dew Game Fuel and Enchilada Supreme Jacked Doritos are on they’re way to the Volpin Props PO box!!!


    • Brandon Apr 18, 2014

      Oh man, Tom is going to be so excited if Harrison ever decides to tell us it arrived.


      • Think of how many keyblades Harrison could make out of the used bottles.


      • XBrock Eno Apr 20, 2014

        Tell that pussy he doesn’t get a single fucking drop until I see his XBox One.


    • XBrock Eno Apr 23, 2014

      DELIVERY UPDATE: Bad news, brahs. Turns out I can’t make this happen since not all of the JKP crew are on XBox Live Gold.


  4. Dave (not Coulier) Apr 18, 2014

    This really was a great episode, you guys. Happy 175th, for whatever that means. Half milestones.

    I agree with Tom that if the Wii U dropped to a $200 price with a bundled game, I would consider buying. If that game is the Mario Kart 8, then it would be an automatic buy for our household.

    And Tom, I’m sorry if my childish name calling upsets or offends you, but as your one and only hate fan I have certain obligations which are to be upheld, turd.


    • Dave (not Coulier) Apr 20, 2014

      Hey Josh, if you’re out there in internetland, I have a question about Arkham Origins. I assume you bought it on either PC or 360 (you don’t have a PS3, right?), did you experience any of the game breaking bugs? I recently bought it for PS3 and can’t progress past 4% and have tried all of the PS3 updates and supposed fixes, to no avail. I’ve read that WB Games has plans to fix the bugs in the DLC, but not the gamebreakers. Have you heard anything different? I am sadly returning my 3rd copy to Gamestop, but I’d gladly repurchase if they ever have plans to make the game playable. I really wanted to play this game, dammit.

      I am making my sad Batman face. Nananananananananananananananana [sad trombone]


      • I had a quest or two bug out, as in they wouldn’t recognize I completed them. Nothing game breaking. I had it on 360.


  5. I have to say, I’m way more in to the streamlined, final designs of the Steven Universe characters than those of the original pilot, but I can see why Zack wouldn’t dig on them. They’re almost Tartakovsky-esque, Pearl especially.

    The pilot was more bland, in my opinion, but I’m always more drawn towards the sorta stylized, shapey, -bold-line look they ended up going with.


  6. Brandon Apr 19, 2014

    Oh no, that’s terrible! Really very sorry to hear that, Mike. Your industry seems like a rather cruel one. All of us have our fingers crossed that you’ll find a new gig swiftly-- your resume and body of work certainly impresses the hell out of us.

    Thank you, again, for sending such a generous bounty of games-- we’re all really stoked to work our way through the ones we haven’t experienced yet (and replay the ones we have).

    And, mostly, thank you for listening!


  7. Shadra Apr 19, 2014

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for your advice re: Dublin! I’ll definitely check out as much of the local landscape as I can, drink a lot of alcohol, and wouldn’t you know, I’m actually already in the process of possibly getting a tour of the U.S. Embassy!

    I told Tom, but I’m really glad people seem to like Stephen Universe! It’s a show that’s been on my radar for quite some time-- I was drawn in by the character designs, and it seemed like a smart show with visual themes right up my alley. I’ll probably buy the episodes to watch on my trip!

    I had to skip the part about Patrick Rothfuss because that particular trilogy is on my ‘MUST READ’ list, but I was advised to wait until the last book is out, else I’ll get mad about something or other while trying to wait for him to finish it, so I’m trying to avoid any and all spoilers.

    And finally, as I insinuated to Brandon, Tomodachi Life stories have to happen. JKP Tomodachi Life. Please. Pleeaaasse.

    Grats on 175 episodes! What a bunch of nerds.



  8. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs35/f/2008/311/4/5/TF2___Hug_for_Heavy__by_Vegeta_Holic.png
    in all seriousness,best of luck to you with the job hunt!


  9. That really sucks man. I hope you can find a job soon.


  10. Hey Eric,
    Want those Adventure time swords? Check out these one’s a buddy of mine works on the show Man At Arms.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_HxKReSSlA -Finn’s sword

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lx-NduIUw4 -Jake’s Sword


    • Brenden Apr 21, 2014

      That is ridiculous.

      Although I just wasted an hour watching those.


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