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JKP! Ep.174: Consciously Stupid – Jump Kick Punch!

“I just wanna know which reddit thread that opinion came from.”

Hope you kids like anime, ’cause this week is chock full of the stuff. Pull up a chair as Brandon, Eric, Harrison and Cody discuss April Fools’ Day pranks, Facebook’s $2billion purchase of Oculus VR, some apparently very exciting Gundam news and the poorly-received reveal trailer for Michael Bay’s TMNT. Then, after the break, we celebrate indie games with some Goat Simulator, Luftrausers and Thomas Was Alone before diving into a post-run review of Kill La Kill (beware heavy spoilers!). Plus, as always: listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s exhaustive list of related videos, desu desu.

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17 comments on “JKP! Ep.174: Consciously Stupid

  1. If only there was some type of online auction type site where you could search for things like retro consoles, and old cars. Someone should get on that.



  2. RickyB Apr 2, 2014

    I have J Stars Victory VS (it’s effin rad by the way. Like a more condensed, less buggy and balanced version of Anarchy Reigns) and yeah licensing would be a nightmare with this thing.

    Just for example, there are 2 characters from Fist of the North Stars in the roster. They actually needed special permission for these characters because the original artist retains the rights to the comics. Over here the rights to like a quarter of the properties are split amongst Viz, Funimation and in one random case Warner Bros.


  3. Dave (not Coulier) Apr 2, 2014

    Eric, here’s a GIF that celebrates your special role on the podcast.



    • I give up.


      • Patrick Apr 3, 2014

        Hey Eric, just wanted to address your comment about buying classic game consoles in Atlanta, this can for the most part apply for other cities that don’t have a specific game store or mom and pop store for it. You can easily try one of the handful of GameXChange or Play N’ Trade locations around the city although your selection will be limited, the prices aren’t nearly as gouged as eBay but could still seem steep. To be completely honest I have found a ton of luck at flea markets or garage sales. To be specific check out the Pendergrass Flea market, it’s a bit of a drive (northeast of Atlanta around Buford or Jefferson) but you will find reasonable prices and a surprisingly large selection (sadly I haven’t seen any Lynxs or Jaguars. Sorry Harrison) I know it sounds weird but it’s the best I have found. Good hunting.


      • Dave (not Coulier) Apr 3, 2014


    • Dave (not Coulier) Apr 5, 2014

      BREAKING NEWS: Nintendo reveals future strategy for the Wii U at shareholder meeting.


  4. bunta mike Apr 2, 2014

    I’ll put in an order on that game now. The story mode looks insanely long, but the battle system looks so confusing from just watching videos.


  5. Thanks for the Kill La Kill review, dudes. I watched the first 3 episodes, and got turned off (exactly as you say) by the super-sexy-time nature of the show, and by the fight-a-week formula.

    I’ll have to give it another go, though, it sounds like there are some interesting turns.


    • I was with you on getting turned off initially, but I powered through and it’s now one of my favorite series. Wish I was on JKP this week, I loved this show. Watched 10 through the finale on Sunday. A+ Kill La Kill Forever 100 years dot com.


      • It’s just Tom and Ryuko, forever, a hundred years dot com Tom and Ryuko


  6. oh Billy, never change a thing. This is just too perfect




  8. Cody is my hero forever, I had no idea House was coming to netfix. House is my fucking jam. The insane asylum episodes with the german lady are hands down the best of the show and I will fight anyone who disagrees.


  9. Anonymous Apr 7, 2014

    On the point of music, bands and concerts. I have to agree with harrison to a point, where more often than not, concerts are not the suitable arena for listening to music, however some bands are meant to be listened to live. I never gave two shits about the tragically hip before seeing them in concert, and i have to say the best experience I’ve had was being able to listen to them outside on a clear afternoon, on a flat open field with mountains framing the background, while they played an acoustic version of Wheat Kings. And you can argue that it’s the experience of the outdoors, being slightly drunk on a nice day, but i genuinely feel that’s how they meant for people to experience that song, and many of their other songs.
    I feel like if you want a quality music experience, you have to judge your music accordingly. A super manufactured, and synthesized group like Justice is definitely meant to be enjoyed with this highest musical quality speakers in your own home. If you want a more raw, folkish rock, you’re best enjoying that in a live performance. It just depends on how the band wants you to hear their music.


  10. The Oculus is great! I tried it with the roller coaster simulation and it felt amazing and I have never been on a roller coaster, which is sad.

    I am actually amazed you played Tomas was alone, Harrison. The puzzles were ok, but dragged way too long for me and if it were not for the story, I would have dropped the game, but there were some really neat parts thou.

    Eric, I have a request. Could you take pictures of your room/house logos, as I would really like to see them:3


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